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Publication numberUS98509 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 4, 1870
Publication numberUS 98509 A, US 98509A, US-A-98509, US98509 A, US98509A
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US 98509 A
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- Tea-Kettle Cover.

Patented Jan. 4, 1870.-



Letters Patent No. 98,509, dated January 4, 18 7.0.


The Schedule'referred to in these Letters Patent and making part of the same.

To all persons to whom these presents may come Be it known that I, WILLIAM G. Lovnnnve, of Taunton, in the county of Bristol, and State of Massachusetts, have made a new and useful invention, having reference to the Covers of Tea-Kettles, or other articles of like character; and I do hereby declare the same to be fully described in the following specification,

and represented in the accompanying drawings, of

which- Figure 1 denotes a top view,

Figure 2, a side elevation,

Figure 3, an under-side view, and

Figure 4, a longitudinal section of a tea-kettle cover, as made in accordance with my invention.

The body of the cover is dished, or shaped as a dish, A, provided with an opening, a, through its bottom.

To this opening there is a valve, B, to open downward, it being fixed to one end of a lever, G, pivoted to the under side of the body.

The rear arm of the lever is provided with a weight, D, or made heavy, so as to counterbalance the valve, or overbalance it sufliciently to raise-it up to its seat.

The valve, 1 usually form conical, so as to extend up within the dished body, in manner as'represented.

I also construct the said body with a shoulder or flange, 1), arranged in manner as shown in the drawings, the purpose of such flange being to support the cover in place in the mouth of a tea-kettle, the valve and its balance-lever, and the lower part of the cover, under such circumstances, being within the body of the tea-kettle.

The object of the dished cover, provided with the balanced valve, as set forth, is to enable the tea-kettle to be readily supplied with water at any time, without rendering it necessary to remove the cover-from the mouth of the tea-kettle; for, by pouring water into the cover, the valve will open, and allow the water to pass through the opening a, after which the valve will be closed against its seat'by the balance-weight,

The dished cover, I usually contract at top, or form it with an annular cap, 0, arranged on it in manner as represented, the same being to enable a vessel to be inserted in and supported by the cover, as a boiler or kettle is usually supported, within a hole in the top of a stove or range.

By having the valve to extend up into the cover suficiently, a vessel, when placed within the cover, and on the cap 0, will depress the valve, so as to allow steam, when the water in the tea-kettle may be in ebullition, to pass through the cover and against the bottom of the vessel supported on it.

The cover, by being made of the dished form, and provided with a valve and weight, as represented, will be retained in place in a tea-kettle to excellent advantage, when the tea-kettle is being turned down forthe' discharge of water from its spout or nose 'I claim- The new manufacture of tea-kettle cover, made as a dish, and provided with a passage through its bottom, and a valve and counterbalance thereto, the whole being arranged substantially in manner and so as to'operate as described.

Also, the tea-kettle cover, as made with the annular cap a, in combination with the dish, and the valve and counterbalance, the whole being substantially as set forth.

Also, a tea-kettle cover, as made with the dished body, and a valve combined therewith, in manner as described, and with the valve extended up into the chamber of the body, (or provided with a projection, to extend up into the same,) such' extension or projection of the valve being as and for the purpose as'hereinbefore specified.




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