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Publication numberUS989893 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 18, 1911
Filing dateDec 26, 1907
Priority dateDec 26, 1907
Publication numberUS 989893 A, US 989893A, US-A-989893, US989893 A, US989893A
InventorsThomas Brick
Original AssigneeThomas Brick
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Work-holder for machine-tools.
US 989893 A
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989 693. Patented Apr. 18, 911.

llii 9Q ,LL A ,LL

E- ii I: r I Q 7 SS I lnvenior' THOMAS BRICK, onnnw' i onic, n; Y.


' 989,893? jfir' fi w lefiarsilatwt Ia-tented Ap1a18. 1911..

Application filed December as, 19,07. Serial no. 40 ,213. I To all whom it may/concern porting bracket 1 is susceptible of a limited "Be it knownthat l', Trroams Baron, a angular adjustment in a vertical plane, and citizen of the United States, residing in the such adjustment may be effected by screws 4 borough of Queens, city ofNew York, in. which are threaded. through the foot of the theicpun ty of Queens "and State of New bracket 1 and are adapted to engage with the ork, have invented acertain new and usetop of the bed-plate 2.- To adjust .the

" ful Improvement in llork-Holders for Ma bracket 1 the retaining bolts 3 are loosened;


chine-Tools, of which the following is a then to tip the bracket forward the two rear specification, reference being had therein to screws 4 are turned down the desired or rethe accompanying drawings, forming part quired amount, after which the bolts 3 are again tightened. To tip the bracket 1 back- My invention relates to chucks or workward the forward screws 4 are turned down holders for machine tools, as for example, while the bolts 3 are loose. The tipping of for drill" presses, .planers, shapers, milling the supporting bracket ljtips the work and machines, and lathes. enables it tobe adjusted to proper position. The principal objects of my invention are Means are provided for firmly holding the cihciency and'convenience of operation and work orarticle to be, operated onxand for economy of time. shifting or adjusting such articleto any Other objects and advantageswill appear angle, or for completely reversing itvfrom top fromthe following description. to bottom; or in other words, the work may The practice heretofore in drill presses has be adjusted in a vertical plane, or on a subbeen to employ a work holder consisting 0f stantiallyhorizontal axis, to any portion of a simple clamp formed by a single lever of a complete circle or throughout three hunthe third kind or third class which was see dred and ixtydegrees This adjustment encnr dby a bolt directly to the. bed plate Of" ables holes to be drilled or other operation to the machine. This form of" clamp or work be performed in any direction or at any holder, besides being defective in other I'eangle upon the piece of work while the work spects, required that the work h uld e is still. securely clamped in the work holder. leased so that itcould be shifted or adjusted s h means o ri a, u -sha ed face for each di'ii'erent operation upon it. l t 5, Th work 6.(Fig, 1) is held bethe work or article operated upon to difierti ht d or d d g in t. th work by ent positions without "removing itfrom the lamp-bolts .8 provided with wing-nuts 9. work-holder. j The clamp-bolts 8 also serve to attach the 0 My-invention also includes means for se Chmps 7 t th fa l t 5 d pass th h curely holding work or articles ofvarious'or th 1 5 l t d are ur d by nuts 10. di fer n sizes. H a The front face of the uprightportion of Mv invention al o incl ar s f theLbracket 1- is provided as shown with an tures of' construction and combination of annular groove f i i g Rd fri My invention includes means for shifting chunpbars or .V b1 k 7 hi h are P as hereinafter described tionally engagingthe edge or rim of the cup- .I will now describe the means embodying shaped faceplate The face "plate is my invention which are illustrated in the acheld in position by a countersunk retaining companying drawings and will thereafter bolt 11 which passes'throughthe center of. I point out myinvention in the claim. the face plate and through the bracket 1 and Figure 1 is a median longitudinal vertical t d rearwardly f th i ht section. Fig. 52 is a front elevation. F gtion of the bracket, where it is provided with isa plan Vie\ Fig. 4: i l W slmllal a wing-nut or thumb-nut 12, and to prevent Fig. lof a slightly modified construc i the bolt 11 from rotating withthe nut 12 In the embodiment of my invention illusthe bolt is shown as provided with a squared trated in Figs. 1, 2 and 3 an L-shaped frame, portion where it passes through the bracket. or bracket 1 is secured to the bed-plate 2 of A coiledstiif thrust-spring 13 surrounds the the machine tool by bolts 3. In usual prac-- bolt 11 within the cup formed by the face ticethe bracket 1 is located as shown adja-f plate 5 and acts between the face plate and cent to and with its forward edge fins with the bracket, and this thrust-spring "serves 116 the edge of the bed-plate are provide a s'ufliseveral purposes or accomplishes a plurality cient clearance space forthe work. The supof functions. The mm of the face plate 5 Q ad et fits' closelyt in the g roove in the; bracket drilled arejdetermined in the usualnmiii and when the Ill tl-l2g is tightened up'the her-shy horizontally shifting the drill.

