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Publication numberUS984768 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 21, 1911
Filing dateApr 29, 1910
Priority dateApr 29, 1910
Publication numberUS 984768 A, US 984768A, US-A-984768, US984768 A, US984768A
InventorsLee Hoyt Le Claire
Original AssigneeLe Claire Branding Iron Company
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Branding apparatus.
US 984768 A
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984,768. v 4Patented Feb. 21,1911.


mirra -earns PATENT ormoni.



A Specification of Letters Patent. Application filed April 29, 1910. Serial No. 558,399.

ran-meu Feb. 21, 1911.

To (LU whom 'it may concern.'

Be it known `that l, Lan Hor'r Ln Cnamn, a citizen of the United States, residing in the city and county ot Denver and State ot Colorado, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in lranding Apparatus; and l do declare the following to be a tall` clear, and exact description ot the invcntiomsuch as will enable others skilled in the art towhich it appertains to make and use the same, reference being had to the ac: companying drawings, and to the letters and figures of reference ma tred thereon. which form a part ot this specification.

My inventionv relates to improvements in branding apparatus and consists of a special construction of. branding iron, connected with a conduit. the latter leading to a receptacle containing gasolene or other sutliciently volatile liquid for the purpose, the. extremity of the conduit Opposite the tool being equipped with a compressiblc bulb adapted to force air into and through the liquid receptacle, whereby the liquid is va'- porized and the vapor aerated to'produce a readily combustible mixture which is carried to the branding tool .proper where it is initially ignited, after which the. combustion is inadntained as long as the tool is supplied with the combustible mixture.

The branding apparatus is portable, being mounted on a belt worn by the user. the liquid receptacle being carried by the belt. which is also equipped with pockets adapted to receive the tool and bulb when not in use. the belthaving loops to support the conduit which extends around the belt.

Having briefly outlined mv improved construction. l will proceed to describe the same in detail, reference. being made to the accompanying drawing in which is illustrated an embodiment thereof.

ln this drawing: Figure 1 is a front view of. my improved branding apparatus., the

. or connected therewith. Fig.

supporting beltbeing shown in pcrspcctire and the branding devices mounted thereon is a sectional i'icw in detail showing the branding device proper. and cn a larger scale. Fig. il is a sectional view in detailshowing the branding tip or iron on a still larger scale. Fig. et is a sectional view taken through the liquid receptacle and illustrating its connection wit-h the. conduit, whereby airis forced there- 1 into and the combustible mixture carried to the branding iron. the parts being shown on a larger scale than in Fig. 1.

The same reference characters indicate the `same parts in all the views. i

Let the numeral 5 designate a belt adapted to be fastened around the waist. and for this purpose equipped with buckles. G and cooperating straps T. This belt is equipped l with a pocket S adapted to contain a gaso- 1 lenc receptacle 9. luto the top of the receptacle is screwed a hard 1ubbei.plug 10 in I which are formed passages 1'2 and 13. the plug having lateral extensions 11 and 15 through which these passages are continued,

the said extensions torming threaded nipples to which short hard rubber tubes 1 l and 15 are attached and over which the inner extremities of the. flexible conduits 16 and 17 l are slipped and held tightly in place thereon. The conduit member 16 has a compressible bulb 18 at its free extremity. the said bulb being adapted. whe-n pressed. to force air into theA receptacle 9 for the purpose ot' atomizing the ,volatile liquid therein and 'Forming a combustible mixture which is forced outwardly' through the conduit 1T whose free extremity is sli pcd lover the hard rubber nipple 19 screwed upon one extremity Q0 of a tube .21 passing through a hollow handle 22. luto the opposite cxtremity ot this tube -21 is screwed the branding iron or tip 23 which terminates in a hollow approximately semispherical member 24 having perforations "25 to permit the escape oi the combustible mixture. the part 2-1 extending uinrardly beyond the perforations l5 as shown at Q6 and Jforming a circulaidcpression '2T coperating with the corresponding depression or chamber QS formed in an approximately semisphcrical detlector 2.9 screwed upon the' threaded shank 3() of the branding tip. The depressions. 27 and Q8. cooperate to 'form a combustion chamber communicating with the atmosphere through bers of the tip to permit the escape ot 'the products ot combustion.

When the device is not in use the bulb 18 may be inserted and carried ina pocket 32 and the branding iron and. its hand-le in .a pocket 5&3, both ot' vwhich are mounted on the belt and provided with hinged lids or covers il and 35. Also mounted upOIl 'this belt 'in fied to readily. ignite.

a lamp carried in a pocket 36 and having a protruding burner 37 which may be employed for the initial heating of the tip preparatory to the ignition of the combustible mixture. This heating of the tip is necessary since the mixture 1s not snli'iciently gasi- The tip is therefore initially heated before supplying the combustible mixture thereto.'

When thedevice is in use, the belt 5 is not only buckled around the Waist of the user but-is also further supported by the straps 3S which pass over his shoulders. The lamp 37 may first be lighted by the use of an ordinary match, after whichthe tip is heated from the lamp to the necessary degree. The combustible mixture, composed of air and vaporized gasolene, as heretofore explained,

'is then delivered to the tip by the manipulation of the bulb 18 and this supplyis continued in orde'x" that the temperature of the tip may be maintained at the necessary degree for branding purposes.

By adjusting the detlector 29 upon the threaded shank 3() of the branding tip, the1 size of the combustion chamber Q8 may be regulated at will.

I claim is:

l. A hollow branding iron or tip, having its exterior surface convex and its inner surface concave and perforated for the escape Having thus described my invention, what of combustible mixture, the said tip having p on said shank and having its inner surface concave to coperate with the adjacent concavity ofthe tip to form a combustion chamber, a hollow handle detachably connected with the shank of the tip, and means for fluid to which the conduit leads, a second conduit leading from the said receptacle, and

' a compressible bulb connected with the'secv ond con-duit for forcing air through the Huid receptacle, for the purpose set forth.

4. The combination with a fluid receptacle i having flexible conduit sections in communi'- cation' therewith, a 'compressible -bulb connected with one conduit section, and a holT low concave branding tip connected with the other conduit. section and in communication therewith, the branding tip having a threaded shank equipped with a deflector whose inner surface is concave, and coperating with the concavity of the tip to form an adjust-able combustion chamber for the consumption of the aerated mixture delivered thereto.

5. The combination with a iuid receptacle, having flexible conduit -sections in communication therewith, acompressible bulb connected with one section, and a hollow, handle member connected with the other section and in communication therewith, a hollow, concave branding tip, connected with the handle member and in communication with the pipe 'section through the hollow of the handle member, the branding tip having a threaded shank equipped with a deflcctor whose inner surface is concave and coperating with theconcavity of the tip to form an adjustable chamber for the c011- sumption of the aerated mixture delivered thereto.

In testimony whereof I aliix my signature in presence of two witnesses.


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