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Publication numberUS992084 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 9, 1911
Filing dateJun 30, 1909
Priority dateJun 30, 1909
Publication numberUS 992084 A, US 992084A, US-A-992084, US992084 A, US992084A
InventorsCharles W Trulock
Original AssigneeCharles W Trulock
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Incandescent-lamp lock.
US 992084 A
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Patented May 9, 1911.





Patented May 9, 1911-.

z SHEETS-SHEET 2b enemies W.'.TmrLooK,.foF Los ANGELES. oemFoRNr/i.

To all whom it .may concern.' I

Be it known that I, CHARLES' W'. TRULooK, a citizen of the United States, residingut Los Angeles, in the-county of Los Angeles and State of California, have invented certain new' and uset'ul Improvements' in- In- ,"c'andeseent-Lamp Locks',v of which the fol- 'lowing .is a specification.

' My invention relates to incandescent lamp loc.ks,`arnl hns for its object to provide menne to prev-ent; therernoval of an incandescentlomp from the lamp socket without. a proper key, thereby positively preventing partiesv from 'removing' the lamp and inserting :i larger one or connecting electric devices. such as heaters, cookers, curling irons, and the like with the lamp socket, hcn'ce'gu'arding against. the utilization Aof an excessive amount of electric current.

A further object otl the invention iS to provide a` combination plug and socket. inemher so constructed that the plug end tl. .rect

will tit into any standard screw .threaded lamp 'socket and the socket end receive any standzird'size and make of incandescent lamp having a screw threaded base.

A further object is to provide a removable plug socket so that a lamp may be connected tothe lamp socket proper if so desired.

A still further object is to provide a plug socket. having s wivel connectionjbetween the plug end thereof and the socket end, 'so that the socket. end will be free to revolve' with the lamp when the plug socket is locked .in position in the incandescent lamp socket A still further object is to provide a collar i or shell`whichis dapted'to conceal the plug 4socket and prevent its removal or the ref movalof the. incandescentl lamp without the use oa key.

"Vx ith these and other objects in view, the

` invention consists in thevv construction and i novelcomblnatlon and arrangement of; parts I 'am aware that various changessuch.

I 'as in the form, proportions, size and other minor details of construction herein shown4 and described as 'an embodiment ofmyinvention may be made without departing fromthe spirit or scope of the invention orsacricing- 'any of the advantages thereof,

a' .i ld therefore reserve the. righ-tto make InoAnmsenn'mangi/ir Loox.

Specification Letters Patent. c l limplication filed .Tune '30 1909. 'Serial 110.505,15?.

Vthe vlamp socket.

Patented any such cli-anges as scope of the same.

i' ,NTED VSTMES-4 en'rnnr on-non..

May 9,1911'.

fnl-1y fan sions the I vReferring to the accompanyingv drawings forming :i port of this'gspecication wherein like' characters 'of reference denote similar parts throughout the several v1'ews':,lf`igl ire l, isnn assembled view of the 'parts involved in t-he operation of my invention, the plug socket and collar being shown in longitud1-- nel section, while the standard Screw threaded lamp socket is-sh'own only part-ly in sec! tion. Fig. 25, is a, longitudinal section ofthe combined swivel plug socket. Fig. 3, is-a detail showing the location of' the means tor holding the socket of the swivel adapter sta tionary tor removing the lamp therefrom. Fig. 4, a. view' in cross-sectlon taken on line Z-Z of Fig. 3. Fig. l5,V is a view -in cross-section taken on line X--X et Fig. 3. Fig.6,is :i view of the key employedtor ref leasing the lamp from the socketot' the plug' lower. end of the dog for locking the plug socket in the standard screw threaded lamp socket. und the key hole-s in the collar und plug,r socket. Fig. ll, is a view in cross-secthe exception that the key is shown as havingreleased the dog from connection with the standard screw threaded lamp socket.

