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Publication numberUS986605 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 14, 1911
Filing dateSep 18, 1909
Priority dateSep 18, 1909
Publication numberUS 986605 A, US 986605A, US-A-986605, US986605 A, US986605A
InventorsFranck Svagell, William H Padfield
Original AssigneeFranck Svagell, William H Padfield
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Carbureter for gas and gasolene engines.
US 986605 A
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Patented MBL 14, 1911.

. ments of the invention; but it is to be u'n- '-:derstood that the structural elements thereof 3 for establishing communication between t 'of-the'cylinders of the engine, and fourth,

' form o The cylinder 1' is providedwith a anged FRANCK SVAGELL 'AND WILLIAM H. PADFIELD, OF VERONA, PENNSYLVANIA.


Specification of Letters Patent.

Application tiled September 18, 1909. Serial No. 518,350. l

Tocll whom it may concern:

Be it known that we, (l) FRANCK SvAeeLL and (Q) WiLLi-Air H. Pannuti), (1) a subject of the King of Hungary, (2) a citizen of the United States of America, residing at Verona, in tlievcounty of, Allegheny and State ofPennsylvania, have invented certain new andhlseful Improvements in Gan burete'rs for Gas and Gasolene Engines, of which the following is a specification, ref' erence being had therein'to the accompanying drawing.

This invention relates to attachments for gasolene engines, and the objects' of our invention are, first to provide an attachment that will increase the'explosive power with a minimnin expenditure of fuel; second, to furnish an attachment that will prevent backfire, and serve functionally as a mixer or vaporizer; third, to provide an at'- tachx'nent that will prevent an overheating to yprovide asimple, durable and inexpensive attachment thatca'n be used in connection with various types of gasolene engines.

We "attain the above and such, other objects as may hereinafter appear by an attachment `that will be hereinafter described. in detail and then claimed.

Reference will now be had to the drawing formingpart of this specification, wherein there is` illustrated4 the preferred embodican be varied or changed, as to the size, shape and manner of assemblage without departing from` the spirit of the invention.

In the drawings Figure 1 is a longitudinal sectional view of the attachment designed for the gasolene enginey of a motor boat. Fig. 2 is a frontelevation of adetached sleeve. Fig. 3 isa crossY-seetional view taken 'on the line wof Fig.1. Fig. 4 is a Side elevation of an attachment partly broken away and partly in section, as decreen or sieve. L

Inthel drawing the 'reference numeral 1 denotes a gasolene engine cylinder adapted to receive a-solene through the medium of apipe ,1 5 rom a carbureter not shown.

and 5 s 1a. side eevtion of a modified inlet port 3.

The reference pipe G into cilitate the starting .of the-O engine-. -v cage 18 holds the small quantityof gas'oleneclmracter 6 denotes a pif? pipe 15 and the inlet port 3 and said-pipe 6 Patented Mar. 171, 19.1.1. y

is provided at one end ith a llange 7 which is coupled with 'the fange 'of' the inlet by the bolts 8 and nuts 9. The pipe 6 at its other end is interiorly :threaded as at" 14"' for engagement with the threadedinner face of the pipe 15. The il nge of the i-nlct 3 is indicated by 'the reference char-acter- 5 and interposed between the iianges 5 and 7- is a frame 10 having oppositely-dis osed lugs 11 through which extend-the bo ts 8. The frame 1 is formed with' in\\'arclly-'pro'. jecting lugs 12 to which is secured arircular screen 13. The screen 13 is made df ygauze having a mesh capable of retarding. foreign matter carried by the gasolene', and furthermore having a .property of disseminating or vaporizing the gasolene which engages the explosive power of the' mixtures and said screenn furthermore prevents backfire. That end-of the pipe 6 which is not provided With the flange Z has its inner face formed with an annular groove 16 for the seating of a screen 17. interposed between the screens 13 'and 17 and constituting a lining for the inner face of the pipe Gis a cylindrical cage 18 constructed of gauze or a fine mesh.

Connected tothe ipe 6 intermediate the ends thereof is a. va ve 19, which in Fig. 1 of 'the drawings is shown in a closed^position and in Fig. 3 in an open position. .This valve is employed for admitting. a small quantity 'of gasolene to the pipe 6. After a few drops has entered the pipe 6; the

valve is closed. The engine can then be cranked and the suction of air within .cylinder 1 is adapted to draw the.sinalll of gasolene contained with1n`thethe cylinder 1 and thisl 1s to quantity in suspension' and tends to cause the gasolene to spread.

As shown in Fig. 1 the pipe 6 1s in la horizontal osition for an en ne having a vertical cy inder, while in Fig.VA 4 thel ipe 6 is in a vertical position for an enginel 'aving a horizontal cylinder. Inlthis instance the pipe cage 18 serves the fore described and engine cylinder is adapted ,tofdrew thesmall entity of gasolene' upwardly-l into the .engine. "Y

i The modification shown in Fi represents the frame or ring 10 yprovi ed with a cuplshaped screen r sieve adapted to extend into the end of the pipe 6.

Since some engines are provided with flanges for securing asolene inlet pipes to the engine, we devise the attachment shown in Figs. 1 and 2, While the ends of the pipe 6 can be threaded 'for engines having'interiorly threaded inlet ports.y L

We attach considerable 'importanceto the construction shown inv Fig. l, since by slight changes the ,attachment .is applicable to vari ous types of gasolene engines.

Having now described -our invention, what ive/claim as new is l. The combination ofan engine cylinder havin an inlet, a pipe havingfone end 'con necte .tofs'aid in1et `and havingat its other 20i end an interiorly-arranged 'groove and lead ing toiallca-rbureter, vframes interposed between... t'he inletland said pipe,` a screen securedin position by said frames, a screen mounted in said groove, a cylindrical cage formed of wire gauze having bot-li ends open and mounted in and snugly, engaging and constituting a lining for the inner face of p located at each end of said pipe, a cylindrical wire gauze cage open at each@ end and mounted in said pipe and further snugly Venga'ging the inner face of the pipe 'and' constituting a lining for said inner ace, and.

a valve mechanism carried by the pipe and communicating With the interior thereof.

In testimony whereof We aiiix our signa- I 'tures in the presence 4of two Witnesses.



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