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Publication numberUS992557 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 16, 1911
Filing dateMar 17, 1910
Priority dateMar 17, 1910
Publication numberUS 992557 A, US 992557A, US-A-992557, US992557 A, US992557A
InventorsHarry Warren Hargis
Original AssigneeHarry Warren Hargis
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US 992557 A
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11. W. HARGIS.



Patented May 16, 191 1.



Audotov's Strip Charlol An'm LOCAL s1 NGLE rmwncnn Auditors Strip I ONE FIRST cuss m ssnce Chaflaite, N (1., mMmroe N. C. ulh Good only leaving Jfirh'qg paini'onddeof Sale- LOCAL SINGLE TRIPVTICKET ONE FIRSTLLASS PASSAGE Goad Oniq leaving Siding llv'ntuvdfi cf Jcl M602: Strip.

[N VEN TOR Home THE mamas PETERS c0., WASHINGTON, o. c.



Patented May 16, 1911.



To all whom it may concern:



Specification of Letters Patent. Patented Miay 16, 1911.

Application filed March 17, 1910. Serial No. 550,030.

Be it known that I, HARRY W. HARGIS, a citizen of the United States, residing at Monroe, in the county of Union and State of North Carolina, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Tickets, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to improvements in tickets, and the object of myinvention is the provision of a ticket especially adapted for use in connection with my improved ticket cutter described in my co-pending application of even date, the object of the inven-' tion being further to provide an improved ticket printed on a roll which will permit of the very rapid auditing of the agents accounts at any time and will prevent the agent from helping himself to tickets. without at that time paying for them or making himself directly liable for the payment therefor and which will provide an extremely satisfactory method of checking up the accounts where two or more shifts of agents are employed, making it possible to determine exactly who sells any certain ticket, all this being done not at a sacrifice of speed in selling the tickets, but by the use of my improved cutter, at a more rapid rate than is now possible.

To attain the desired objects, my inven tion consists in a ticket embodying novel features of construction and combination and arrangement of parts for service substantially as described and as illustrated in the accompanying drawings.

Figure 1 represents a perspective view of a roll of tickets as furnished to the agent. Fig. 2 represents a plan view of the passengers coupon detached,and, Fig. 3 represents a fragmentary plan view of the lower portion of my ticket. Fig. 4: is a view of a round trip ticket.

In the drawings, in which similar characters of reference denote corresponding parts in the several views, the letter A designates the roll upon which my t ckets are wound, said roll having an opening B to receive the axle of my cutter. Wound on the roll is my improved ticket shown best in Fig. 3, said ticket consisting of the auditors strip C and the series of passenger coupons D bearing consecutive numbers, sa1d two portions C and D being integrally formed and the portion of the auditors strip opposite each coupon bearing the designation and starting point of and the same number as the ticket, while the auditors strip is provided at the lower end with an extension E adapted to project from the cutter when the first ticket is in position to be cut and serving to draw the ticket into position for cutting the second coupon therefrom.

In practice, I prefer to mount the strip of tickets upon a roll A as shown in Fig. l, and after the number of the tickets has been taken, I pass around said roll of tickets a cord or like connection F and seal the ends thereof and secure it upon the roll by a seal G, as shown in Fig. 1. A great advantage is gained by this structure and arrangement, in that it renders it impossible for the agent or other person who may have access to the tickets to unroll the same and clip off the last ticket and then roll the same up again, thinking in this manner to for a time at least escape detection of the theft or else to claim a deficiency in the number of tickets when this ones position is reached. This method of sealing the rolls of tickets is also of great advantage in auditing the accounts of the agent, inasmuch as it is necessary merely to' examine the seal to see if it is in good shape and untampered with and count the number of rolls which the agent has instead of rendering it necessary to 6X amine each roll to see if it is perfect as is otherwise necessary.

I am aware that it is old to provide a ticket embodying a passenger coupon and a portion .to be turned in to the auditor and I therefore do not desire to protect that idea in my patent, but the use of this ticket has heretofore been restricted to single tickets, and it requires considerable time to prepare and give out these tickets, since it is necessary to both tear the two portions apart and stamp them to indicate the time of sale, while with my improved ticket but one operation of stamping is necessary that of stamping the ticket, as the coupon remains in the strip and can be attended to at leisure. In using my ticket, at the end of the agents shift, to keep account of the tickets sold by him during the day, he may either tear ofl the auditors coupon and send in the same or leave it intact until the entire ticket roll is exhausted, but in either case, to prevent any suspicion from being held against the wrong person in the case of one of two agents being dishonest and to provide a certain check at all times, I provide on the auditors strip opposite each coupon a pair of lines I-I adapted to receive the agents signatures, when changing agents, the agent who is leaving placing his signature on the upper line of the portion of the strip opposite the last coupon sold while the other agent places his signature thereunder as a certificate of the correctness thereof, the signatures being placed in reverse position on the strip portion of the lowest complete ticket on the roll.

From the foregoing description taken in connection with the drawings, the construction and method of using my ticket will be readily understood and its advantages be fully appreciated, and it will be seen that I provide a ticket which will expedite both the selling of the tickets and the checking over of accounts, which will absolutely prevent fraud in the sale of the tickets, which will show definitely and without chance of error who is responsible for the sale of any certain ticket, and which will prevent the undetected theft of tickets from the roll.

In the modified form of my ticket best shown in Figlinstead of asingle trip ticket I provide a round trip ticket, said ticket being made of double the width of a single trip ticket and having an auditors strip on each side and being adapted to be folded along its middle to cause the auditors strips to correspond and the ticket to present the appearance of a single ticket, when out the two auditors strips remaining while the doubled round trip ticket is received by the passenger and later divided by the conductor, thus providing a quickly sold round trip ticket with an auditors strip for checking up each portion thereof.

I claim:

1. A ticket roll, comprising a core, a strip wound thereon bearing configurations for indicating the tickets and the lines upon which the roll is to be cut to separate the individual tickets therefrom, a blank tab formed on one end of the strip, a cord passing around the roll, and a seal carried by the tab and securing the endsof the cord to prcvent alteration of the roll.

2. A ticket roll comprising a core, a strip wound thereon bearing configurations arranged 'in parallel relation to provide a passenger ticket and an auditing ticket, a blank tab at the free end of the strip, means connected to said roll for securing the roll, and a seal engaging the securing means to prevent alteration of the roll.

In testimony whereof I afliX my signature, in presence of two witnesses.



Copies of this patent may be obtained for five cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of Patents. Washington, I). G.

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