. Fig. 1Q, is a perspective view of the locking y dog. Fig. 13, is a view'of the keyfor releasing'the locking dog from engagement .with

will now fully describe the preferred forni of my invention, 'and in carryin out v.the nim thereof ,I-have illustrated in Fig. l, f o the drawings .an ordinary standard-lamp switch socket 1, having the usual screw threaded socket or lamp' receiving' shell 2 into whichthe plug end 3 of the swivel plug socket Afis adapted to enter. The swivel plug socket A it will be observed consists of th'e' plug 3 having its' upper portion'screw' threadedas at/l. yThe plug 3 is provided with theusual .center conteoL terminal' 5 ada'ptedlo engage in:

l tact 'button or terminal 6 in the receiving shell or socket 2, as clearly .shown in Fig. 1.

' ton or terminal 9 adapted to engage the contact button or terminal at the'npper end of 'the .incandescent lamp 11, as clearly shown 1n Fig. 1. This contact button or terminal 9, it will be observed passes -upv wardly through the insulated head 120i the Screwthreaded shell pr socket 7 and is pro` Vvided with `a pocket 13, which pocket is adapted to receive the headed end 1410i the stem which extends downwardly -rom the contact button or terminal -atr the upper end of the screw threaded plug 3. By this arrangement it will belrea'dily seen that l provide a swivel connection between screw threaded plug3 and screw threaded socket 7, which enables the screw threaded socket 7 to freely turn or revolve should anyone endeavor to remove the lamp 11 -therefrom without first holding the socket stationary.

The means for holding the screw threaded socket 7 stationary will be fully described hereinafter.

Inorder to conceal the swivel plug socket and prevent the removal-of lamps wit-hout a proper key, I employ a collaror shell 16,

which collar is provided with the upper bead 17 and the lower bead 18 `The upper portion of the collar is also provided with a plurality of snaps 18 which are concaved after being slit on op osite sides as at 19. These snaps 18 it wil be observed, snap over the bead 20 of the standard lamp socket jso that it'brings the bead 17 of the collar 16 in-engagement with lthe lower face of bead 20 to prevent the collar 16 from working up any higher on the soeket11. Secured to the collar upon the inside thereof adjacent the lug 21 of the screw threaded swivel socket 7, when the parts are 'assembled as shown .in Fig. 1, by means f suitable fastening means 22 is a spring member 23, which is provided at its free end with a liber lug 24; as clearly shown in Fi s.'3, 4, and 5. This member 23 is made o spring brass or other suitable material and is avdapted to' lay close enough to the collar when the parts are assembled so as not to allow the lugs 21 to engage the fiber lug 24, should anyone turn the lamp in .trying .to remov'e it. By this arrangement it will be readily seen that thescrew threaded socket 7 vand lamp 11 are free to turn und still, the lamp cannot be removed without first insertingthe key 25 into .the key hole 26 which is pertlyin `the collar and artly in the swivel member 27;, after the rey 25 hasbeen inserted in the kep hole 26, itis turned to the .right and the ip 26 engages the buck of the spring member near it free'end thereof and fol-Ces vand holds the fiber lug 2l in engagement with the outer face of the screwthreaded socket 7. After this has been done the` lamp is turned until one of the llugs 21 strikes and engages the liber lug 24 of spring member 23 which holds the screw threaded socket 7 sta'tionar and allows the lamp 11 'to be easily'relnove The screw threaded socket 7 it will be understood must be held stationary when either removing a lamp or inserting one, otherwise the lamp cannot be removed or inserted owing to the turning of the screwithreaded socket 7 at th'e swivel joint. The lower end of the collar 1G is provided with an insulated ring 27 ofha'rd material which'prevents the lock from being picked or otherwise tampered with from the lower end. It will be observed that the collar 16 cannot be removed until after the lamp 11 has been detached from the screw threaded socket 7. nor can the swivel plug socketbe removed from the lamp socket until the collar is removed.

