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Publication numberUS986445 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 14, 1911
Filing dateJan 3, 1910
Priority dateJan 3, 1910
Publication numberUS 986445 A, US 986445A, US-A-986445, US986445 A, US986445A
InventorsMay Day Dekle
Original AssigneeMay Day Dekle
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Nursing-bottle holder.
US 986445 A
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93 ,445, V 7 Patented-Mar.14, 1911.



To all whom it mag concern: 3

Be it known that I, MAY DAY D KLE, a citizen of the United States, residing at Waycross, in the county of Ware and State of Georgia, have invented a new and useful Nursing-Bottle Holder, of which the fol- This invention relates to nursing bottle holders, and its object is to provide in a holder of this kind improved supportingmeans so that it may be placed upon the floor, on a table, or in any other convenient place.- v

The invention also has for its object to provide a gripping device for the bottle which-may be readily manipulated to apply the bottle thereto, or to remove the same, and which will securely hold the bottle.

-A further object of the invention is to provide a holder which can be folded into small compass when not in use. 7

With these ob 'ects in view the invention consists in a novel construction and arrangement of parts to be hereinafter described and claimed, reference being had to the. drawing hereto annexed, in which- Figure 1 is an elevation of the holder.

Fig. 2 is a cross section on the line 22 of Fig. 1. Fig. 3 is an elevation of a modified form of supporting base for the holder.

The holder consists of an extension bracket arm carried by a support, and provided at its extremity with a bottle gripping device. The bracket arm comprises a series of pivotally connected sections 5, the inner-' most one of which is pivoted at 6 to a standard 7 rising from a base 8. The outer bracket arm section 9 is longer than any other section as shown, and curved, and carries at its-extremity a bottle clamp comprising a series of spring fingers 10 which diverge, or spreadout, so that the bottle may be placed therebetween. A sleeve 11 encircles the fingers 10 for closing them on the .bottle, said sleeve bein slidably mounted on the fingers. Upon iding the sleeve in the direction of the tips orthe outer ends of the fingers, the latter are drawn together,

and u' on sliding the sleeve in the opposite direct1on,.the fingers automatically spread to release the bottle. The standard 7 has an enlargement 12 at its lower end which enters a socket 13 made in the top of the base 8 and held therein by. a set screw '14 assing through the base, and adapted to e tig tened up against that portion ot the Specification of Letters latent. Patented Mar, 14,, 1911,

Application filed January 3, 1910. Serial No. 535,958.

standard seating in the socket. The base 8 is provided in order that the holder may be p aced on a table, or on the floor. If it is desired to support the holder on the edge of a chair, table, or other object, the clamp shown in Fig. 3'is provided. This clamp comprises a fixed j aw 15, and a movable jaw 16, the former having a socket 17 to receive the standard 7. The jaw 16 is pivoted to the jaw 15 at 18. A set screw 19 is provided for holding the standard in the socket 17. The edge of the object to which the clamp is applied is received between the jaws, and tightly gripped by bringing the movable jaw 16 in the direction of the fixed jaw, which is done by a thumb screw 20 threaded through said parts. The socket 17 may be screw-threaded, the lower -end of the standard being correspondingly threaded to screw thereinte.

By the structure herein described the 'holder can be supported in any convenient place, and as the bracket arm sections are adjustable, they may be swung up and down, and also inwardly and outwardly from the standard 7 to properly position the bottle gripping fingers, the latter securely holding the bottle. The bracket arm sections are pivotally connected by thumb screws 21, so that they may be locked in adjusted position, and the connection between the standard and the innermost bracket arm section is also made by means of a thumb screw, for the same purpose. The parts fold up into small compass, and may therefore be conveniently stored.

The bottle clamp is pivotally connected to the outer end of the outer section 9 by a screw 22, so that it may swing as shown by dotted lines in Fig. 1, in View of which it will not be necessary to adjust the bottle in the holder to'kee the neck full, and the holder can be tilte downwardly until the bottle is entirely emptied. I consider it of advantage to elongate and curve the outer section 9, because when the bracket arm is folded in its closest compass the outer end of this section holds the bottle .away from the other sections so that it cannot be inful with nursing bottles for the reason just above stated. 7

What is claimed is:

' The herein described nursing bottle holder comprising a'base' having a socket, a standard removably engaging the socket and held dctachahly connected therewith, a bracket the clamp at any desired angle of adjflst- 10 arm composed of a series of pivotally conment relative to the iink'that supports it. nected' links, the outer one of which is the In testimony that I claim the foregoing longer, a bottle clamp pivotally connected as my own, I have hereto afiixed my signawith the outer end of the last named link ture in the piesence of two witnesses.

and comprising. a plurality of spring fingers MAY DAY DEKLE.

of a contour to conform to the exterior of l Witnesses: the bottle, means for clamping the'fingers S. CLARK HANK, Jr., around the bottle, and means for holgiing' L. V. WILLIAMS.

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