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Publication numberUS987952 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 28, 1911
Filing dateJun 16, 1910
Priority dateJun 16, 1910
Publication numberUS 987952 A, US 987952A, US-A-987952, US987952 A, US987952A
InventorsGeorge C Brown
Original AssigneeGeorge C Brown
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Storage-box for sensitized paper.
US 987952 A
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G. 0. BROWN.



Patented Mar. 28, 1911.

George C.Brown,


GEORGE 0. BROWN, or NEW LONDON, counno'rrcu'r.


Specification of Letters Patent.

Application filed June 16, 1910. Serial No. 567,146.

To all whom 'it may concern:

Be it known that I, GEORGE G. BROWN, a

'- citizen of the United States, residing at New London, in the county of New London and State of Connecticut, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Storage- Boxes for Sensitized Paper, of which the following is a specification.

The object of this invention is to provide a convenient, and reasonably cheap, form of light-tight storage receptacle for sensitized papers, such as blue print paperflVandyke process paper, and the like.

Briefly described, my said invention consists of a suitable housing, preferably of cylindrical form, having revolubly journaled therein a mandrel upon which a roll of sensitized paper may be mounted. The said housing is provided with alongitudinal slit through which the web of paper may be withdrawn from the housing, as needed, and means is provided for measuring off so much of the said web as may be required. Provision 'is made for holding the said web to prevent the cut end from being displaced and drawn back into the housing, and a shutter is also provided for covering the said longitudinal slit so as to exclude all light from the interior of the housing.

In order to explain my invention clearly I have provided the annexed drawings, in which Figure 1 is a front side view of a lighttight receptacle embodying my present improvements, illustrating also the manner of tearing off a section of the pa er. Fig. 2 is a relatively enlarged longitudinal, central, sectional, View of the same. Figs. 3, 1 and 5 are relatively enlarged, transverse, sectional views of my said device; Fig. 3 showing the shutter in its closed position and Fig. 1 showing the shutter opened to expose the longitudinal slit through which the web of paper may be drawn outward. Fig. 5 is a similar view, showing the end of the paper drawn outward and in the act of being torn manently closed by means of a head 12 whose inner face is provided with acentral projection or spur 12. The other end of said tube is provided with a removable cover 13 having a similar spur 14; said cover bemg preferably arranged to screw upon the tube 11.

The housing 10 is designed to be permanently fastened to a wall, or other fixed obect, within easy reach and its front side is "provided with a longitudinal slit 15, the upper edge of which serves as a straight, knifesharp, cutting edge against which the paper may be torn, as will be understood by reference to Fig. 1 of the drawings.

The inner tube 11 is adapted'to be rotated a limited distance, within the fixed housing, and has longitudinal, overlapping portions 11, forming an outlet-throat. By

preference, I provide on the upper overlap- 1 ping portion a shutter 11*, of spring material, which is curv'ed downward (as shown in Figs. 3, 4.. and 5) so as to bear upon the exterior surface of the inner tube in advance of the said outlet-throat; the shutter thus subserving the dual function of preventing Patented Mar. 28, 1911.

light entering the tube 11 and a resilient means to prevent falling back into the inner tube of the section of the paper protruding through the outlet-mouth or throat of said tube.

The rolliof paper 16 is supported on a' mandrel 17 that is mounted to revolve freely on the studs 12 and 14. v In the operation of loading my described receptacle, the cover .13 is removed and a roll of paper is slipped onto the mandrel 17, the tube 11 being removed (endwise) from the housing, or not, as may be founi most convenient. As the roll of paper i.

being slipped into the tube, the free edge of said paper is guided between the overlapping edges 11 and is caused to project be-v yond the yielding shutter 11 2. distance sufficient to enable the operator to grasp it with a thumb and finger and draw the paper out to anydesired length. The cover 13 is then placed upon the tube 11. Ordinarily the inner tube is rotated within the fixed housing sufiiciently to move the shutter 11 and the short projecting piece of paper out of register with the slit 15 of the housing, thus protecting the said paper and the slit in the inner tube from the direct rays of light that may enter the slit 15. When it is desired to remove. a section of vpaper from the roll 16 the inner tube is grasped by its ends and is partially rotated so as to bring the spring shutterll" into register with the slit 15 and, simultaneously, to cause the exposed end of the paper to lie in said slit, as seen in Fig. 4, so that said end may be grasped. The paper is then drawn outward, through the narrow throat between the shutter 11 and the inner wall of the tube 11, and through the slit 15 until the desired length of paper has been exposed, when the inner tube is rocked partly back to its initial position and the paper is then torn off against the straight-edge formed by the upper Wall of the slit 15, as seen in Figs. 1 and 5; said upper wall being suitably formed to provide a sufficient cutting edge. This leaves a short section of the paper projecting outward beyond the shutter 11". The tube 11 is then rocked completely. back to its initial position thus moving said projecting section of paper into the darkened space between the inner tube and the housing 10, as seen in Fig. 3 of the drawings. When it is again desired to obtain a piece of the paper on roll 16 the inner tube is rocked into the position seen in Fig. 4, thus causing the said projecting section of paper to be exposed in slit 15 so it (the paper) may be grasped, as l[ have already explained.

In order that the desired length of paper may be conveniently measured, it provide on the fixed housing 10 a spring tape measure 18 which may first be drawn out to the desired length. The paper is then drawn out to correspond with the said measure and the measure is then snapped back into case before the paper is torn oft.

- eaaeaa The spring shutter 11 not only serves to prevent the light from entering the tube 11' but it also serves to-prevent the retraction of the cut end of the paper into the tube.

My described device may be cheaply produced; it takes up practically no more space than the tin cylinders ordinarily used for storing sensitized paper, and it eflectually protects the said paper from the deleterious elteets of the actinic rays of light.

Having thus described my invention I claim as'new and desire to secure by Letters Patent In a light-tight holder for sensitized paper, a stationary outer cylinder provided with a longitudinal slot, the upper wall of which is formed as a sharp cutting-edge, in combination with a-revoluble inner cyllnder for the paper, having longitudinal overlapping portions, forming an outlet-throat, and means subserving the dual function of excluding light from said inner tube through said outlet-throat and of preventing falling back into said inner tube of the section of sensitized paper protruding through said outlet-throat, comprising a I shutter, of

spring material, carried by the upper 0verlapping portion and curved downward so as to bear upon the exterior surface of said inner tube in advance of said outlet-throat.

GEORGE 0. BROWN. Witnesses:


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