Referring to the nm'dication of my invention shown in Figs. 7 to 13 inclusive, the reference 'character 28 designates an ordinary standard lamp switch socket, having `the usual threaded socket or lamp receiving shell 29,-which is provided with the usual cutaway portion 30, and into which socket the upper end'31 of the removal plug socket B is adapted to enter.` The removable plug socket, it will beobscrved consists of the plug portion 31, which is provided with the screw threads 32. The-upper end-of this screw threaded plug `31 is provia'ded-with the usual center Contact button or terminal 33 adapted to engage with the contact button or terminal 34 in the receiving shell 29. Secured to the lower` end of the screw threaded plug 31 or integral therewith is a shell which isadapted to .receive the lscrew threaded lamp receiving shell Vor'socket 3G. The upper'end-of :this screw threaded shell or socket 35is also 'provided lwith a Contact button or terminal 37, adapted to engage the 'contact button or terminal 38 at the upper end of the screw threaded lbase portion of the incandescent damp 39, as clearly .shown in Fig. 7 `It will be observed that the contact but-tons or terminals 33 and 37 are connected by means of the wire member 40. ,The screw -threaded plug 81 is provided upon the' inside near the head thereof, with an insulated wall 41, having an opening 42 through which the wire member 40 is adapted to pass.' To this wall 4l is pivotally connected by means of a pin 43, a dog`membcr'44 having a nose 45 Vand the downwardly extending arm or stem 46. This nose 45 it will be observed from Fig. i) is adapted to pass throughthe slotted opcning47 in the wall of the screw threadedplug 31 and the opening orcutaway'portion 30 in the wall or the receiving shell 29. The

` aaaoea spring wire member curled around the arm or stem 46. of the dog 15 .'45 of the dog .30, as clearly v screw threaded plu-g 3l of the vao 'hereinafter more 4 with the insulated' 44 and the remainder thereof inA engagement with the inner face of the scri 'w threaded plug 31,holds the nose of thedog in this po-l sition until it isz-changed by means of the key 49 having therv V the alined key hole openings 52 inthe collar Fig. '10, it will be observed that the -V-'shaped end of the -key 49 engages two faces of the arm 'or stem 46, as shown in Fig. ll. As this b key is forced inward, it'withdraws the nose 44 from the openings 47 and shownin Fig. 1l.

When the dog 44 isin its locked position as shown in Fig. Y,'-theone edge of the nose 4 5.`it will. .be observed isadapted to engage theedge v53 of the receiving-'shell 29thereby preventing the removal of lthe plug socket Bzfr'om the receiving shell 29 without thefu'se d 'of'the key ,25 l

guide 54, as clearly Figs. 9, 10 'and 11 to provide a guide fort'he key 49.

a spring wire member 54 so formed as to provide a pair of oppositely .disposed depending arms 5v5 having their is provided with ends 'bent inwardly toward each other as at r56 and preferably tapered-'so as toprovide a pointed end. These ed to-.pass through openings 57 inthe 36 when-the collar 58, which is provided bent ends 56 are adaptthe extremities of theends 56 are adapted vto force themselves int'othe soft metal of the screw threaded base socket B. ".Then the, key :the key holes 52 and the havingto holdit in thisv position by means ofthe lingers. .When this hasbeen done the op-v 4crater screws the threaded `plug portion 3'1 oi the plug socket B into the receiving shell or socket 29 of the switch socket 28; theoperator then releases and withdrawsv thev key which allows the dog 44 to resume the position shown in Fig. 9', which in position and prevents the removal ofthe plug socket B without againinserting the (ey v49. 7

`48 which has one end y l shaped end 50 andthe ashoulder 5l; By -insertingthis key49 into fully described and the screw threaded plug '31, as 'clear-ly shown in '49.1 The' 'screw threaded plug 3l b is 'providedwith the the oppositely disposedwall of t-heshells 3 5 and l shell '59 is slid down'over the lower end 35 of the plug s'ocketB and -40 has been released from parts of'my modilocks the same.

When` it is desired to vremove the lampv 39 for any cause, the key 49 is inserted, the dog released from the cured from the shell'and the collar removed fromv the plug socket, 'which allows the 4arms vfromthe shell orl socket 29.

