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Publication numberUS990077 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 18, 1911
Filing dateApr 19, 1910
Priority dateApr 19, 1910
Publication numberUS 990077 A, US 990077A, US-A-990077, US990077 A, US990077A
InventorsLeonard R Steel
Original AssigneeLeonard R Steel
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Ice-cream receptacle.
US 990077 A
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APPLIUATTON FILED APMM), 1910 Patented Apr. 18, 1911.

w W w attorney tit) LEONARD EE L, 01"' CLEVELAND, OHIO.


encart Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Apr. 1,8, 1.911.

.application tiled April 19, 1910. Serial No. 556,322.

conf-aimeeor while it; is beingr sold by the retailer.

The invention has tor one ot its objects,

to provide au extremely simple, inexpensiveI and practical device ot this character which requires a minimum quantity ot| ice to `keep the icc cream luird by reason ot' the casing); oi' the cfmtainer being1 provided with a vucuum chamber tamipletely surrounffiing the can.

notl'ter object ot' the invention is to im prove and simplify the construction of the various parts ot' the ice creamr can so that the sante can be readily kept Ln a sanitary condition, since the parts `are easily and quickly a vcmbled and disassembled.

`With Vthese objects in View, and others, as will. appear as the description j iroceeds, the invention comprises the various novel 'teatures ot' construction and arrangement ot' parts which will be more fully described hereinafter and set toi-th with partieularity in the claim appended hereto.

ln the accompanying drawing,` which illustrates one, emtmdiment of the inven` tion :mitigare 1 is an eltfwational View of the ice cream can shown complete for lshipment. Fig. 2 is a central vertical section thereof, with portions in elevation.

Similar reference characters are employed to designate correspontiling parts throughout the several views.

ileat'erring; to the drawing, A. dcsiifnates the casing' ot the device which is set into a protective crate B which may be of any tip-- proved trt'mstruetion and preferably made of metal slats l and bands 2, the crate having earryinw handles I3 on the top band. and also hzxving rbottom slatsfi ior holding theeasing in the crate. Y lViihin the easing, which may be cylindrical, square, or any other approved shape, is a corii'espoudingly shaped ice cream hohfler or sel C, made oi. glass, stone, china, or the like. This holder is reduced at its upper end to form a shoulder 5 on which rests the lla'tng'e t5 ot a metal cover 7, which has a handle tt thirrouutiingr the holder C is a metal protective cover or jacket l) which is madeot a sheet ot' metal. termed into a hollow Structure with the ends ot' the sheet riveted together at the joint 9. l)isposed in the bottom ot' the jacket, l) is a pel-4 'torated bottom plato 10 on which the holder or can C rests. Extending around the jacket is a reinforcing metallic band l1, .which raises the bottom plate a suitable distance to permit brine and vater to enter under the same, the band having' perlforations l2 through which the brine passes. The body of the jacket has numerous perforations 13 `through which the brine comes into imme diate contact with the holder C and thus insures quick results in freezing. The jacket has a cover 14 that is provided with a flange l5 that tits around the top ot the jacket and rests on a shoulder 1G extendingr around the latter, said cover having a handle 17. The jacket is of a less diameter than the ntei-nal diameter ot' the casing A so that a surrounding ice and brine space will be provided.

The casing,l A consists of inner and outer shells '18 and 19 which are spaced apart to form a dead-air space or vacuum space 2.0, which serves to prevent as much as possible the passage of heat to the ice and brine. The chamber Q0 is closed at the top ot the casing,r by a ring Q1 and the chambers close at the bottom byoa bottom plate 22. Sm rounding the outer shell at the bottom is a reinforcing band Q3 that protects the casini;r troni injury. The casing is 'formed with a l'alse bottom .24 spaced above the bottom plate to form a vacuum chamber .25 which communicates with the vacuumcham bor E2() through numerous perforations 26 in that portion of the inner shell disposed below the vfalse bottom Q4. In the bottom plate QQ is a nipple 27 that can be connected with an exhaust pnmp for removing air from the chambers and 25, and when exhausted, the nipple is closed by a cap or plug' Q8 which is soldered in place, and at'tcr being: once exhausted, the ease can be used indefinitely as a non-conductor ot heat. '1" permit the brine to be drained out of the ice space, a short drain pipe 29 extends through both shells et the casing adjacent the false bottom, and in order to provide an air-tight, joint around this pipe, a short tubel 30 is soldered to the shell ol. the easing' to permit the pipe to pass therethroutgh. lhe outer end o'f the pipe, is tln'eaded to re- Ceve a cap soppe B?. is secured to :l

Chain Bliastened ym the outer M3U of 'the casing, said casing being depl'QSsed 01' c0unersunk at 33 alow he cap and Chain t0 set into ehe @aging :md be ush with the en eor llsreof, so Haat the casing can be placed inw or removed from the emite Without the cap and chain formingmlnbstruction.

ln using the ice cream receptaclea the ice cream is packed in he hofer C and then cosd by the @over 7, the Cover 14. Cf'the jacket is than nseec'7 and the spa@ sul`- oundng the jacket led with ice and salt. This, ice, salt, and brine. wiY thus ,completey surround the 'ice cream 11916.91* and h@ oss 01"' cd will be pmi/'antw by the 'vauum conf ginng casing.

' '1 as :ma desirs fammi@ gaar Uf fh@ das@ descrbfed. mclu.- ing hdl :L Sheet metal pzo'tcv@ jckci surmmc'mg ibs hold@ and py/vided with dasey arranged peroaons, a. leinorcng bens surrounding; the botom of the jacket having peromtions, h@ bottom of" 'the j loket being set mvardy from das bottom A@ge of the, band o pemit brine i0 enel under the bottom of the jacket? u @over Aim* the holdex', and a cover for he jacke.

n tesamfmy Whfereof zx my Signatur@ in pesenee @f two Wit-www.


"Witnesses SHARES @mm-'gia Tzo'lxms F. 330ML

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