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Publication numberUS995985 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 20, 1911
Filing dateMar 29, 1911
Priority dateMar 29, 1911
Publication numberUS 995985 A, US 995985A, US-A-995985, US995985 A, US995985A
InventorsCharles H Perry
Original AssigneeAmerican Thermos Bottle Co
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Metallic case for bottles.
US 995985 A
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Patented June 20,

. tallic Cases lowing'isa forth and finally claim.

view and cross-section its upper en To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that KCHARLns citizen of the UnitedStates, residing at Wa'terburv, .in the county of New Haven 5 and State of *Connecticut, have invented a certain new and usefullmprovement in Mefor- Bottles, of which. the folfull, clear, and exact description. Inmounting thermos bottles, carafes, and the' like in metal cases made in; halves which are, screwed together, it sometimes occurs that the glass bottle binds on the screwshell used to close the bottom of the lower half of j the case, and makes impossible a; proper-ad- 7 this difliculty, -I inter justment of parts;

e a two-part swivel betweenthe bottom of the bottle and the screw shell, one part being in the screw shell and the other in frictional engagement with. the bottle, and,mounted upon the part in the. screw shell soas to permit relative rotation, so that the bottle and its swivel member may turn upon the swivel member in the screw shell as the caseis fitted together; thus pennittingthe bottle," no matter how irregular its bottom may be, to adjust itself in the case and the case and its parts to be assembled accurately andsecurely, all as I will proceed now more "In the accompanying drawing illustrating the invention, in the several figures of which like parts aresimilarly designated, Figure 1 is a vertical section of the case showing the 35 bottle or carafe in dotted lines. Fig. 2 .is a cross-section of the screw 1 shell, :taken' at right angles. to the section shown in Fig. 1.

1g. 3 shows in top plan view. and eross section the swivel member that is arran ed in the screw'shell. Fig. 4 is a topfp an of the swivel member upon which. the bottle or carafe. directly, rests. Y 1 The case may be composed of the upper half .1, having the gasket 2 at its upper end "to Z'make a tig breast of the bottle, and the screwthreaded flange '3 at its opposite end, and the lower uhalf 4 havin and the screwthreaded opening 6,. at its lower end. this screw.-

threaded opening 6 is arranged the ultimate bdttle support, here shown as ascrew shell 7 having a depression 8,.or other mediuin'to re- Specification of'Letters Patent. Patented Jun Application filed March 29, 1911.

H, PERRY, a,

screwthreaded fiange Ins order to overcome. p0

plate 10 adapted particularly to set v11 of the swivel ht friction joint with the fact that the swivel member the screwthreaded; collar 5, at v SeriaLNo. 61%,764.

' ceive a screw-driver or otherimplement for turning the screw shell to place.

, Thebottle, carafe, or other vessel 9 may be of'any approved construction, and the 7 case. will be of correspondin construction, the bottle being placed wit in the lower half of the case,-While the upper half of the case is placed over its neck, and then the two halves are-connected by means of the 3'and collar 5, rotary motion being imparted to the lower half of the caselusually inorder to effect such connection.

' Heretofore the bottle has'rested in the top of the screw shell, and when the case is turned and the bottle binds in the screw shell, the screw of adjustment tle.

shell is apt to be thrown out by being rotated by thebotinterpose a two-part swivel between the screw shell and the bottom of the bottle, one part of the swivel consisting of a convex to rest in the bottom of the having a centrally arranged or pivot 11, and the other screw shell and rounded nipple plate 12 having a central depression 13 fitted ing, and inflsuch way as to have'practically universal rocking or tiltingor swivel motion thereon. The plate 12 has a flange 14 to receive and confine a gasket 15 upon which It is the main object of this inventionto overcome that difficulty, and to this end I over the nipple 01E pivot Has a bear-' the bottom of the bottle, carafe, or other vessel directly restsand with which it has a,

frictional contact ofsufiicient force to cause the bottle and plate to turn together upon the nipple 11.

It will be. seen that .no matter how firmly the bottle binds upon the swivel member 12,

that member-is free to turn upon 2? nipple member 10, a quently the halves of the case may be screwed together without affecting the adjustm'ent-o the screw shell.

which directly receivesand supports the bottle or carafe.

is a'swivel, admits of the automatic adjust Moreover, the

95 GOHSG- ment ofthe bottle thereon, no matter what irregularities there may bein the shape of the bottom of the bottl a ile Ihave shownand described" only oneform of swivel, it is tobe understood 7 that the invention is not limited to that parpart of the swivel consisting of a concave;

ticular construction, the purpose and object of the invention being accomplished by the interposition of a swivel device between the screw shelLand the bottle of such character 5 that the-screw shell will not be disarranged in the assembling of the case.

; What I claim is 1. A metallic case for bottles'and the like, having an upper and a lower member, and

means by which they may be connected and disconnected, -'a bottle support in the lower member, and a swivel arranged in the said support and adaptedto receive the bottle.

2. A metallic case-for bottles and the like, having an upper and a lower member, and means by whichthey may be connected and disconnected, a bottle supporthaving an ad- 'justable and a swivel interposed between the support and the bottle.

3. In a metallic case for bottles and the like, screw connected parts, a screw shell in the lowerpart, a two-part swivel. supported in said screw shell, one of the swivel members being substantially stationary-in said shell and the other swivel member-projecting ',,outside of said .shell and movable upon the i other member of the swivel and adapted to support a bottle or other vessel and permit connection with the lower member,

the screwing together of the parts of the case Without affecting the adjustment of the screw shell. .1 1

4. In a metallic case'for bottles, carafes and the like, an adjustable screw shell arranged in the bottom of the case, a convex plate mounted within said shell and havinga central nipple, and a concave plate having a central depression conforming to the nipple and adapted to receive and support the bottle or other vessel.

5. In a metallicvcase for bottles,'carafes,



.- L. -P;, SPERRY,

1 M. DE Mom.

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