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Publication numberUS986433 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 14, 1911
Filing dateFeb 1, 1911
Priority dateFeb 1, 1911
Publication numberUS 986433 A, US 986433A, US-A-986433, US986433 A, US986433A
InventorsThomas P Briody, Arthur B Fagan, John R Lynch
Original AssigneeThomas P Briody, Arthur B Fagan, John R Lynch
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US 986433 A
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DISPLAY STAND. APPLIIOATION FILED m. 2a, 1908, mmn'wnn ran. 1, 1911.

Patented Mair.14,1911.

E H H T E m w ,U N MW I 6 8 9 1 W, w H W wn u Th 2% m 3 T. P. BRIODY, A. B. F-AGAN & J. R. LYNCH.


APPLICATION FILED mm. 2a, 1908. RENEWED H13. 1, 1911'.

' Patented Mar. 14,19111 1n: NORRIS PETERS cmiwAsnmcrou. n. c.




To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that we, THOMAS P. Barony, ARTHUR B. FAGAN, and JOHN B. LYNCH, citizens of the United States, residing at South Bethlehem, in the county of Northampton and State of Pennsylvania, have invented certain new and useful Improve ments in Display-Stands, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact specifica tion.

This invention contemplates certain new and useful improvements in display stands, and relates more particularly to that class of apparatus arranged to support and display oil cloth, carpet and the like.

The principal object of the invention is the production of a simple and inexpensive de vice of this character in which provision is made for supporting and displaying a plurality of rolls of the goods.

A further object is to provide eiiicient means for unreeling the cloth from any roll and simultaneously and automatically measuring the same as it is unreeled.

lVith these and other objects in view the invention will be hereinafter fully set forth and particularly pointed out in the claims at the end of the description.

In the accompanying drawings wherein similar letters of reference are used to inclicate corresponding parts in each of the several views: Figure 1 is a longitudinal sectional view illustrating our improved display stand. Fig. 2 is a front elevation thereof. Fig. 3 is a top plan view. Fig. 4 is a transverse sectional view on the line l4 of Fig. 2. Fig. 5 is a view of one end of the receiving roll. Fig. 6 is a side view thereof.

Fig. 7 is a view of the opposite end of said receiving roll. Fig. 8 is a detail sectional view illustrating the measuring device. Fig. 9 is a face view thereof; and Fig. 10 is a perspective view of clamp for use with short rolls.

Referring to the drawings, A indicates a base provided with a central upright post a, upon which the drum B is mounted to revolve. Said drum comprises a bottom plate .6 and a top plate I), preferably of circular form and arranged to support a plurality of display rolls C, said plates being united by a tubular hub 19 and provided with bearings b engaging post a. The bottom plate 6 is provided with casters 6* resting on base A, and ball bearings b are also provided. The

Specification of Letters Patent.

Application filed December 28, 1908, Serial No. 469,655. Renewed February 1, 1911. Serial No. 606,006.

Patented Mar. 14, 1911.

rolls'C are each provided with lower stud or pintle (Z resting in a bearing (Z, the lower end of the roll resting upon a plate D. The upper end of each roll G is provided with a stud or pintle engaging a bearing block d The receiving roll E is mounted at its lower end in a bearing carried by an extension 0 of base A, the upper end of said roll being mounted in a bearing carried'by the free end of an arm 0 rigidly secured to post a. A clip 6 is provided with pivot pins 6 mounted in suitable recesses e in the roll E, one of said pins being extended and bent to form an operating handle 6 The lower end of roll E is provided with a sprocket wheel 6 connected by a suitable chain c with a similar sprocket wheel 6 mounted upon a crank-shaft c 7 F designates a swinging arm mounted on post a and provided with a cutting guide bar 7". Said guide bar is also provided with a pivoted arm or bracket f which supports the registering device G. Said registering device comprises a frame 9 in which is mounted the shaft 9 carrying the measuring wheel 9 A pinion 9 carried by said shaft meshes with a pinion on shaft 9 carrying a pointer 9 Mounted loosely on shaft g is the hub of a pinion 9 said hub being also provided with a pointer 9 a second pinion meshing with a pinion 9 carried by a counter-shaft 9 which in turn is provided with a second pinion 9 meshing with pinion 9 The pointer registers with a scale 9 and the pointer registers with a second scale The pinions of register Gr are so proportioned that when the circumference of the measuring wheel g revolves one yard, the pointer will make one full revolution, and the pointer g one twentieth of arevolution, the scale 5/ being marked for twenty yards. It is obvious, however, that these proportions may be varied.