YWliatl' claim" is:-

a' swivel plug socket consisting 'of a plug memberandv a socket member each having a central terminal, 'lugs carried `by saidsocket I member, said plug member beingadapted to e connected with a-lamp socket, an incandescentlamp adapted to be connected with adapted'to concealsaid adapter, and means carried by said by `akey to engage one of said lugs to hold connection. with v2.( In combination 'with a screw threaded incandescentlamp socket, a combined. plu@ plu member, adapted sai lamp `soclneaa' screw threaded socket member rotatably carriedwithin' said plug i socket. comprising a hollow screyv threads tol be. connectedV with I lamp, 'a `collar removably connected with said lamp socket and socket, and means for holding said rotatable socket member stationary forl removing the amp therefrom. .v 3. A plugsocket member hollowscrew threaded plug member having acentral terminal, and 'a screw` threaded socket-member rotatably carried Within said adapted `of an incandescent lamp.

4. T A incandescent lamp socket, aplug socket consistinbf of Vtwo screw threaded shellsV one rotatabble withinV the other, .one of whichis adapted 'toA receive a screw threaded incan-4 descent lamp, lamp socket and c on'cealinv said sleeve 'having a key hed of a .key to engage and hold said rotatable said plug socket-,

mg or disconnecting a lainptherewith. and socket 5.A combination elec'rio' plu comprising a screw threaded p ug member .having a central terminal, threaded socket member.having acentral terminal, said socket .member concealed within said screw threaded member and rotatably carriedl thereby.

A plugsocket comprisin ai hollow cylindrical screw threaded p hlg plus having acentral'terminal at its upper end, a eylind'w "al screw threaded socket member l. An.incandescent lamp lockcomprising.

inclosing said ,plug

comprising a plug member having a central terminal to receive. the screw threaded base' `shell stationary for the purpose of connect-j 'and a -screw being partly shell' 29, the plug unsea to spring outward and the lamp 39 removed so said socketmember', -a collar having connecl y with said lamp socket andcollar adapted to beactuated l se saidsocket member stationary to enablethe' or removal of theincan vesc'ent lamp socket from said socket'memp member' adapted to carry an incandescent e combination with a screw threaded" `lll@ a sleeve-conneetedwith said e for the insertion member lso having a central terminal at its upper end carried partly within said cylindrical screw threaded plug member, and means for connecting said plug member and said socket member so as to leaveeach member free to be rotated independent ofthe other.

7. The combination of a hollow screw threaded plug member having a central ter-A minal, a hollow screw threaded socket member having a central terminal, the upper end of which is concealed in said hollow screw member connecting with said central terminals, a sleeve removably connected with said incandescent lamp socket for concealing said plug member and said socket member, and a spring larm secured to the inner face of said sleeve, said spring arm being actuated by means of a key so as to cause said i spring arm to engage Said socket member and hold the same stationary to enable the removal of an incandescent lamp therefrom.-

9. In combination with an incandescent lamp socket, of an incandescent lamp lock comprising a screw threaded plug member having a central terminal adapted to lit into the receiving shell of said incandescent lamp socket, a screw threaded socket -mem ber having a central terminal rotatably car? ried by means of said screw threaded plug member and adapted to receive the screw threaded base of an incandescent lamp, a one piece open ended cylindrical sleeve removably connected with said incandescent lamp socket adapted to inclose'said screw' threaded plug and said screw threaded socket, and means adapted to be actuated by means of a key for holding said rotatably screw threaded socket member stationary for the purpose of inserting or removing an incandescent lamp therefrom.

10.' In combination with a screw threaded incandescent lamp socket, of an incandescent lamp lock comprising a plug socket consisting of a screw threaded plug member having a central terminal, a screw threaded socket member having a central terminal car.- ried partly within said plug member adapted to receive the screw threaded base of an incandescent lamp, a swivel lconnection between said central terminals to allow the socket member to rotate independent of the plug member, a onc piece cylindrical sleeve removably connected with said incandescent lamp socket having a swivel key-hole, and a iiber ring connected with the lower end of said cylindrical sleeve.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto signed my name to the specification, in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.


V'Vitnesses: I i


Copies of this patent may be obtained for ve cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of Patents.

Washington, D. C. i

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