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Publication numberUS992640 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 16, 1911
Filing dateMay 25, 1910
Priority dateMay 25, 1910
Publication numberUS 992640 A, US 992640A, US-A-992640, US992640 A, US992640A
InventorsKenneth Miston Byron
Original AssigneeKenneth Miston Byron
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Type-writer cabinet.
US 992640 A
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Patented May 16, 1911.





Patented May 16, 1911.

2 SHEBTSSHEET 2 WITNESSES: $2614 To all whom it my concern lie it known'that I, K NNETH M. BYnoii, a c tizen of the Dominion of Canada, and a, resident of San Jose, in the county of Santa Clara and State ofCalifornia, have invented a new and Improved Type-VVriter Cabinet,

. of which the following is a full, clear, and

.- a support provided within. reniovable'table' 'furnit'ure, adapted for the use ographers and typewriters.

exact description. v a

The invention relates to typewriter cabinets, and has for an object to provide acabinet of the class described'and adapted to partially fold, to protect the interior of the cabinet from anv dust and the like when the cabinet is not in use.

For the purpose mentioned use is made of having receptacles and shelves, withiparts of the table hinged to fold one part upon an-'' other, so that the interior of the cabinet will be protected from any dust and the cabinet will present a neat and compact article of of sten- Reference isto be had to'the accompany? ing drawings constituting a part the vies-s, and in which- Fi nre 1 is a perspective View ofrny cabinet in open position; Fig. 2 is a partial side view of the same, partly open; Fig, 3 is a sectional view. taken on the line 3-3.', in Fig.- l': l ig. 4. is a sectional view, taken on theline =l l in Fig. l, and Fig.'5-isxa sec tional view of my cnbinehshowing the same in closedposit-ion. the section being through the right hand side of Fig. 1.

iet'erring more particularly to the various views, I employ a support 10, consisting ofuprights l1 and across piece 12, and removably mounted on the support is a table 13.; The table 13 consists of a bottom board 14,

- having side boards 15 and a cover 16 hingedly mounted on back boards 17 and pro-,

vided with a soft, foldable dust-proofinaterial 18, secured to the cover 15 and the bot tom board 14, to prevent any dust from entering the cabinets-t the rear, when the same 'is closed, Secured to the cover 16 are ver- 'tically extending pi geon holes or receptacles 19, and a copy holder 20 is mounted centrally on the cover 16, as mav easily, be'seen I l in Fig. 1, The Sideboards-15 have'hingedly thereto, outw of this specification, 111 which snnilar characters. of" reterence denote corresponding parts 1n all,v

I v I ardlyextending'rest-s =o1y-shelves1'2l, and adjacent to and secured iaeaaajisy' ie, 1 911:

to. one otthefside boards is a series of angularlydis'posedpigeon holes or receptacles 22.

Adjacent the-other; side board 15 is an open 'box orcont ainer 23, adapted to contain large sheets of paper or. the like. A drop board or, shelf 24 ishingedly mounted on the bottom board 14, and connected with the side boards by "chains 24, Beneath thefbottom board and slidablyfmounted'on the under side of .thefsarne tare draWers25, and a, space 26 is provided on, the bottom board 14, intermedi-- ate'the sideboardsl5,1for thereception of a typewriting machine. or like instrument.

' When the cabinet is open it appears as :shownin IQigill. "Toiclose the, cabinet" the shelves; 21-2 are" folded over -to, "(cover the pigeon holes 22 andthe container or receptacfle,:23; ithe-flshelf on .drop [moved to failve'rtical' position; and-the holder board24 is then 20 is .releasedf byi disengaging' the rod 27 from the? bracket 28 and the cover 16' is moved 'downivardlyj-toa horizontal position thus entirely. inclosingfthe'cabinet,; as will =,be seen infFigQ- -"5Z". Brackets 29 are secured to the 'sideslo to' support the shelves 21, and

a lock 30 isprovided, to secure. the cover 16.

'Byv employing, the 'foldable" material 18 at dust-proofjoint' is provided for the rear of the .cabi net',;-an l the said material const1-1 tutes a convenient-cushion for the'cover 16 when .the same is in a vertical position. =Although forthe purposeof describing my invention I have shown a particular construction, it will be -understood that the scope of my invention is defined. in the appended Having thus 'describe'd 1ny.-1nvent on,- I

Patent: I v

A typewriter cabinet, comprisin a stand, a table disposed on the stand, back oards on p the table atthe end'portions thereof, a cover hingedly secured ti) said back boards,'a foldiahle'dust-p'roofi materialsecured to the table and cover and adaptedto fold therebet-ween, a series of receptacles 1n the cover, receptaboardsxeonnected with the said back boards, 1 a centrallspace being provided on the table between the said inner side boards, shelves .claim asnew ands-desire to secure by Letters cles mounted-j onthe table at-each end" po'rftion thereof and having'outer and mner SlClG' him edly mounted on the outer side boards of the receptacles and constituting coversfor said receptacles, a copy holder secured to the cover, and a drop board mounted to 5 swing on the front of the table and adapted to engage the cover to constitute a closure for said table.

In testimon name to this s two subscribing witnesses. V



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