In practice the rolls C are provided with cloths of various patterns, and when it is desired to unreel any portion of the cloth, the drum B is revolved to bring the cloth selected opposite the receiving roll E. The end of the cloth is then secured beneath the clip 6 whereupon the said roll E may be I a swinging armsupported by said base, and

revolved through the medium of the crankshaft 6 thereby rolling the cloth up on roll E. Before rotating said roll, however,

the arm F is swung around to bring the measuring wheel 9 in contact with the cloth, precaution being first taken tosee that both pointersgg and g register at zero. The

register will then accurately indicate the length of the cloth wound uponthe roll E,

and when the desired quantity has been measured off, the cloth is cut, the inner edge of guide bar f bemg'used'as a backing for this purpose.- The roll E is then removed from its supports, and after disengaging the clamp 0 the cloth may be slid 'off of saidvroll E in a convenient form for delivery. V r,

lVhen short rolls of; cloth are to be =han- 'dled on either one'or all of the cloth carrying rolls G a support for same in the, shape of a clamping device as shown in Fig. 10

and in dotted linesin Fig. -1 may be utilized. Having thus described the invention, what is claimed is 7 LA display st-andcomprising a base or support, a revolving drum mounted thereon,

a plurality of display rolls carried by said support providedwith a central'post a drum,

revolubly mounted upon said post, a receivng roll, a swinging arm carried by said vpost, a cutter bar carried by said arm, and

a measuring device supported by said cutter bar. 7

4. A displaystand comprising a base or support provided with a central post, a drum revolubly mounted upon said post, a re-' ceiv ng roll, a swinging arm carriedby'said.

post, "a cutter bar carried-by'said arm, a

measuring device, and a pivoted bracket secured to said cutter bar and supporting said measuring device.

5. A display stand comprising a baseor support provided with a central post, a

drum revolubly mounted upon said post, ,a

receiving roll having one end mounted in said frame, a'n overhanging bearing arm for the upper end of said roll, said arm being secured to said post, a swinging arm carried by said post, a pivoted bracket carried bysaid arm,and a measuring device carried by said bracket.

6. A display stand comprising a base or support, a revoluble drum mounted thereon, a plurality of display rolls carried by said drum, a receiving roll mountedon'said base and "provided with a pivotally suaported securing bar extending longitu inally thereof, means for operatingsaid bar, and means for revolving s'aid receiving'roll.

7. A display stand comprising a base or support, a revoluble drum mounted thereon, a plurality of display rollscarried by said :drum, a receiving roll provided with recesses, a securingbar provided with pivot pins mountedin said recesses, and means for operating s'aid bar..

8. A display stand comprising a base or support, a revoluble drum mounted'thereon,a plurality of display rolls carried by said "drum, a receiving vroll provided 'ivith recesses adjacent each end, a securing bar having its ends provided with :pivot pins mounted in said recesses, one of said pins being extended to forman operatin-ghandle, and means fo'r'rotating said receiving roll.

9. A display stand comprisinga base or support, a revoluble drum mounted thereon, a plurality of display virolls carried by said drum, a receiving roll'mounted on said base and provided with a 'pivotalliy supported securing bar eirtendin longitudinally thereof, means for operating said bar, means for revolving said receiving roll, a swinging arm supported by saidbase and a measuring device carried by said arm and arranged to engage said receiving roll.

10. A display standcomprising fabase 01. support, a revoluble drum mounted thereon, a plurality of display rolls carried by said drum, a receiving roll provided with a pivot-ally supported securing bar-extending long tudinally thereof, means for operating said bar, a crank shaft mounted in an extension of said base,gearing connecting said crank shaft and said receiving roll, a swinging arm supported by said base and a measuring device carried by said arm and arranged to'engage said receiving roll.

In testimony whereof we have signedour names :to this specification in the presence of two Witnesses.


Vitnesses JOSEPH I-I. MoGrEE, D. KALLY.

Copies of this patent may be obtained for five cents each, by addressing the Commissioner 'of '1 atentfl. Washingtom'D. c.

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