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Publication numberUS979642 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 27, 1910
Filing dateFeb 13, 1909
Priority dateFeb 13, 1909
Publication numberUS 979642 A, US 979642A, US-A-979642, US979642 A, US979642A
InventorsRalph Willis Bumstead
Original AssigneeRalph Willis Bumstead
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US 979642 A
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the combination ot letters is such that it is not necessary to have a unique letter in the naine root. This is accounted for by the fact that in this naine there occur two os l and inthe Whole pack there are only three os making it impossible to form this name twice as a trick.

fand 2. f in Fig. 3 has nothing to do with the gameof As thegaine may be indefinitely modified by ditte-rent selections of Words or naines without departing from the idea and general principles upon Which it'is based, it iyill sutt'ice'to illust-rate the manner ot playing the particular design of the 'game called Realizationfn it, being intended that the claims shall cover the norel iteatures of the cards i Yith sutticient breadth to include cards .adaptedgfor playing similar games having cards in such a- Way-that you yourselt' may eventually spell out upon the table as many as possible of the Words shown in vFigs. l (The card vand naines thereon shown Realizatioii..). lVl'iat makes the gaine in your opponent in making his.

50.' the deale i and each in turn plays a single card,`whetlier or not he takes a trick by so teiisely interesting is'the factA that a great many ot the cards which you play to inake your own tricks are likely to be used by By careful playing, however, you can inake fairly sure of a trick even before you acquire-it, and good judgment Will reveabjust what tricks are Worth striving for. To play the gaine. Shuttle the cards thoroughly and deal them all out 'so that they Will be evenly dis tributed. Sort your hands so that the eiicircled figures on the cards will. be in order, 2'.. c. all the ls together, allv the 27s, 3s ett. es before stated, these figures shoe.' how inany cards of thel saine kind 4 there are g-the-y are greater in' value as they are more nearly unique'. The play begins with a cardled by the player to the left of doin I j,-taking a trick does not entitle one to play the next card,- but the play passes to the left as usual. A trick consists of one red-letter card together with such blackletter cards as-are necessary to spell one ot the Words of the acrostic. A redletter niust always be used as the initial of a Word and nowhere else. The player Who when it -coines his turn adds to the cards already lept what are needed to spell the Word. The' value of each trick shown by the numbers, 5, opposite the words on the cards. The gaine is won by the highest score after the deal has gone once around the table. Then a dummy is used, his cards are placed face down upon the table in one pile and the top card is played Whenever it is his turn.

Should the card be such as to take a trick the Word is Ygathered up and goes to the duiiiinys partner. y Y

that l claiin and desire to secure by Letters Patent is i l. A pack ol cards, eachcard bearing one of the letters in a selected list of Words or names, such of said cards as represent initial taining an initial 'or a non-initial letter not.

occurring as such in any of the others of said Words, and each of said cards bearing said list .of Words. l 1 y 3. ln a pack ot cards, a card torV each letter of a plurality of selected names or Words, the letters of saidwords notbeing sutiiciently duplicated to permit of said Words, being duplicated by spelling out sa'd Words With'said cards, and each otl said cai ing said list 'of'words in addition to the particular letter tor which it stands.

4. ln a pack of cards, a selected list of naines or words appearing zntoto upon each. card, each letter of said Words being designated by one of said cards; a division of said cards into suits characterizedby the osi- ,tionsof their respective letters in. said Words; an identifying characteristic coinrnon to allthe cards of a suit; anda limited duplication of the letters of a suit s o as to render impossible vthe duplication of said Words in spelling out the latter With said kcards While retaining the saine in their respective suits.

A pack of cards, each card representing one of the letters in a selected'list of nanies or Words, and bearing a designation ot its uniquenessor of the number of similar cards to be vfound in the pack,'and each card bearing said list of words.

6. ln a pack of cards, a selected list of naines or'words each letter ot Whicliis rep resented by one of saidcards,.and means to differentiate said cards into two groups, one group representing initial letters,` the other group representingl non-initial letters. v't

. 7. In a pack of cards, a selectedv list 'oitl naines or Words eacliletter of'which is represented by one of said cards, a group of cards of one predoininating color representdsl beariio "iis



i two groups according lasthey represent inflist ot' words.

itial or non-initial letters2 ande distinguishing characteristic for each card by which may be indicated the frequency of the letter represented by said card, and the unique or alternative positions of said letter in said 9. pack of cards comprising a card for each letter of a plurality of selected names or Words7 a diliierentiation of said cards inte those which represent initial letters and those which represent non-initial letters, and an assortment of the several letters such as duplication ot any of said Words in spelling .out the latter with said cards.

one of the letters in a selected list of names or Words7 each card bearing* one or another predoininating color according kas it repre-.

sents an initial or a non-initial letter ot' said Words, and upon each of said cards said listl ot' words together with a. set of scoring numerals therefor.

1l. A pack of cards, each card bearing one of the letters'in a selected list ot names or Words, and each card bearing said list of Words together' With designations ot theirI score values, said cards being distinguished by one or another characteristic according as they represent initial or non-initial letters.

lf2. A pack of cards, each card hearing one of the letters in a selected list ot Words or naines and cach card hearing said list ot' Words or naines with one of the letters there? 1n especially designated to show its location4 and frequency of occurrence.

13. A pack of cards, each card bearingl one of the letters in a selected list ot words or names and bearing said list i'u its entirety, and indicia accompanying the spe- Citic letter of the card wherever 'it appears in said list7 for the purpose ot showing the locations and frequency ot said letter.

14. A pack ot' cards, cach card representing a letter of a selected list of names or Words, each card hearing said list of Wordsi on each card an indication of the location 10. A pack of cards, each card bearingl pearing on each ot' said cards, a distinguis ling'charaeteristic for such of saidcards' as representinitial letters of said words, another characteristic `tor` the remainder ot and frequency of the letter represented by said card as used in said list of Words.'

l5. ln a pack of letter cards suitable Jr'or spelling a. selected list of naines or Words, a group of cards each of which is unique, groups ot cards of which there are in each respectively-duplicates, triplicates, etc., means to indicate to which ot the several groups each card belongs.,x said selected list ot' Words appearing on the several cards, and.

on each card ineens to locate Ireadily in said list the unique or alternative positions of the letter for which said card stands. y

lf3. in a game card an identifying' letter, a list ot' naines or Words, an indication of the number of occurrences of said cards identit'ying .letter in said list of Words, an indication of the unique or alternative positions of said letter in said -list of Words, and means to indicate the scorin Value of said card in combination with ot ers assembled as a-triclz.

17. In a pack of cards, each card bearing respectively one of theletters in the following list ot' words:-reason, ease, ability, love, income, zeal, art, tact, ideal, opulence,

Vnololeness;and each card bearing said list` of Words. A

18. A pack of cards, each card designating one of the letters in a selected list of names or words Whose initial letters form an acrostic, indicia upon the cards for distinguishing the initial from the non-initial let ters`r and upon each card said list of Words. n 19. A pack ot' cards, each card of which represents one ot' the letters in a selected list of names or words, said list of Words apsaid cards, indicia upon each card -hy which said cards letter may he readily located 4in, said list of words, upon each card a designation ot the number ot similar cards in the pack, and opposite cach ot' said Words as listed thereon a scoring numeral.' p

in testimony whereof l have signed my name to this specification in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.

Rltlllll WILLS lllllliSTlt/ltl vWitnesses:

UIL-xs. F. (ilscoon,

ik Liunrr l?. lll GLsoN.

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