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Publication numberUS993954 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 30, 1911
Filing dateAug 10, 1910
Priority dateAug 10, 1910
Publication numberUS 993954 A, US 993954A, US-A-993954, US993954 A, US993954A
InventorsFrank Budlong
Original AssigneeFrank Budlong
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End-gate fastener for wagons.
US 993954 A
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Patented May 30, 1911.




Application filed. August 10, 1910.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, FRANK BUDLONG, a citizen of the United States of America, re siding at Ashley Falls, in the county of Berkshire and State of Massachusetts, have invented new and useful Improvements in End-Gate Fasteners for Wagons, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to end gate fasteners for wagons, and the object of the invention is to provide an improved fastener of this character which can be readily applied to the side-board and end gate respectively of the Wagon and which will operate to hold the latter closed in the most eflicient manner.

A still further object of the invention is to provide a novel form of casing for the latch mechanism which when placed on the side-board of the bed will brace the same at the corner and immediately at that point where the end gate closes against it.

A still further object of the invention is to provide a fastener which when associated with the side-board of the bed will lie ap proximately flush to be held entirely out of contact with objects during movements of the vehicle.

In the drawing, forming a portion of this specification and in which like numerals of reference indicate similar parts in the several views :Figure 1 is a detail perspective view of my improved end gate fastener showing its application to the side-board and end gate of a wagon, the gate being shown in partly open position. Fig. 2 is a detail longitudinal section through a portion of the side-board and through the end gate.

My improved fastener consists of a casinglike structure 1 which is fitted to the side-board 2 of the vehicle to straddle the same at one end. This casing is provided with the depending side flanges 3, the top 4. the combined end wear-plate-forming portion 5 and a horizdntally disposed bottom 6 which extends along the upper surface of the rear sill of the bed. Suitable fastening devices 7 extend through the casing and through the side-board, as shown.

The casing has mounted therein a strong leaf spring 8 whose rear end is disposed immediately in line with the keeper receiving passage 9 in the end portion 5 of the casing. The extremity of the spring 8 is formed to provide a substantially hookshaped latch 10 for engagement with the Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented May 3t), 1911.

Serial No. 576,599.

substantially hook-shaped keeper 11 on the end gate. The end gate is of the hinge type and it may be conveniently swung to an open or closed position. WVhen in the latter position the keeper thereon will be extended into the casing and under tension of the spring 8 the latch portion 10 thereof will be effectively engaged with the keeper to hold the gate against swinging movement.

A releasing element 12 is pivoted as shown at 13, between the side flanges of the casing, and as illustrated, the said element is formed with a guide portion 14E which extends upwardly between the walls of the slot 15 in the top 4:. The portion 14 is formed at its rear end to provide a thumbreceiving or manipulating portion 16 which is offset to lie out of contact with the stopforming portion 17 of the top 1 to facilitate the engagement of the thumb therewith. The element 12 is provided with an arm 18 which is forked for the reception of the antifriction roller 19.

From the construction described it will be seen that an extremely strong and durable device is provided and, incident to the peculiar formation of the casing 1, the plate 5 which is subjected to the most strain during closing of the end gate will relieve the side-board of considerable strain and prevent accidental destruction thereof when the wagon is backed against an object. When it is desired to release the end gate from the latch 10 the manipulating portion 16 of the element 12 is raised upwardly to cause the roller 19 to travel along the undersurface of the spring 8 at a point adjacent to the latch 10. This operation releases the said latch from the keeper. The construction of the element 12 is such that the manipulating portion 14: thereof lies substantially flush with the upper edge of the side-board and in view thereof it will be held out of contact with objects in movement of the vehicle.

I claim A fastening for pivoted end gates of vehicles comprising a casing extending longitudinally of one of the sideboards of the vehicle body and formed at its rear end to provide a wear plate for contacting with the end gate when the latter is closed, the said wear plate portion having an opening therein, a spring supported by the casing and located therewithin and provided at a pointin line with the opening in the wear plate with a latch, a latch releasing element pivoted between the Walls of the easing and having an arm portion formed With an actuating part which is disposed beneath the said latch member of the spring, a keeper on the end gate to be extended into the opening in the Wear plate of the casing When the end gate is closed and to be engaged by the latch member, a manipulating portion formed on the said latch releasing element, and a stop on the top of the easing beneath the manipulating portion of the latch releasing element, the said spring exerting its tension normally against the latch releasing element to hold the manipulating portion of the element against the stop p01' 15 tion of the casing.

In testimony whereof I aifix my signature in presence of Witnesses.




Copies of this patent may be obtained for five cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of Patents, Washington, D. G.

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