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Publication numberUS983836 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 7, 1911
Filing dateJul 5, 1910
Priority dateJul 5, 1910
Publication numberUS 983836 A, US 983836A, US-A-983836, US983836 A, US983836A
InventorsLouis Plein
Original AssigneeLouis Plein
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US 983836 A
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Patented Feb; 7, 1911.

.,. 1 frag wif/leases:

mms nuns. In. una., vuumcmu, u c,

f siie'ciacgtienbf Letter'sratent.

`5` State of Illinois, have-invented certain new and useful. Improvements "inl Qa-rbureters,l ofA wlnclrthefollowing 1 s af'specicatiolnfcarbuijeters for` explosion-engines and has iofor itsobject the production of-a carburetor mixedto 'Sxf'tf'the; varyingfspeeds ofthe and arrangementfoffpartshereinatitel-1 'l de-f'.

v 'voir 1 provided with adapted to -contactlwith ball 3 I edbyja'shallow 'annular grooveI 10 fortheI ,retentionofa 'smalt quantity of fuel which.

of compact and Vsimple construction -and ca pable of a'utomatically\ regula'ting'ithe f ul de rstoodfby reference tothe accompanying' 'fdrawings forming a'fpart -of -thisgspecifieaf embodyingnly invention, Fig. 12 is a' section taken. on line 'of l Fig. i

. l. lTheglprefei-redj'forni lconstrncti(n1-- as' {illustrated-1inthe drawings comprises a substantially"Hemi-spherical fuelw'ellor resera nipple 2 for the com nection ofja fuel supply 'pipeand ai spring held ball valve normally preventing-entry 5 of fuel to Said well; -with a'c'over plate 4 havinga central'bossf projecting downwardly videdwitlraeentral erforation G for the passa-geef 'fuel theret rough! A float 7 is mounted`in"well. ljand carries a stem 8 to open. the

well l falls *A cover plate 4 carentry .valve when thefucl in below a certain level.-

.f rated for the passageoffuel and surround# may overflow-fromprojection 9. The' upper "surface" of cover 4- isl sloped outwardly .'saryjto' ll groove -10`,.will over cover-4 andbedischarged.

Mountediabovewell f1i iis a.

-hemifspherioaljfmxing chamber. 12 having a bottom plate which carries upwardly tically movabletubular Figure 3 1v i anelevation of a carbreter f l, Fig'. 3- is' aV 125 section/.taken on' line ofi-'Eiga 2, Fig. 1g. .-1,


.The well'` is providedinto well, 1 and pro4 j usted in sleeve 26.

-ries .a central conical projection 9 pcrfo" "and downwardly extending tubular posts air spacefbetwcon the two by'means of screws 16 Ypassing .thrinigh top plate 4 and posts 14 and 14 wall of mixing chamber 12, as indicated in .My invention irelates*-to'improveinents in'. T

andv threaded into the vtop 1ig, 5. .Bot-toni plate 13 carries an 11p-' wardly .extending central tubular 'boss or "sleeve 17 having 'an inner tubular member 18 suspended in the lower mouth thereof and over'. pro]ecton 9 by' means of radial PATENT IOFFIoE.

Patented Feb. 7, 1911.

armsf-19. Suspended in sleeve 17 is a ver-l Member 20 is suspended in sleeve 17 by means cfa 'lange'2lfat'its upper edge re'stfl fing upon the'fupper edgc' of. member 17.'- It will be .observed that the 'juncture bel `tween the -und'er side of b er 2O is in the form of a'iillet, asshown and over member -18'w1th restricted. airpassages between each.

flange 21 and meml `11 Ii`ig.A 2, which serves to maintain said" member in Ia central position. Flan0'e-21 is provided -witlijperforations 22 which are closed 'when' flange`21 rests; npon the 'up per 4edge of member 17 but are opento the pas-- s age of air 'when said iiange is elevated from the upper edge of said member 17. At its 'of a set-screw 31. At its outerend eccenf sleeve 26 having 'an operating handle 27 and secured to said portion Slee-ve 26'is slotted for the -exposure of an eccentric 30 which is tric30 is provided with-a graduated hand' wheel 32 by mcansofqwhiclrit .may be :1d-

An' indicator 33 on handleA 27' Serves to rclationof said eccentrio'tofthe valve 25. i

At one side mixingf chamber 12 isjproindicate the relative Y videdvwith airain-inlet passage 34'nor1nally' I closed by.:` a'.s'pring in 2,1 Valve 35 carries a valvefstem 3G .arranged 'to contact with eccentric-30fand bfrom.theenterisothat any excessof fufel Howin'g outfof-projection 9 :over thatneces-f whereby l valve 35 n iay. be caused to open -held valve 35, as shown;V

a central perforationngnonnally seatedb stem 38 projecting abovethe cover 'of mix.

2;" f esaaae.

v may be depressed for'flooding of 'theI-caiaF .bureter in starting the engine and. air 'in aj; be permitted to .escape from well l. f

y the-constructionas above set' g 1t Will'be observed that in startingthe en- 4 :ginefloat? maybedepressed'ior ioo'ding jjof the carburetenfwhereupon ,a supply. of

' groove 10 any excess Howingoii'jover the fgasolene on otherfuel Willv be retained in- VA' Sloping top ofcover 4. 1 When speed4 off theengineincreases sufficiently the suction .from the intake Awill, serve to elevate' member 20`, thus permitting entryl of, air to the mixing chamber around the outsideiofmember 2Q and through the openings 22. Theeccentric 3Q isso adjusted on'shaft 24 that when throttle valve 25? isfi'ully open, the said .eccentric will also ,open'valve for' the vadl 'mission of anadditional quantity fof air.