ifrictionof the rimtredge of the face plate ".hea dbut the angle of the drilled :holes is,

. v in the grooye preyents'anyslipping] froni p detern'iined and 'alsofdiiierent sides of. the 5.*sitlon'or'shifting out'oiplaceof thewo-rkl' piece-of'work iare brought, into operative desired to shiftiorchange the. .position, Ofgll'l 'position:t o'-be acted onby pos tionofthe'workjtlm nut'12 is-nnscrewed the IdIlllS,, by rot'artivelyadjustin the ace." or loo'sened;' LWhenfithe nut 12' is sufliciently plate as above'descr'ibed and there y adjustunscrewedtheisprin'g-lii willdislodge'ordis. .ingthe work. For. planers,'- shapersand v ;l;o 'eng"ageithe r1m-;ofthe'face plate-;from'the. jmilling machine's diflerent portions or-sides groove, permitting easy movement orad-- of article maybebrought into position to. fjlus'tment ofl th face plate 5,- a nd-consebeaeted on. withoutremoving or unc1amp-. 'quiently off the work .'.carri'e d-thereupon; to ing-;the;"work; jMylIWehtiml is used on a the'desired-angulfar position. .Thesp'ring'ld -lathe'inlsubstantially the'sa'me manner ason al 'sofproy-ides,sufficient friction. toretain the audrill'pres's and :holds *the work in station izoi'kin'the"adjustedpos tion until. the nut. farypositi-onto-beoperated on; j

12fca'n? tie-tightened to firmlysecure it thus. Ainoiigjthe kinds or classes'of work which 'Owing'to theffact 'th'at the '-face plate '5'. and gmayl be advantageously operated on by the' clamps}? overhang or extend-beyond the use'of my; invention are T and X ipe-con- 2'o-ledge of the bed-plate '2 plenty of clearance nectors-or pipeconneotions, of whichallofv sp'aceis proyidedtoturn-oriangularly shift' the flanges may-jbedrilledina 'drill-press. arge piecesofwork'while theworkishel'd with-one settingofithpiece ofjwork in the .b'y'the'clamps-L workhol der.-".,

Forwconvenienceginadjustingand read-' It is obv1ous ,th at'yariousrnodiiications "701 25 justing the Work thejfaceplate 5 is provided. may be made inthe constructionsshown and ' shownl (Fig. .3)" with a above art-icula ,ly described within the l sca le wliich isfadapted to coactwith an in princip 'e andfscope of myfinvention, as dejdeii jonthe upper part of the front face of finedin the tollowing claim. 1 i e-bracket(Fig, 2), For conveniently I."c1ai1n.:'

rotatin {Wei-Plate f r nt. posi-l a. A'work-liolder forimachine tools'con'iprlstions -0 angular" adjustment it is shown as-- 'in'gan'an'gl'e plate-1 provided with work provid'ed circumferentially with a-nu n'ber' holding*rneans-pivotally mounted at one of got holes intowhich a'tool maybe inserted. j ,.the sides of theangle-plate 'the angle plate Instead. of the bolt 11 and thetnut 12. "for being adaptedtoibe secured atits other side 80 drawing the face plate and the ,bracketto to a work' tabl 'eyand'al lurality ofadjustin'g- =1 jgether, other means-may be provided. For; screws threaded into his other side of the example, 3-b01t'14: provided With a slot in angle jp latein positionto engage the work.

'whichengag'es'a drawing-key'15, as.illustable up on'which; heangle plate ls secured trated in Fig. 4, may 'be employed. In and to space-the angle plat 40; other respects the construction shown in in angularpositio'rn Fig..' 4 is substantially the same as that In testimonywhereofl aflix my signature shown in the preceding figures and described in presence of two W tnesses. above. THOMAS BRICK. When niy invention is'ernployed on \Vitnesses': s 45 press the horizontal (or lateral, and forward WM. ASHLEY KELLY,

and back) positions or locationsof the holes WM. S. PBITCHARD.

e away therefrom 8'5

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