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Publication numberUS986245 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 7, 1911
Filing dateMay 5, 1910
Priority dateMay 5, 1910
Publication numberUS 986245 A, US 986245A, US-A-986245, US986245 A, US986245A
InventorsJohn S Thurman
Original AssigneeJohn S Thurman
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Vacuum cleaning-tool.
US 986245 A
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J. 3. 1111111111 12 1110011111 CLEARING TOOL. APPLICATION FILED MAY 5, 1910.

Patented Mar. 7, 1911.

IN VLN TOR win? 5- Tlzurmanp a I A TT mvE Y.



T 0 all whom it may con-cam:

' Be it known that I, JOHN S. Tnnmmx, citizen of the, United States, residing at St. Louis, State of Missouri, have inventetl ceitain new and useful Impi'ovements in Vacii- My invention has relation to improvemeats in suction-heads or Cleaning iools for vacnnni cleaning systems: and it consists in the hotel details of construction more fully L 'set forth in the specification and pointed out.

in the claims.

in the drawings. Figure l. is itperspective of a. row of books showing my invention applied thereto; Fig 2 is a side View of two lion s of unequal height showing the. tool applied with its narrow edge to the shorter hook; Fig. 3 i.-s a plan of the tool; is an eilge View thereof: Pig. 5 is an eniai'gerl cross seetizm on the zigzag line i)'-5 of Fig. 3; Fig. (l is :1 cm see on on the line f 6 of 3; Fig. .T a i-i'oss section on the line 'T'i' of Fig. 3; and Fig. 8 is a filtlG elevation of a desk showing the applieation ot' a modified form of tool to the floor on whieh the d esk yeasts.

' The present inveniion iimls special application in libraries where occasion arises to remove (lust which has :iucimmlateil on the mine of the. leaves. t-ollecliwly 't'oin'iing the to of the hook in the position initially weenpieil by the latter on a shelf oz.- in a hook use, the ion] hei'eii'i being: paiti'iii'nlarly (lQ- Si necl to operate on (liil'lw'ent. widths and heights of hooks plflflii siile o side. on such shelfi Uln-ionsiy too. the. tool may he emplo geil J'oi' other pnrpns entfrom a iletailerl les -1iif ition at. the invention, Whieh is as folio l'le'l'eirrin'g in the drawings, ll 'i'epreents a hose. or air-line leading in any suitable vacu- Ilhl pnmp'oi' exhansler (not shown), the fee end of the hose being passed over or other Wise SQPIIIEHl fo the eyliinli'ial stem 0 of. the

/ suction-head, the body portion '6 of which is in tlie'i'orm of a long" llattenecl tube elosqeil at the envl. The part i' is therefore adapted to present a flat. fave anti :1 narrow filgQ or face to the si'ii'face of the hook or other article to he cleaned as clearly ril'gyions iron the draw ings. Adjacent to the f li li gl lti and of the. tool, and in one of the lint. ni-ln-oail fan-ea i:-- formed an air-intake opening "0, anti at. a

Specification of Letter sPaten t.

Application. filed May 5, 1910.

as. i-learly appar traiied in- Fig. 8. I As the tool 'lS PRSSBd-Wltl) \ESJQIWK'OW edge JOHN s. THUEMAN, 01. ST. Lows, mxssoom.

VACUUM CLEANING-TOQL i}tGllt i Mar. 7, 1131?. Serial No. 559,488.

I point contiguous and interiorthereto and in one oi the narrow edges formed an intake opening 0 of necessarily smnewhaismaller l area. I 1 a rule hooks wlaeei i on a library shelf i are nei'th'ernni-tqrm in. height or t.i'iel' ness, and in order to mks upthe dust from theiops thereof requires the applieation oi. snctioo-t00ls oi differentdimensions, or, if a sing-M4001 be aseii. of a. nozzle which will operate on the smallest book of; the series in which event too nnich time consumed in passingsneh a small nozzle over a large hook. With my improved tool, the flat-"Easeof the body portion L in which is it) mi-ii intake open 0. p sseil baa-l: M'Ki foi'ih over the. top, of the lzugei' books B, after whielr. the tool may he imam the narrow way between two books to :z'eaeh the top of a slnpirter and b :iii in iiiai cas' ihe smail openi Y is brought into i'eqn tion. the vaeninn in ths'iiioi ili'a'xi'ing in (lust-laden air. through saiil latter opening into the tool and through. the hose- H ii-heme it passes into a saiiahle (lust. receptacle (not, shown) as i'vell. antlers-bond in the art.

PIflPilCll tool for library nse avei'ages eighteen inches in lengti'i (the body 5 twelvei'nehes, and stem 1: six inches), with the flat or ln'magl face of the hocl v one and 0nequarlei inches in Width. and the narrow edge appiuXiHlatiligZ ilnee-eighihs m an inch. The i opening a aljnint one Ly mie-halfineli, anti l the opening '0 one-quarter by il}":if*-Fll( l ieeniiis. if hoarse. tl'iese proportions may I he. vaz'iml zxC-r'fll'illilg mill-. size of" tool, it being at all times desirable that the tool shall have a long rem-l1. .Xitl'iongh preferably straight, when serving as a liitanijntool, it apparent that for some purposes a omvatnre mightbe over the shorier anifnai'z'ower book B, the

free the opening in, thereby constraining the (lll'ti!2"1i to pass mamlylhrot gh the opening In that. way the small book is cleaned of lils (inst as eti'eetively as tho large hook. Thus: by a. mere rotation of the tool about given the. tool to reach out of the Way phi-ces- :is 01" example. the floor limiter a desk I);-

fra tion of an inch abovee-mwecl tool a", 51 1S ili fi i hroad 01" tlais face necessarily contacts more or leswagainst the side of a hie-gee hook B, i such eonltaui; elnsmgz to a greater'or less as its axis through an angle of ninety degrees v 1 to present e'tlvhei' the broad face or its narrow edge to the simfaee of the particular article I to be cleaned, the dust may be removed from.

any surf-age on which it has accumulated.

- The'tool 1S essentially a long flattened tube 5 closed at one end with intake openings disposed in'contiguo'ns faces end.

Having described my invention, What I claim -'is:--- 1. A vacnun'i-clenning tool comprising a long flattened tube (dosed at one end and adjacent to such having an intake opening in the broad side or face confined to a position adjacent to the closed end and with a second intake opening in the narrow side.

2. A vacuum-cleaning tool comprising a long flattened tube closed zit-one end and having an intake openingin the broad side or face confined to a position adjacent to V the closed end, and with a second intake opening in the narrow side out of almement- 1 with the first openin f.

5 in presence of two witnesses.

I atfix my signature,


In testimony whereof JOHN S. \Vitnesses E3111, STAREK, J 0s. A. MICHEL.

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