"-fIhusWhen thethrottleis thrown fully open and more air is required, the additional ,ai-r

, v, mayv be furnished Aautomatically,through valve35.- l

f-While IJ have illustrated`v .and described d theQ preferred form .of 'construction for car- 'ry1ln`g" ray-'invention into e'ect this." is ca- `pable of 'variation or modification without rio L-departing from the spirit ofthe ii'ivention.l I, therefore,v do not'wish to-'be'limited to the exact details set forth, but desire to avail myself kosuch variations and moditL,

pended claims. A

cations as come within the lscope' of the ap`4 `Having-describedfniy-A invention what I y -bularl member; suspended' 'over said projecf tionlwith air passages through andaround itgan louter stationary tubular member susy pendedov'er andl around said inner member;

ai' verticallymovable tubular member having a lflange atits upper end engaging over theV 'upper edge of saidouter tubular member,' there being restricted air passages between said moiiable tubularmember and each of` saidmst'ationary 'tubularl members; and

' means connecting said, tubular. members with the intake of an engine, sijfbstantiallyas de- 42. In acarbureterthe/ combina-tioni of a l casing provided .with a f/uel well having an outwardly'sloping topgfa projection extend! ing. upwardly from the top of said Well and i provided with =a fuel passage leading therel i. 'froiinV there being f a depressionl formed around :the Ibase of' said projection;

'- ner stationary tubular member suspended over said-. projection vvitli air tpassages -forations normally close through and Iaroundiig-E1n outer stationary Saidinnerjfinembem a vertically movable ltuf "bular member-having a -iange at" its upper 'end engaging .o verthe upper edge of said Alouter tubular "member, there-being restricted air. passages 'between l said movable tubularvmember and each.of-saidstationary tubular lar 'membei s ivith the. intake Lof an`l engine,

.substantially as described. t "3: In a.carbureter the combinationof a casing provided with .a fuel Well; a projection extending' .upwardly from the top of said Well and provided with a fuel passage leading therefrom; 'an inner stationary tubular member suspended over said `projectionwith air passages through "and around it; an -outer stationarytubular member 'sus- A pended 'over and `around. l said inner .mcm-A ber.'V a vertically movable vtubular member having; a iiangelat its upper end xgaging .over1theupperedgefof said outer tubular member,` there being restricted ai'rpassages 'between'V said# movableztubular mem'ber and each of said: stationary tubular .memberst and' said --lange .being provided with pei-tof rations, vii rn1'a-lly -closedy the u p per edge of 1 saidouterf tubular member but opening for thegpassag'e ofair' upon elevation ot" tubulan niem'b'ersuspendedover and around. v

-members; andmeans connecting-said tubusaid movable tubular member.; and' means intake o an" engir 1e,v 4substantially4 as. dei scribed. -1-

- 4. Ina-c rbureter, the combination'of a casing providedwith affuelwell having an outwardly .sloping top; a projection extending u wardl from the top of said well and-provided with afuelpassage leading therefrom', there beingl a depression.t'ormed around'fthe `base' of said-projection an inner stationary' tubular member suspended. over said pro]ection with -aii' passages through and aroun'd it; -an outer stationary tubular member suspendedover and around said in; ner .'rnember; -a"verti `:a 11)r movable tubular member having a flange :1t-its upper end en- 11gaging'zove'i'-ftheupperedge of said outer tul bular member, there being restricted air pas sages between said movable tubular member and each of said stationary tubular members and said flange being provided with perby the upper edge of said outentubular'.: member but opening -for` the passage of air' upon elevation loi" said movable tubular member; and means connecting said vtubular members with the intake of 'an engi1i e, substantially as describedi f casing" provided with a lower fuel Well and 5. In' acarbureter, the' combination of a an upper mixing chamber, the .two being separated by an airv space;afcentral projection ,on the top' of said fuel well provided with a fuelpa'ssage leading4 therefrom; a

.Y ing chamber; a movable suspended in said stationary tubular mem- `separated by an air Space; a central procentral stationary tubular member extending upwardly from the bottom of said mixing chamber; a. movable tubular member ber by means of a llange engaging the upper edge of' sa'id stationary tubularl member; an inner stationary tubular Amember suspended within the lower mouth of said aforementioned tubular member; a valve for admitting air tosaid mixing chamber; a' connection with the intake ot anuengine; 'a lthrottle valve controlling said intake eennection; and an operative connection be'- t'ween said throttle 'alte and said. air Valve, substantially as described.

G. In a earbureter; the combination of a casing provided with a lower fuel well and an upper mixing chamber; the twoA being jection on the top of said fuel well provided with a fuel passage leading therefrom; a central stationaryv tubular member extending upwardly from the bottom of said mixtubular member suspended in said stationary tubular member by mean@ of a lange engaging lthe upper edge ot said Stationary tubular member, said .and a` connection for the intake ing tlange bei-ng provided with perforations normally cloned by the upper edge of Said outer l tubular member but opening for the passage ol air upon elevation ot' .said movable member; an inner stationary tubular member suspended within the lower mouth o.` Said laforementioned tubular member; a valve for admitting air to said mixing chamber; a connection with the intake of an cngine; a throttle Valve controlling said intake connection; and an operative connection between said throttle valve and said air valve, substantially as described. l

T. A, carbureter comprising a mixing chamber provided with an air inlet opening et' an engine; a throttle Yalt'e carried by a shafttrarersing said intake connection; an operative handle secured to said shaft; an eeeentrie adj ustably Secured to sa id sha ft; a spring held air valve closing said air inlet- Opeliand a Valve stem carried by Said valve and contacting with Said eccentric, substantially as described. v 4

In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification in the presence of two subscribing witnesses. LOUIS PLEIN.

litnesses JANET lf). IlouaN, JOSHUA R. II. lo'rirs.

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