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Publication numberUS97794 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 14, 1869
Publication numberUS 97794 A, US 97794A, US-A-97794, US97794 A, US97794A
InventorsH. Munroe
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Improved compound for treating rheumatism
US 97794 A
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{11.11. 'M'UNROE, or LoUIsvILLE. Ktmtcm,

Letters Pctent' No. 97 ,794, dated December 14, 1869.


The Schedule referred to in these Letters Patent and making part of the' same.

i ville, in the county of-Jefi'ersom and State of Ken tueky, have invented a new and'usel'ul Improvement in Remedy forRheumatism; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description thereof, which will enableothers skilled in the art to make and use thesame.

= Thisfinvention relates to a new and useful improvement to remedy for curing: rheumatism, and consists in the compositions orcompounds hereinafter named,

which compounds are to be used simultaneously internallyand externally. y j The compound vto be taken internally is marked A, and-is composed .of the ibllowing'ingredients, combined in about the following proportions, viz:

Sirup oflsarsaparilla, ,two ounces;

Sirup of white poppy, two. ounces; Iodine potash, six grains; 1 Gumnnyrrh, three grains;

Tii lcture of waconite, twenty drops; Pure whiskey, two ounces, and v "(9116 quart of pure soft water, I p The compound to be applied extern tion with the above, iscomp'osed of; the fibllowingingredieuts, in about the proportions named, yiz;

ally, in connec- Oajeput oil, one ounce;

Oil of hemlock, one ounce;

Oil of Sassafras, one, and one-fourth (ounce:

Oil of cedar, one ounce;

Oil of origanum, one ounce;

Tincture of aconite, four ounces;

Gum camphor, four ounces;

Pure new linseed-oil, one hnndred'ounccs. 7

These compounds are to be used internally and xternall y, in connection with each other. v

- Of the internal compound, when combined with one quart of pure soft water, a wine-glass full is a dose. The external compound (marked B) is applied to the alfected part by rubbing with the hand, or otherwise. I V

Having thus described my invention, I claim as new, and desire to ,secure by Letters Patentp The above-described remedy for rheumatism, consisting of the compounds A and B, substantially as set forth.


Witnesses: I

p HENRY H. Voss, W." O. MILns.

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International ClassificationA61K36/328, A61K36/54
Cooperative ClassificationA61K33/18