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Publication numberUS977374 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 29, 1910
Filing dateJan 21, 1910
Priority dateJan 21, 1910
Publication numberUS 977374 A, US 977374A, US-A-977374, US977374 A, US977374A
InventorsCharles B De Lano
Original AssigneeCharles B De Lano
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US 977374 A
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APPLICATION HLBD 1,111.21, 191.0.

977,374. Patented N0v `29,1'91o.

of my improved mois'tener.




Application filed January 21, 1910. Serial N o. 539,213.

the purpose of freshening or flavoring the remaining cigars and particularly designed for use in connection with some boxes or pouches of tobacco which are usually carried in the pocket.

My present invention, while 0f unques-v tionable practical value, forms an excellent advertising novelty, and to this end must be of the very cheapest construction, while possessing sufficient stability.

It consists, therefore, in a two part casing of very thin sheet metal, the parts being readily disengaged and of vsuch formation as to enable them to long retain their shape, assisted by an interchangeable pad, normally held between the parts, which is such that it assists the parts to retain their shape, the pad being adapted to absorb and retain a plain moistening liquid or a moistening and flavoring liquid at the option of the user.

In the drawing-Figure 1 is a plan view Fig. 2 is an elevation with one part disengaged from the other, and, Fig. 3 is a perspective view of a porous clay pad.

Referring to these ligures, the separable parts 10 and ll of my moistener each comprise a circular perforated plate 12 having an integral lateral circular Han e 13 at its edge, which is imperforate, the ange of one of the parts being of slightly greater dia-meter than that of the other part so that the former may telescopingly receive the latter. The flanges 13 of the parts -10 and 1l have circular ribs 14 stamped outwardly thereof adjacent the periphery of plates, l2 to support the parts in shape.

For the purpose of holding moisture, I employ a porous clayv pad 16 shown in Fig. 3 for the reason that such a pad not only operates eiciently to hold moisture, but, when between the box-parts 10 and 1l assists in maintaining the shape of said parts.

I claim:

A tobacco moistener comprising a portable box adapted for insertion within cigar boxes, tobacco pouches and the like, comprising separable telescopingly-engageable parts, each part of which comprises a perforated plate having a lateral imperforate ed el flange provided with a strengthening rib stam ed thereabout adjacent the plate, and a stig porous moistureholding body within the box and fitting closely between the said plates whereby to assist 1n maintaining the box in shape.

.In testimony whereof I atlix my signature in presence of two witnesses.

CHARLES B. DE LANO. Witnesses:


specification of Letters Patent. @Patented Nov. 39, 1910.

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Cooperative ClassificationA61L9/12