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Publication numberUS981366 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 10, 1911
Filing dateOct 4, 1910
Priority dateOct 4, 1910
Publication numberUS 981366 A, US 981366A, US-A-981366, US981366 A, US981366A
InventorsThomas J Boyce
Original AssigneeThomas J Boyce
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Extension-card for card systems.
US 981366 A
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Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Jan. 10, 1911.

Application filed iictobez' l, 1810. Serial No. 585,225.

To all whom may concern.

Be it known that l, THOMAS J. Boron, a citizen of the llnited States, residing at Chicago, in the county of Cool; and State of Illinois. have invented certain new and useful improvements in Extension-Cards for Curd Systems, "of which the following is a specification.

lvl y invention relates in general to card systems and more particularly to on extension card for such systems.

Card systems are quite largely used for various purposes, for instance, as for keeping accounts, library catalogues, and various other lines of business, etc. Curd systems are recognized to provide advantages over books for keeping accounts and other similar purposes. in that a particularaccount may be readily referred to, and in that new accounts may be opened and placed in proper relation with existing accounts by merely inserting a card with the new account in proper relation with the existing cards. The use of card systems has, however, denntuge that. when the account or other ma 1' placed upon the card has cmupletcly filled a card, no convenient way e for continuing the account or adding to the matter already contained on the filled curd. It has been proposed. to use 2: second card for additional matter and to secure the same by clips or other fastening devices to the original card, but this plannecessitates the title or heading of the card to be repeated on the added card, and the fastening devices interfere with the ready insertion of the attached cards between the adjacent cards.

The object of my invention is to provide an extensible card for card systems, whereby when the original card has been filled, a foldable extension, or extensions, may be added thereto, to permit the account, or other matter, to be continued from theoriginal card'on the extensions thereof.

A further object of my invention is to provide an extensible card for card systems which will afford space for having inscribed thereon matter largely in excess of that which a card ofthe usual size employed is capable of receiving, and which will avoid the necessity of repeating the title or heading, and will not interfere with the convenient. insertion and removal thereof at the proper place in the series of cards.

A still further object of my invention is to rovide an extensible card for card systems which will be inexpensive, convenient, in use and simple in construction, and will not interfere with the already installed system, but will add to its usefulness.

My invention will be more fully described hereinafter with reference to the accompanying drawings, in which the. same is illustrated as embodied in a convenientand practical form, and in which- Figure l is a perspective view, showing the extension folded on the card; Fig. 2, a perspective view, showing the extension, unfolded; hnd Fig. 8, a detail perspective view, showing the means of attaching the extension to the original card.

Similar reference characters are used to designate similar parts in the several figures of the drawing.

Reference letter A indicates a card of any desired size and material suitable for use in card systems. The'card A is shown as provided with the usual heading space A for the inscription thereon of a title, or other designation. such, for instance, as the name, address, and telephone number of the party whose account is to be kept on the card. The surface of the card below the heading is suitably ruled, if desired, according to the particular use to which the card system is to be devoted, and the back of the card may be used as a chart, memorandum, routine, or for whatever purpose may be desired.

B designates a foldable extension, of the card A secured to an edge thereof, preferably the lower edge, in any suitable manner, such, for instance, as overlapping the upper edge I) of the extension B and the lower portion a of the main card A, and pasting together such overlappedportions. Any other suitable attaching means may, however, be used. The extension B is shown as ruled to conform to the rulin s on the main part A, when the latter is r11 ed, and may be folded upon itself one or more-times before being fold'ed against the main part A, but the extension may, however, be otherwise ruled, or not ruled at all if desired. I

Any suitable fastening device may be pro vided for. retaining the extension in closely folded contact with the surface of the main card, such, for instance, as lips a, a formed on the main card by curved slits. The lips c, a are formed below Eh? heading space,

and the extension B is of such a size that When folded against the card the heading space will be exposed.

The cards forming. the system may initially be merely cards such as designated byletter A, and when the matter inscribed upon any card has lilled the available surface thereon, an extensionB is secured to the card. In this manner the available surface for receiving inscriptions on any card may be increased when the surface on the original card has been filled. If desired, however, the cards may be originally made with extensions, such as B secured to the main card, such as A. In this event the extension may in certain uses of card systems serve to receive a memorandum, and then be torn off from the main card, or a section of the extension may be torn off from the remaining portion.

It W1ll be observed that the lips a, a permit the extension to be inserted there under so as to be closely retained against the main card, and also permit the extension to be easily unfolded to receive an additional inscription.

It Will be evident that my improvement is adapted for use for any of the purposes for Whiclicard systems are used and adds to the usefulness of such systems without interfering with the well recognized ad vantages attained by card systems.

I claim:

1. In a card system, the combination with a card, ofan initially separate :toldablc ex tension adapted to be attached to the card,

and means for detachably retaining the extension in-folded contact with the card.

2. In a card system. the combination with a card of an initially separate foldahle extension ot a material thin relatively to the material of the card adapted to be attached to the card, and means for detachably retaining the extension in folded contact with the card.

In a card system, the combination with a card, of a foldable extension, and lips formed on said card for overlying and detachahly retaining the extension in folded contact with the card.

4. In a card system, the combination with a card having a heading space thereon, of a .toldable extension of a size to exposethe heading space when folded against the card and a lip formed on said card immedialeh below the heading space for overlying and detachably retaining contact with the card.

In a card system, the combination with a card, of an init y separate foldable extension of a maternal thin relatively to the material of th card, and a lip-formed on said card forlflerlying and detachably retaining the extension in folded contactwith the card.

In testimony whereof, I have subscribed my name. i t THOMAS J. BOYQE. W'itnesses:


the extension in folded

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