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Publication numberUS97681 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 7, 1869
Publication numberUS 97681 A, US 97681A, US-A-97681, US97681 A, US97681A
InventorsImproved Interchangeable Boot
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Improved interchangeable boot and shoe-heel
US 97681 A
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i together.


, i, j 'IMPROVED INTJERcHANGEABLE 1300'1l AND snoer-men.

The' Schedule referred to :in these Letters Patent and making part of tne same.

Todll whom tt 'may concern; y Be it known that L'JOHN NORBURN, of fthe city of Pittsburg, in Nthe county of Allegheny, and State N 4of Pennsylvania, l1aveNiu vented a new aud useful N Improvement 1n Boot and Shoe-Heels; andNI hereby declare that the followingis a full, clear, and exact description thereof, reference being had to the accom- 'panying drawings, forming part of this specication,

' aud tothe letters of reference marked thereon.

The nature of inyinveution consists in making .the heels of boots and shoes detachable and interchangeable, that is,l so constructing them as that the heel of theright boot or shoe, iu case it should become Worn lunevenly, may be readily removed and placed on the left boot, and that previously on the left, placed.

on the right, as occasion may require.

` 4 -By this construction and arraugement, both heels. y may b e kept to a proper level, and all the inconveniences and `discomforts arising from uneven boot-heels avoided.

To enable others to understand, make, and use my` nventornl will proceed'to describe its construction,

-by reference. to the accompanying drawings, and in v which v i N Figure 1 represents a perspective view of the'detarhable portion 'of my improved heel.

lFigure 2 represents a-perspective view or thelower half or permanent portion of lthe heel. N

Figure 3 exhibits the above-mentioned iparts put Figure 4 represents a plan for making the detacha-v ble portion of theheel of metal. y i Figure 5- represeuts a longitudinal vertical` section of an ent-ire heel, showing all its parts. 4 I

4All the drawingsV are lettered, and similar letters 'denotelike parts in the several views.

Iconstruct my improved boot-heel in any of the well-known ways, and of various shapes; but inorder to accomplish the object I have in view, and hereiubefore stated, I make the heel in two parts.

In the permanent part B, next the boot orshoe, as the case may be, I embed a small metallic plate, S, from the centre of which extends a socket, e, whose exposed end is on a perfect level with the outside ply of leather forming this part of the heel, as seen at tig. 2,. and in the outer or detachable portion A, I embed a similar plate, c, `from the middle of which extends a tenon, It, corresponding in shape to the socket e, andv into which it is intended to fit.

Through the walls ofithis socket e, and alsothrough the tenou R, ou a line therewith, a hole is drilled for the reception of the tapering end of a screw, N, by which the detachable part A may be iirmly held in place on thepermanent part ofthe heel B, or readily released to change the heels, or for other purposes, as circumstances may require.

I do 4not claim so constructing boot and shoe-heels N that they may be interchangeable; but

.WhatI'do claim, and desire to secure by 4Letters Patent, is-` y In an interchangeable boot {or `shoe-heel, the permanent half B, having au embedded plate, S, with itssocket e, and'tapered screw-pin N, in combination with the changeable base A,havin g an embedded plate, O and tenon 1t, when constructed and arranged substantially as described, and for the p1upose-set forth.


Witnesses: l JosIAH W. vEnns, JOHN MCKENNA.

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Cooperative ClassificationA43B21/39