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Publication numberUS981857 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 17, 1911
Filing dateJan 8, 1910
Priority dateJan 8, 1910
Publication numberUS 981857 A, US 981857A, US-A-981857, US981857 A, US981857A
InventorsAlbert M Hubbard, Charles H Causey
Original AssigneeAlbert M Hubbard, Charles H Causey
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Electrical-fuse tongs.
US 981857 A
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981,857.' BanentedJamz-wu.


Lno'rRIcAL-FSE Tonos.. V

Spcication of ietters Patent.

Patented Jan. 17, 1911.

'Application med Jaauaryfa, 191e. f serialv No. 536,984.

To all whom fit may concern: 1 A Be it `known that we. ALBERT M. HUB- BARD andv CHARLEs H. .CAUSEY, citizens of.

.. State of Idaho, have invented .anflinprove nient in Electrical-Fuse'Tongs, of which the 'following is a specification.

Our invention is an improvedinsulated tongs or hand-gripper for holding andv handling electrical tusesfor other electricalde-f the operation is effected through the opening .,in. the: side of the casing.

vices with safety.'j

The invention is embodied in the combination and arrangement 'of parts as herein described, and illustrated in the accompany-4 ing drawings, in which':-

Figure 1 is a sidefor plan viewfof 'the Fig. Qis. a side or edge viewof the tongs.

. llower 'portion of the tongs, the View' being at right angles to. that shown in Fig. l. Fig.

3 is a longitudinal section ofthe main portion of the tongs. Fig. 4 includes ar face and edge view of the recessed caniforning a cani is secured.

part of` the instrument. o i view of the steel shank orblock to which the The fuse-Grippers 1, and attached` to jaws'nQby means of wooden pins 3 which are secured detachably by cot- `ter-pins 4. The jaws 2 are pivoted at'5 in the metal casing 6, and acai'ii 7` is arranged between their inner ends at the top of. the casing.v The latter is provided with a side opening Ahaving a .detachable closingplate which is attached to the body or maini portion 6 by screws.

Atube 13 is secured to 'the'body 6, and a handle portion 15 isfixed thereon. A tube 12 is arranged within the tube 13, andvon its outer end a handleportion ,14 isv secured.

-The outer tube v13 is permanently` connected with the body 6. In order to connect the double cam to the inner tubef12 so that it can be rotated therewith, vI provide the fol# lowing attachment. A cylindrical block 9;- see Fig. 5-i`s secured in the inner end of the tube 13 by means of cross pins 11, and the lower end of the block is i lsquared portion from which a Alindrical`threaded portion projects; `1Vlien ,are formed of wood. i

provided vwith a l smaller cy- "the body of the block has been secured in the innertube 1Q, such squared and threaded portion projects therefrom.

Thecain is provided with 'a squared hole adapted to receive the squared portion of the block 9, and a nut l10 is lscrewed on the 'threaded port-ion.

have been inserted in the outer`tube 13, and

In other words'.l tlievcaniI is inserted through the opening and slipped on the squared portion of the block 9, and then the'nutis applied and screwed `on the threaded portion. Thus, the tube 12 is held rotatively in the outer tube 13. It is;

obvious that by seizing the handle portion 15 with one hand. and the outer portion 14 ofy the handle with the other hand, the cam may be rotated as 'required to operi and close theI said casing and having a handle portion se-v cured thereto, a smaller tube inserted in the first-named tube and havingr an outer handle portion by which -it may be rotated, a cylin- -drical block fixed vin the lower end of the inner tube and havinga squared and threaded portion projecting therefrom, a double cam having an opening to receive the squared portionvof' the block', and a nut adapted to `screw on the threaded portion, sucli cam and -nutbeing 'insertible through the side opening'V of vthe casing, as shown and-described. ALBERT M. HUBBARD. CHARLES H. CAUSEY. Witnesses:


v Obviously, however, this cannot be done until. after the tube 12 shall

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Cooperative ClassificationH01H85/0208