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Publication numberUS984656 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 21, 1911
Filing dateJul 5, 1910
Priority dateJul 5, 1910
Publication numberUS 984656 A, US 984656A, US-A-984656, US984656 A, US984656A
InventorsCharles B Fleet
Original AssigneeCharles B Fleet
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US 984656 A
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* lmnzssssi mamas,



I WELL-Brenna.

Specification 'Applieation flled m a, 1910.v Serial No. 570,256.

To all whom it concein:

Be it known that I, 'Cimluncs B FLnn'r, the bucket and 'is'fiat.

L 'lta n i Patented Feb. 21,1911.

is preferablymade integral with. the body of I l t citizen of the United States, residing a? Quinlamin the county of Hunt and 'State ofTexas, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Veil-Buckets, of which the following is a specification. J

This invention relates to improvements in well buckets.

A bail 3 is secured'to the up er end of the bucket and on the outside t erect. It is obvious that the body portion of the bucket fits comparatively close in the casing of the well and if the tapered portion 2\was not provided the bail could notbe attached to the outside of'the bucket. The bucket also has a converged or tapered lower'end 4 closed bya bot-tom 5, which latter however has a central openin 6. Byqea-son of the tapered end 4 the hue et' may be more readily. inserted in the well casing and the taper is s'ufiiciently long and the bottom of such diameter as to protect the valve in inserting the bucket in the well casing. ,The bottom 5 bucket. p i {be apparent in instances where 1t is desirable to rest on the bottom 5 but to have only a.

limited play thereon. On the underside ofl the valve a layer 8 of yieldableima'terial such as leather or rubber, is secured, and this layer contacts with the bottom 5. O'-

10 of the legs 9 into contact with some sur- VVithin the bucket a disk valve 7 is ar ranged.- TlllS valve has such a diameter as j 10 The object. of the invention is to provide posed vertical legs 9 are secured to the did; l a bucket such as are used in bored wells, 7 and extend through the opening 5 or the and equip 'said bucket with a particular bottom. Outwardly directed feet 10 extend form of valve mechanism. at substantially right angles from the lower A further object resides in the particular ends of the legs. 15' shape of the bucket. The outwardly directed feet limit the up- I Finally the object of the invention .is to ward movement of the valve by engaging provide. means of the character described with the bottom 5. It is obvibus that when that will be strong, durable, efficient, and the bucket is lowered and the feet 10 brought easy of operation, simple and comparatively into contact with any fixed surface the valve 20 inexpensive to construct, and also in which will be raised in the bucket and by reason 5 the several partswill not be likely to get of the converged walls of the portion 4, the

out of working order. contentsof the bucket will pass out through VVi h the above and other objects in view, the opening 6, or if the bucket is submerged the invention has relation to certain novel water will pass in through the opening 61 5 features of construction and operation, an and till the bucket. In the latter case when example of which is described in .thisfspecithe bucket is raised the valve will seat'on fication ,and illustrated in the accompanythe bottom and be held iirplace by the coning drawings, wherein tents of the bucket. 1 I Figure 1. is an elevation of the improved An eye bolt 11 is passed through the valve 30 bucket, Fig. 2. is a longitudinal section of 7 and secured in position by a washer 12 the same with the valve mechanism in eleand a nut 13, the eye of the bolt projecting vation, Fig. 3. is a plan view, the bail being above the valve. This eye is engaged with omitted, Fig.4. is a vertical section of the the eve 15 on the lower end of a vertical. valve, Fig. 5. is a cross sectional view taken rod 14 passing centrally up through the 35 on the line SI) of Fig. 2, and Fig. 6. is bucket. Across the upper open end of the an underside view of the bucket. bucketa brace 16=as is shown in Figs. 2 and In the drawings the numeral 1 designates 3 is secured. This brace is secured to the an elongated cylindrical bucket formed of inside of the bucket, but may be attached ""suit'able metal. At its upper end the bucket by the same fastenings that hold the bail 3.

40 has its,wa1lsconverged as indicatedat- 2. The rodr14 passes through the brace and face and the ball 17 will limit the upward movement of the rod and obviate bending of the feet 10 if the same should be forcibly brought into contact with the bottom of the The advantage of thawed-14 will to discharge the contents ofthe bucket into a vessel or receptacle and one does not wish. to submerge the bucket in the vessel or re.

' tom of the bucket to whereby the proper seating of the valve is I i not impaired.

5 What I claim is:

In awell bucket, an elongated cylindrical body having its ends converged, the entire outer surfaceiof the body being smooth, a

bottom forined integral with one of the conver ed ends and having a central opening, a isk valve mounted in the lower converged end of the bucket and adapted to. rest on the bottom thereof, legs attached to the valve and extending through the opening of the bottom, opposed outwardly directed feet extending from the lower ends of the legs and adapted to engage the botlimit the upward movebrace adapted to engage the" latter to limit the upward movement of the valve, and a ball having its lower end secured on the outside of the upper converged end ofthe bucket. I

In testimony whereof' I hav i d, Inigo name to this specification in the presence oftwo subscribing witnesses. Y

CHARLES B. FLEET. Witnesses: I


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