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Publication numberUS992756 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 23, 1911
Filing dateFeb 13, 1911
Priority dateFeb 13, 1911
Publication numberUS 992756 A, US 992756A, US-A-992756, US992756 A, US992756A
InventorsWilliam H Cross
Original AssigneeWilliam H Cross
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US 992756 A
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w. H. cRoss, v LAMP BRACKET. APPLIOATION FILED FEBlS, 19 11. 992,756. Patented may 23,1911..

a sums-skim' '1'.

w. H. GROSS.


lmtmmea Mayl 23, i911 2 SHEETS-SHEET 5 wvcutoz t I mmm'.iapass a :citizeniof the-United States, residing at Stateof: Ohio,` have invented "certain -new and useful `Improvements in Lamp-Brackv ets; and Indo "declare the following to be.


a full, clear, and 'exact descriptionof the invention; Vsuoli as will Aei i'ab.le.,othe'rs' skilled in the art towhich 'it appertains to make and .use tlie'sanie, reference vbein-g .had

. to the accompanying drawings, .land to the letters and' figures' of reference'f` .vmarkedf tliereon,- which form a fpart' oftliisf specilication.

' This'invention relatestouabracket for-use.

about machinesl such as lathes`,' 's'cr'e-wy and milling -machines etc.- 1' The usefulness ofthe .bracket is .notcon- -fined alone 'to machineshops, but in'dental oiiices'- and for performing surgical ope ra tions it is equally serviceable'asa means for directing the rays of -articial lighton any of thenui'nerous angles to which the bracket may' be adjusted. .In machine Work it is .often -necessary :to throwthe rays of light bracket capable of `support-ing a 'lamp at in directions impossible withthel usual lamp supports. 'Itis therefore the object ofthis invention to provide an adjustable lampLsu'pporting any position within numerous. circles, some lying .at right angles'l to'each other andothers parallel to each other."

' In the l"accompanying .drawingsgFigu-re isa side elevation .of-1ny;fimproved'lamp bracket, the dottedflines showing l@time of the positions of'adjustment;.l Eiggfisi an edge elevation looking at a right-angle to Fig.' l with the lamp removed; 1`F1`g.f '3--is a side elev'ation'showingithe bracket extended Fig. .6 is adetached yiejjv. .o f.1on e of the swivel link connections; and 'Fig f-is a sec tionalelevationof the base.'

f i similar reference characters indicatecorresponding-fparts in both 'the'. description -and drawings.. 'A

' The base :member lfmayserveasa stand.

hito' support the arm members-constituting `bert 4Q is a'suita'bl'el frictionpi'ece 7 v consist ing of a leather -washerfheldinpositiobyi position with a cirele als 22a 'F112 or said base memberjjma'y be'morefpermae nently secured in 4its po'sitionby. .afclanip'Q which is instrumental inrigid1y uniting tliej A vlamp bracket `to' a1 fwork; bench 31 or other f' place'wh'ere .'it.- is d'siredi to use the lamp. 1;

similarly lying'pivots 5 'an`d 6.11In'closed tween the lower angle of said ys wi'v'el mein the apertured screw wliich v'forinsff ythey ,ti-'- cal .pivot f5 .upon r whichV the lower swivel member 4'. turns. The electric conductor or 'wireB passes through fthe opening in the pivot 5 to the lamp 9. The plane. of the' `movement .of the swivelmeinber 4 'is horif zontal to any position lwithin a completel circlef 10.designa'tes a second'swivel mem-- ber so formed'tobring the pivot vapertures thereinat right angles to eachother.' One" of these'ap'e'rtures receives. the pivot 6, thus uniting thetw'o'swivel members4 and 10.

Incl'osed-between the two yadjacent faces of `Mounted upon this basev member 1 ."isthejI first. swivel member t V consistin'gof twopart's; .lying at right` angles "and provi'dedfwitli the piv'oted .aparts of tliese two 'members is a 'le ther friction washer 1l .similar' in all respects to. the washer "7 anclactingto pro- .ducela 'sufficientv force to maintain theswivel .member 10=in- .anyjposi'tion within practically a 'halcircle to which it. v.may ,bef Vadjusted. -Thefnpper 'portion' of this. swivel .member 10 lies horizontally1 .to vbring the- #pivot- 12 thereof vertically to receive the apertured endof'an armor extensionhlink 13 v vBetween the adjacent-parts atV the pivot 12'is placed 'a leath'ergf-friction washer `14.

similar' to the -otlierg'washers mentioned. The vextension t link 1 3' may The' moved honi-'- zontally .o'n the pivot 1240 any position Within a circle. The saidlink '13 is formed to receive at its outer end a horizontalv pivot 15- which connects an-.extension arm Orl-ink 1 6 with a 4leather friction. washen 17 interposed between the pivoted ends. This eX tension link'l sii'pports 'a1furtlier' duplex. swivelmemberlS- vsimilar 'in substantial respects 4tofthe swvel'memben 10, 'andipro-V vid-ing' two `zqie'rtn'resff;for ,horizoirital 'and vertical 'pivotsf19 and-20 jwliicli provide for` the connection. of an e'it sionlin'k QIwhiCli is movable 'on' `the verti vleather friction Washerj-QQ -isinclosed be-.

tween the adjacent .pai 'ts' c f l pivot 20.. The" scribed, and-the bracket extended without inthe least chan 'ng the functions or mode A of operation of t e bracket.

e It has been attempted, in the drawings, to show the multitude of. positions to which the lamp may be adjusted, but itis impossible within the scopeof a drawing to illustrate the eat` many ydiiferent angles at which the llght may be placed. In machine workjit` is often-desirable in 'certain classes of work,- to have therays of' lightthrown from a variety of points, with this universal bracket such is possible. The light ma r be thrown from above the machine or om below it. It meets all the requirements of machine sho work,' or any other work.

The lamp 9 1s held at the extreme end of the'top extension link 21 by a suitable clamp 24 whlch is tightened by a screw 25. l

pivoted to each other "and to the swivel member 10, aduplex swivel member 18-piv oted to Athe Aupper end ofthe extension link .16, and a lamp-supporting link- 21 ivoted to the duplexswivel member 18, t e 'Pivotal connections between said duplex swivel 18 and the extension links 16 and 21v being vertical and horizontal, i, substantially as specified.- l

In testimony whereof I aiX my ture, in presence of two witnesses.


signa Witnesses: y



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