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Publication numberUS979266 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 20, 1910
Filing dateAug 31, 1910
Priority dateAug 31, 1910
Publication numberUS 979266 A, US 979266A, US-A-979266, US979266 A, US979266A
InventorsJohn R Dean
Original AssigneeJohn R Dean
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Base-ball bat.
US 979266 A
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Patented Dec.20, 1910.

thereon; to be a full, clear, and exact description of a base-ball bat having its handle inbase-ball ba't' as shown in Fig. 1.

.cork to the handle-end of a base-ball bat.

BASE-BA 979,266. Specification of To all who'm it may. concern;

Be it known that I. Jonx R. DEAN, a citizen of the United States. residing at New Britain. in the county of Hartford andState of 'Connecticut. have invented a new and useful Improvement in Base-Ball'Bats; and I do hereby declare the following, when taken in connection with the accompanying drawings and the letters of reference marked tion of the same. and which said" drawings constitute part of this specification, and represent, lll

'Figure 1 a broken view in side elevacased in a sheet of cork in accordance with my invention. Fig. 2 abroken view of the developinentof a cork strip designed to be wound spirally upon the handle-end of a Fig. a broken view in side elevation of the handleend of a base-ball bat, showing another way of applying a cork sheath thereto. Fig. at a development of one of the cork sect-ions of Pig. 3. Fig. 5 a broken view in side elevation .;il()\\ lllg still'another mode of applying Fig. 6 a broken view on an enlarged scale showing the undercutting of the bat for the protectien of the beveled outer. end of the cork-sheath. Fig. 7 a sectional view showing the under-cutting of the inner end of the bat to receive the beveled inner end of the cork-sheath.

My invention relates to an improvement in base-ball bats, the object being to adapt them to be more easily and firmly gripped and held. and hence to enable them to be i more comfortably and effectively used.

\Vith these ends in view my invention consists in a base-ball bat having certain details of construction as will be more fully herei.n-' after described and pointed out in the claim.

In carrying out my invention as shown in Figs. 1 and 2, the handle-end 2 of the bat is incased in a sheath of cork formed by winding a strip 3 of cork spirally upon it. the edges of the. said strip being formed at regularly spaced intervals vitlnconpling lugs 4 and coupling notches 5 which. when i the strip 3 is wound upon the handleend eoact to interlock its edges. The said handleend '2 terminates at its inner end in a roundi ed bead t3 undercut as at? for the reception l of the beveled outer end S of the strip 3, the opposite end of which is formed with a UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE.- f



mm mm. Patented Dee.'20, 1910. Application filed August 31, 1910. Serial No. 579,837.

mgnndercut 10 formed at the point where the handle-end 2 of the b'at merges into the body 1 1- thereof. It will be I ence to Fig. 7, that .the' handle-end 2 of the bat is reduced n diameter in conformity with the, thickness of the I tend to secure to the handle'end 2 throughout the length thereof, by means of a waterproofeen'ient 3 of an suitablefcomposition. As shown. also, the liody 11 of the batis formed with a log 12 entering a notch 13 in the outer end of the cork' 3 to assist; in holding the same against-rotation in case it should by any chance get loose at; this point.

On account-of its yielding character, cork forms a surface at once comfortable, and yet providing for the very powerful grip which is necessary to revent the bat from slipping in the hands. 11 case the cork is allowed to getwet or damp, it readily dries out without any appreciable loss of its natural quality.

v In the modified construction shown b Figs. 3 and 4 of the drawings, a cork sfheat 1 is formed by clasping upon the handle-end it each having a coupling-1ug 15 at oneend for entrance into a corresponding couplingnotch 16 in its opposite end and having a coupling-lug 17 upon one of-its edges for entrance into a correspondidng coupling notch 18 upon its opposite edge. T he' lugs 17 and notches 18 upon the bands 14 are shown. as staggered, so that the interlocking lugs will not be in line. The bands 14 will be cemented to the handle-end 2 of the hat by a suitable cement. preferably water-proof in its character. In this construction also the bead 20 at the inner end of the batis formed with an undercut groove 21 for the reception of a bevel 22 formed upon the-outer" end of the inner band 1- while the body 23 of the bat is formed with an undercut groove for the reception ot? a bevel 25 formed upon the outer end of the outer band 14.

The band 14 last mentioned is" also furnished with :1 lug it; entering a notch 27 in the body 23 to assist in locking the. said band against rotation.

In the construction shown by Fig. 5 of the drawings. the handle-end 28 of the bat is corresponding bevel 9 enterin 8. correspondseen by refer-.

co'rk 3 which I in- 2 of the bat, a series of graduated cork bands inelostd in a cork-sheath consisting of a long tapering piece. 29 of cork cut to tit the said handle 28 and having its edges formed with coupling-lugs 30 and coupling-notches 31,

lwhereby the edges ot the strip are interduced in diameter an provided wih a cork body of the bat, the said cork sheath being locked. The cork 29 will be cemented directly to the handle-end 28, and will be' beveled at its ends for their inot'ection atthe points where the sheath joins the body 32 of the bat and the head 33 thereof.

1 am' aware that it is old to' use cork, or compositions of cork in the construction of handles for tools, fishing; rods; cricket bats, golf clubs, tennis rackets, base ball bats, etc., and do not broadly claim the use of cork in such situations, but only my particular construction. I

- I claim As a new article of manufacture, a baseball bat having its ta ering handle-end resheath merging intothe full diameter of the.

sectional in form and having its edges pr0- Jugs and complcmenvided with couplin tary colipling-notcies, whereby the said edges are interlocked, and the endsof the sheath formed by the cork being beveled to enter circumferential grooves respectively formed in a bead at the extremity of the handle-end of the bat and at the point where the 0p osite end of the sheath merges into the ful diameter of the bat.

In testimony whereof, I have signed this i specification in the piesence of two subscribmg witnesses.

JOHN R. EAN; I Witnesses:


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