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Publication numberUS991246 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 2, 1911
Filing dateJun 3, 1910
Priority dateJun 3, 1910
Publication numberUS 991246 A, US 991246A, US-A-991246, US991246 A, US991246A
InventorsSimon O Rosenfeld
Original AssigneeSimon O Rosenfeld
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US 991246 A
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Patented Hay 2, 19114.

A @wuz/whiz, .Simon @.Rosqfgfzd W @da (e lio ySIMON 0. RosENFELD, or WEST iom'r,` MISSISSIPPI. p


To all whom it may concern. I

Be it known that I, SIMON O. ItosENFELD, a citizen of the United States, residing at West Point, in the county of Clay and State of Mississippi, have invented new and useful Improvements in Drinking-Cups, of which the following is a'v specification.

This invention relates to a drinkingl cup folded from paper so that it will be' flexible enough to fold .dat for convenience in carrying the cupin the pocket.

The invention has" for one of its objects to improve and simplify the construction of cups of this character so as to be comparatively easy and 'inexpensive toy manufacture, and so designed that it will be comparatively rigid when opened out and filled with water. l

Another object ofthe invention is to improve a cup of that type made from a single piece of paper and crimped into receptacle form, the improvements consisting of a reinforcing cord extending around the brim vof the cup and outwardly and downwardly folded tabs or ears which are glued to the crimped body of the cup to assist in stiffening and reinforcing the body and at the same' time hold the cord in` place, and, furthermore, the said ears cover the folds or crimps in the body ofthe cup so that there will be no danger of tasting glue which might ooz'e out of the crimps in the manufacture `of the cup.

With these objects in view and others, as. will appear as th'e description proceeds, the invention comprises the various novel features of construction and arrangement lof parts which will be more fully described hereinafter and particularly set forth in the claim appended hereto.

In the accompanying drawing, which illustrates one embodimentpf the invention, Figure l is' a perspective view of the cup with a portion of the brim broken away. Fig. 2 is a section vtaken horizontally through the body vof the cup. Fig. 3 is al plan view of the paper or ber blank from which .the cup is formed. Similar reference characters are employed to designate corresponding parts throughout the views.

The cu is preferably made of a blank formed o a single piece of paper or other fibrous material, as shown 1n Fig.' 3the said blank consisting of a circular or dish- Specification` of Letters Patent.

y Application led June 3, 1910. Serial 17o. 564,851.

Patented May 2, 1911..

shaped piece 1 which has a radius equal to one half the'bottom of the cup plus the height of the body thereof. This -piece of paper l` has outwardly-extending ears or tabs 2 which are disposed slightly obliquely to a radial line passin through each tab. The portion inclosed within the dotted circle 3 forms the bottom 4 of the cup, while the portion between the said dotted circle and the periphery of the blank constitutes the body of the cup, the saidvdotted circle representing the line on which Ythe body is bent or crimped into shape. This body p01'.-

tion 5 is shaped into a Haring or frustoconical form by any suitable die, and during this shaping, crimps or folds will be made on the lines V6 and 7, the lines 7 being continuations of the edges of the tabs or ears 2, while the lines 6 are disposed between each pair of converging lines 7 and pass between adjacent ears 2, the point of meeting between the lines 6 and 7 being adjacent the periphery of the bottom 4. When the cup is' formed from a blank in this manner, as. shown in Fig. 1b the crimps will be disposed slightly out of a vertical line, because the lines are disposed obliquely to radii of the blank, and the ears 2 will fold outwardly and downwardly so that the tabsv will cover the crimps at the brim of the cup. I n folding the blank, the portions thereof dlsposed between adjacent. converging lines' 7 will be covered with mucilage and folded into the cup so that the portions between the lines 6 and 7will adhere to each other and thus. form a grip extending the full height 'of the,v body of the cup and thereby materially stiften the same. Any mucilag'e that might ooze out from the crimp on to the outer surface of the body will be'covered by the ears 2 whichecover the cracks at the crimps. Before the ears 2 are folded down, a reinforcing band such as a cord 8 ,is applied to the brim of the cup at the; outside thereof to vprevent tearing, and thisVV band is held in place by the tabs being glued to .the outer surfacey of the cup body. A cup constructed in thi-s manner is extremely serviceable and, while itl can be folded into a small space for carrying in the pocket, it nevertheless 1s strong and durable.

Having thus described the invention, what I claim as new, is

vAlpaper cup'com risinga circular bottom, an .upwardly ared body, said body having folds or creases disposed obliquely to under the downwardly folded ears to l. a vertlcal line, ears integral with the brim strengthen the brim of the cup. of the body and disposedbetween-the folds, In testimon whereof I aix my signature saiddar's beinlg foldedhoutwardly :find dcwlnin presence o two witnesses. 5 war y and g ued to t e outer sur ace o t 1e body andv extending obliquely to the vertical SIMON O ROSENFELD' 'to cover the edges of the folds of the body, Witnesses:

and av cord extendn continuously around A S. R. DEAMs,

the body and concea ed and held in place W. F. LAGnoNE.

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Cooperative ClassificationB65D3/06