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Publication numberUS986618 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 14, 1911
Filing dateJan 11, 1910
Priority dateJan 11, 1910
Publication numberUS 986618 A, US 986618A, US-A-986618, US986618 A, US986618A
InventorsEdmund A Babler
Original AssigneeEdmund A Babler
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Medical apparatus.
US 986618 A
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MEDICAL APPARATUS. ugmoxnou FILED 11111.11, 1910.

986,618, Patented Mar. 14, 1911.

wiiness'es: 1 I v .Fwenibr: I fwfs mw ELMA I a. Wafiys.

ms'imnms PETERS sq, WASH/N070". 0. c



To all whom it may concern:

citizen of the United States, and a resident of the city of St. Louis and State of Missouri, have invented a certain new and useful Improvement in Medical Apparatus, of which the following is a specification.

Apparatus of types in common use under the name of proctoclysis apparatus are subject to one or more of the following disadvantages: namely, they do not make sufli cient provision for maintaining the liquid at the proper temperature, they are too bulky to be conveniently carried by the physician, they are dependent upon an electrical distribution system or other special facilities not usually found in homes, they do not make adequate provision for the relief of tlatus and they are too expensive for universal use by physicians.

The object of the present invention is to overcome these disadvantages and to pro duce a device which may be carried in a coat pocket and which may be applied with facility to vessels commonly found in the household so as to form therewith a complete proctoclysis apparatus.

The invention consists in the device hereinafter described and claimed.

The accompanying drawing which forms part of this specification illustrates my apparatus.

My device comprises a delivery tube 1 of rubber or other suitable material, having a nozzle 2 at the discharge end thereof. The inlet end of said tube has a stiff rebent member 8 of metal or hard rubber, which is provided with a spring clip 4. The delivery tube is also provided with a turn cock or valve 5. At some point in the delivery tube between said cock and the discharge nozzle is a Y or three-way fitting 6 of metal or hard rubber; and the third leg or branch of this fitting has a flexible vent tube 7 connected therewith. The end of said vent tube is pro vided with a stiff rebent member 8 of metal or hard rubber, which is provided with a spring clip 9.

The apparatus above described is adapted for use with ordinary household containers. Thus, the spring clips are mounted on the illside of the outer legs of the rebent end members with their free ends extending downwardly or away from the bend. By wedging said spring clips over the upper edge of a bucket 10 or other suitable liquid con- Specification of Letters Patent.

Application filed January 11, 1910.

l l l Patented Mar. 14, 1911.

Serial No. 537,413.

tainer, the rebent end members are firmly Be it known that I, EDMUND A. BABLER, a but removably clamped thereon. Inside of said bucket or outer container 10 is a second or inner liquid container 11 of smaller diameter and which is preferably spaced therefrom at the bottom by any suitable distance pieces 12. By this arrangement, the inner container is adapted to be surrounded at its sides and bottom by a volume of water or other liquid. The rebent member at the inlet end of the delivery tube is intended to constitute a siphon, the inlet leg of which is lengthened by a flexible section 13 adapted to reach close to the bottom of the inner receptacle. The end member of the vent tube opens outside of the inner receptacle. It is preferable to make the vent tube shorter than the distance from the three-way fitting to the inlet member of the delivery tube, in which case there is a tendency of the parts to assume such position that the vent tube opens into said fitting at the top thereof.

In practice, the saline solution is put into the inner receptacle which is then placed in a bucket or outer container partially filled with water. This bucket of water is heated by a stove or other suitable source of heat, and 011 account of its large volume, the temperature of the water, and consequently, the temperature of the solution may be kept fairly uniform without great difficulty. The spring clips are wedged over the bucket or outer container and the apparatus is ready for usein the usual way. The valve or cock is commonly adjusted to deliver the solution drop by drop; and consequently, in case of the expulsion of gas, the back pressure is relieved through the vent tube, whose caliber is of much larger area than the opening through the valve.

The simplicity, inexpensiveness and por ability of my apparatus and its adapt-ability for attachmentto ordinary household receptacles are advantages of great practical importance.

7 What I claim as my invention and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

1. A medical apparatus comprising an outer receptacle, a liquid container inside thereof, a flexible tube having a nozzle at its discharge end and a. siphon member at its inlet end and a valve at an intermediate point, a vent tube communicating with said first mentioned tube between said valve and vertical portion secured at its lower end to said Vent tube and having a horizontal por tion and a downturned portion, and means for securing said vertical portion on the rim '2. A medical apparatus comprising a flexible tube having a nozzle at its, discharge end and a siphon member at its inlet end and a valve at an intermediate point, and

a ventltube communicating with said first mentioned tube between said valve and said nozzle and having a rebent end member, said siphon member and said rebent member being provided with spring clips adapted. Ito] clampvthem on the rim of the receptac e.

3. A medical apparatus comprising an outer liquid container, an inner liquid con- EDMUND A. BABLER.



Copies of this patent may be obtained. for five cents each, sy addressing the Commissioner of Patents,

' Washington, D. G.

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