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Publication numberUS977158 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 29, 1910
Filing dateJun 10, 1909
Priority dateJun 10, 1909
Publication numberUS 977158 A, US 977158A, US-A-977158, US977158 A, US977158A
InventorsRobert H Berkstresser
Original AssigneeRobert H Berkstresser
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Incandescent-lamp manipulator.
US 977158 A
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977, l 5&9 Patented Nov, 29;l T1910.



Specification of Letters Patent. latgnged Nov. 29, 1910.

Application tiled June 10, 1909. Serial No. 501,401.

' candescent-Lamp Manipulators, of which is a short tubular section 5", and in the up.

the following is a specification.

My invention relates to incandescent lamp manipulators. v

The present invention relates to that class of devices which are intended for removing incandescent lamp bulbs from their sockets or replacing them therein and seeks to provide a device of the character setI forth which will be of simple; light, durable, and inexpensive construction, whose handle will be adapted to be .extended to ditferent lengths, which cali be arranged with its gripping fingers housed or protected when not in use, will have'improved'means for automatically operating the gripping fingers, and will be so constructed that it may be readily carried about.

Other objects of the `invention will more fully appear from the following descrip; tion wherein the construction is' setV forth in detaihand t-he appended claims recite the novel features.

In the accompanying drawings: Figure l is an elevation-of the device when the handle is in extended condition. Fig. 2, an enlarged view, showing 'the head in section; Fig. 3, a sectional detail showing one of the catches; and Fig. 4, a. similar view showing the Windlass.

The handle is preferably composed of a plurality of tubular telescoping sections 1 which are provided with series of openings 2 (Fig. 3) and snap catches 3 to engage them, whereby the sections may be extended or telescoped to different degrees and secured where positioned. Thus, the handle maybe arranged in cbmpact form for transportation or may be extended as desired,

. according to the height of the lamp which is to be manipulated. Screwed into the uppermost section 1, as at 4, Fig. 2, is preferably provideda section 5 composed of superposed .iiexible spirals, enabling the handle to be flexedv to any desired extent throughout the length of the section 5. Suitably fixed in the upper end of sectiprn per end of this section there is screwed at 6 a. tubular container 7, a disk 8 being held thereby 'at the joint thereof. Slidable.

through a central opening in the disk is a stenr) whose upper end 10 slides through an aperture in the end of the container 7, whereby the stem 9 is guided in-its'rnovements.. Said stem carries a spreader 11 of` substantially inverted conical form having ra head or shoulder 12. A coiled spring -13 surrounds the stem 9 between thev end of the spreader and the disk 8 and tends to.

force the spreader upwardly. Such action may be restrained by ay spring actuated-push button catch 13a. The stem 9 audits spreader 11 may be drawn downwardly against the tendency of the spring 13 Itov raise the saine by a cord 14: which winds upon a windlassl, Fig. Ll. The'end ofthe lowermost section l may be closed by a cap 16 having a suitable bayonet joint in connection therewith. v Y

Other means than the windlass and cond may be used for retracting the stem.

Journaled in brackets at 17 on .the outside of the container 7 are gripping fingers 18 which are suitably formed so that they will be adapted to grasp the incandescent` lamp bulb 19 without injury thereto. These tingers are adapted to automatically open by reason` of the provision of springs 20 but the ngers are provided with extensions 21 which are adapted to play through slides in the side of the container 7 in position for cooperation with the spreader 11.

At 22 there is shown a tubular housing whose lower part tits and is adapted to slide upon the container 7. This housing, for thev greater part of its length, is sufficiently large so that when itis drawn upwardly the fingers 18 will be closed therein, Whereby the fingers may be readily covered and protected against injury when the device is not in use. To permit this sliding movement, I provide the housing with a. slot 23 in which the shank catch 13 is received.

When it is desired to remove a lamp, the catch 13 is depressed to release the spreader 11 so that the ngers 18 will be spread by their springs 20. The device is then mani ulated to position the ngers 18 around t e lamp 19, whereupon the operator turns the windlass 15 which causes the stem 9 to be drawn downwardly and the spreader 11 to press upon and spread the extensions 21, causing the fingers 1 8 to grip the lamp, the head 12 imme iatel snap 1n past catch 13 so that the latter olds t e gers firmly ters Patent, is :e

l is

' grasping fingers pivoted to the upper portion thereof and having extensions disposed below' their pivots and 1n the tubular handle, yielding means on the handle for throwing the lingers outward and the4 depending extensions thereof inward, a cone-shaped spreader vdisposed and movable'erdwise between said extensions, means for operating said spreader, connected therewith and extending to a point adjacent the lower end of the Ahand-le and adjustable housing for @aid fingers?.

'2,1m an'incandescent lamp manipulator,...

Ithe combination of a tubular handle, lampgrasping 4lingers pivoted to the upper portion thereof and having extensions disposed below. theirv pivots and 1n the tubular handle, yielding means on the handle-for throwing the fingers outward and thedepending e25- tensionsd thereof' inward, a s reader, of in,- vei-,ted con'e shaped, dispose and movable endwise between said extensions and having a stern guided 'n the handle and also having a beveled show. der, an abutment in the handie', ainfex ansion spring 'interposed between ,the-sa er and said abutment, retracting' inieaiisconnentexlzto the Alower end of the spreader stem and extending to a point adjacent the lower end of the handle,:and a spring-pressed catch `mounted in the handle.

p the combination with a containenof movable ingers carried thereby which are atla ted for grasping the lamp, and an adjusta le housing for said fingers.

4.- Inan incandescent lamp manipulator, the combination with a container, of movable fingers carried thereby which are ada ted for grasping the lamp, and a housing for saidngers, said housing and fingers being adapted for rela'tive movement to cause the lingers to be contained within the housing or located outside of it.

5. In an incandescent lamp, manipulator, the combination with a container, of movable iingers carried thereby, and a housing slidable on said container and adapted to receive the fingers.

6. In an incandescent lamp manipulator, the combination with a container, of lamp grasping lingers pivoted thereto, and a movable spreader located within the container,

and coperating with said fingers, and a spring adapted to shift said spreader a releasable `catch adapted to engagel the spreader and hold it against the action' of the vspring and adjustable housing for said fingers.

In testimony whereof I affix my signature in presence of two witnesses.

ROBERT H. BERKSTRESSER. Witnesses: DONALD H. .,Yosr, YJason E.' lll/rumen.v

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