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Publication numberUS993006 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 23, 1911
Filing dateAug 11, 1910
Priority dateAug 11, 1910
Publication numberUS 993006 A, US 993006A, US-A-993006, US993006 A, US993006A
InventorsHenry Weinstein
Original AssigneeHenry Weinstein
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US 993006 A
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Patented May 23, 1911.



Specification of Letters Patent.

Application tiled August 11, 1910. Serial No. 576,643.

Patented May 23, 1911.

and more particularly to such implements constructed for useas a tooth brush.

The object of my invention is to provide a i fountain brush having a hollow handle, with means within the handle to progressively compress a collapsible tube of dentifrice, from its rear to its front or discharge end, to feed the contents thereof to the brush when and inquantity required.

,With this end in view, the invention consists in a casing forming a handle and provided interiorly wlth a removable frame comprising parallel screw shafts journaled at their ends in front and rear heads, said front head carrying .a brush, a spring pressed lever carrying at one end a-gate or shut 0E, and a delivery tube, said lever and its ad-` juncts being operated by a cam secured to one of the screw shafts. y

The invention will be described in detail in the following specification and claimed in the closing paragraphs.

In the accompanylng drawing: Figure l is a longitudinal section of a tooth brush embodying my invention. Fig. 2 is a similar section taken in a plane perpendicular to that shown in Fig. 1. Fig. 3 is an end elevation, looking toward the front or brush end. Fig. 4 is a section taken on line 4-4 of Fig. 2.

The parts or elements of the device are ,marked with identical reference characters in the several figures.

The-handle 1 is of metal, and may be of the form shown, or'cylindricah and within it is a frame consisting of front and rear heads 2 and 3 connected by parallel screw shafts 4 and 5 which are journaled in said heads, and fitted at one end with pinions GV and 7 which mesh with a gear wheel 8 secured to a stub-shaft 9 that rojects beyond' the end of the handle, when t e parts are assembled, and isprovided'with a detachable thumb wheel 10,-by which the screws may be rotated, through the gears. A. cross-head i, `11 threaded to engage the respective screwshafts carries a shdable compressor consisting of concavo-convex plates 12 and 13, connected at their outer edges at 14. Thetforward ends of these plates are split and curved outward to form fingers 12l and 13 adapted to readily ride upon andcompress between them an ordinary tube of dentifrice.

The screw-shaft 4 extends beyond'the head 2 and has secured thereto a cam lwhich is adapted to actuate a spring pressed lever 16 fulcrumed on said. head. `The free endof the lever is provided with a shut-ofi' or gate 17 carrying at one side a discharge tube 18 bearing such relation to the vent opening 2% in head 2 as to register therewith when the spring pressed end of lever 16 is not within the notches ofv the cam 15. lll/'lien the end of said lever is within one or theothernotches of the cam, the tube 18 will be moved downward until its outer end is covered bythe tooth brush, and the gate will close the open ing 2 in head 2, as best shown in Figs. 1 and 3.

The brush 19 has ashank 20, which is firmly and detachably secured to head 2, and, in the .instance shown, is provided on the edges of its head with-grooves 21 to receive the fianges of Ia slip cover 22 to be used when the brush is not in use.

In operation, the thumb-piece 10 will' be.

may be inserted within the compressor, the

discharge nozzle thereof being inserted in the Iaperture 2L of head 2. When the parts are' restoredto the position shown in the drawings, but with the tube of dentifrice contained therein, it will be seen that by rotating the thumb-piece 10 the screw-shafts 4- and 5 will cause the compressor to travel toward the head 2, at the same time causing (through cam 15 and lever 16) the gate 17 to be moved away from the head vent 2l and the discharge tube 18 to'be moved in re ister therewith, and above the tops of the brlstles of the brush.

I have shown the aperture 2x1 as rectangular to accommodate the Colegate dentifrice tube, but it will be understood that it may be made to receive an of the tubes on the market, and threaded if necessary to engage the threaded discharge nozzle of the tube.'

I claim:

1. A tooth brush, comprising a ltubular gaging saidpinions and having its shaft` project through the rear head, a tube compressor actuated by the screwfshafts, a brush having its shank secured to thefront head, said front head being provided with avent, a discharge tube carried by said head, and means carried by said head to aline the discharge tube with the head vent and the brush when the compressor is moved forward.

2. A tooth brush comprising a tubular handle and a removable frame consisting-of front and rear heads` connected by screwshafts carrying pinions, a gear'wheel engaging said pinions and having its shaftproject'through the rear head, acompressor actuated by the screw-shafts, abrush having its shank secured to the front head, a cam securedto one of the screw-shafts, a spring Y* pressed lever pivoted on'the front head engaging the-cam at one end and provided at the other end with a gate and discharge tube.

A toothbrush comprising a tubular handle, and a removable frame consisting )of front and rear heads connected by screwshafts carrymg pinions, a gear `Wheel engaging-said pinions and having its shaft project through the rear head, a brush having its shank secured to the front head, a

cam-Secured to one of the screw-shafts, a ,spring pressed lever pivoted on the v'front Yf-heady engaging the cam at one end and prolvided at the other end with a gate and discharge tube, and acompressor yactuated 'by the screw-shafts and consisting of'a gear wheel engaging said pinionsand hav--v ing its shaftl projected through'the rear head, a tube ac )m-pressorl actu-atedv `by the screweshafts, a vbrush having vits shanlrlfse-i cured to the'frontn head, said frontf'h'ead being provided with a vent, a cam secured'to one of the screw-shafts, a springs-pressed lever pivoted on the frontyhead-enjginging the cam` at one end and provided at ther.

other end with a. gate and discharge "tn'be, which latter is attached to" the gate'l'engthwise 'perpendicular and Widthwiseflata proper angle to therectangular 'gateisoas-Ito. aline the gatev with the head ventW-hen-compresser is stationary, and tovaline'theid-ischarge tubev With the head' vent-andbristle.

top of the brush when vthe.compresser is moved forward.

In testimony whereof I mylsigniattire` t in= presence of two witnesses.


vWitnesses:` I

C. A.. NEALE, M. E. CowEL-L.

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