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Publication numberUS993772 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 30, 1911
Filing dateDec 9, 1909
Priority dateDec 9, 1909
Publication numberUS 993772 A, US 993772A, US-A-993772, US993772 A, US993772A
InventorsCharles L Goughnour
Original AssigneeUnited Electric Company
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US 993772 A
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Patented May 30, 1911.

lm/vnt'or ML. 6219mm:

UNITED smi es aren s? tie-sites.



Specification of Letters Patent.

1 iatent-ed May so, ieir.

Application filed December 9, 1909. Serial No. 532,192.

'to the rim and for readily renewing the felt thereon.

When nozzles of this character are employed for cleaning smooth and polished surfaces, as of hard wood floors and furniture, it-is desirable to protect-the same from being defaced by the contact of metal and it is also desirable to use the rim of the nozzle for polishing the surface during the suction cleaning process; for which purposes a covering of soft material is provided on the l li rim of the nozzle, and such material must necessarily be frequently renewed for efii-' ient use.

The mouths of-suction nozzles are usually tot-mad as an elongated slot having a rim with straight parallel. sides -connected by Short curves at the ends; and the present invention involves the use of a pair of tubular bars corresponding to the sides of the with U-shaped end bars connecting the .ends' of the side bars and corresponding to and'adapted to be connected with the ends Q! the nozzle; around the side and end bars o1 gram e thus formed, a. covering of felt wrapped and the edges sewed together, efber'w ch the feltcovered frame is secured and clamped against the rim of the nozzle g ith i r .APrefrred embodiment of the invention .ffis'gjillustrated in the accom anying drawing,

part hereof, in wlich Figure'lis an underside perspective view of the nozzle with the felt-covered frame secured to its mouth;- Fig. '2, a detached per- 've view'of the felt-coveredfreme: Fig.

c3,"-adetach'ed perspective view of the frame without the felt cover; Fig. 4, a sectional View on the middle line of the nozzle; Fig.

5, a section through one end of the nozzle, as on line 5-5. Fig. 6:.Fig. I a fragmentarv section of oneeud of the. nozzle. as on line 66. Fig. 5; and Fig. 7. an under plan view of one end bracket showing the connected tubular bars in section.

Similar numerals refer to similar parts throughout the drawing.

The nozzle is composed of the tubular shank l and the laterally elongated flattened mouth portion 2 terminatingin the straight parallel side runs 3 and the'eurved connecting ends as 4. The felt frame is composed of the tubular side bars 5 and the U-shaped roundend burs having the curvedportions- 6 preferably of the same diameter as the,

outside of the side bars and the straight side portions 7 reduced in diameter and adapted to be entered and secured as by solderihg in the end portions of the tubes, with the annular shoulders 8 shutted against the-ends of the tubes. U

The tongues 9 are preferably provided in the brackets of the frame, and extend in ward from the end portions between the side portions thereof, thus leaving an interval between the edges of the tongue and the sides of the frame for the entrance of the felt. A covering of felt is wrapped around the side and end bars of the frame. and the adjoining edges 10 are sewed or otherwise secured together. the bracket tongaes being passed through slits in the felt when not extending between the edzzesthe reof; after which the frame with the felt. covering thereon is secured and clamped on the rim of the nozzle by the screws 11 passed through the apertures 12 in the tongues into-the screw holes 13 in the body 14 of the end of the nozzle. I

I claim: 1. A frame for the mouth rim of e suction nozzle composed of tubular side bars, curved end bars having reduced side portions entered in thehollows and shoulders abutting the ends of the side bars, and tongues ex tending inward from the end bars at in terval from the side bars and adapted to be secured to the rim. I

2. A frame for the mouth rim of a nozzle composed of tubular side bars, curved end bars having reduced. side portions entered in the hollows and shoulders abutting the of the side bars, and means for securing the ends of the side bars, and tongues on the frame to the rim.

end bars adapted to be Secured to the rim. e 1

3. A frame for the mouth rim of a nozzle CHARLES GOUUHNOUR' 5 composed .of tubular side bars, curved end Htnesses:

bars having reduced side portionsentered in HARRY FREAsE, f the hollows and shoulders abutting theends CHAS. M. BALL.

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Cooperative ClassificationA47L9/06