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Publication numberUS99621 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 8, 1870
Publication numberUS 99621 A, US 99621A, US-A-99621, US99621 A, US99621A
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Improvement in step-ladders
US 99621 A
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N waitedv gieten JOHN H. BALSLEY,


Letters Patent No. 99,621, dated February 8, 1870.


The Schedule referred to in these Letters `ratetand making part of the same To all whom it may conde/rn:

Be it known that I, JOHN H. BALSLEY, of Dayton, county ot' Montgomery, a-nd State of Ohio, have invented a new and improved Mode of Constructing Step-Ladder Sides; and I do hereby declare that the Ibllowing is a full and exact description thereof,- reference being had to the drawing, and letters marked thereon,

The nature of my Invention consists in the eonstruction of step-ladder sides, of two strips, their width being greater than their thickness,`and the edge of one joined to the sides of the other.

'lo enable those skilled in the art tomake and'use my invention, l will describe its construction.

I construct step-ladder sides of' two strips, A and B, fig. l, their width being greater' than ltheirthickness', the face ot the top strip A being horizontal, and .that of the bottom strip, B, vertical. The ends of' said strips being joined, as shown in the drawing, with marine gine and screws, so as to make a permanent joint, thus making a strong and neat ladder side, withofthe city "vertical and lateral strength, with the least amount of material.

Figure 2 represents the face or top of the side. Figure 3 represent-s 'a cross-section of side eut at the point C.

Figure 4 represents-a ladder constructed with the above. described side, showing their connection with other parts of the ladder.

What l claim as new, and desire to secure by L'etters Patent, is-

The construction of step-ladder sides, of strips of wood 01 other material, the strips having a greater width than thickness, and the edge of one joined to the side of the other, thus fol-mingen angle, to give vertical and lateral strength with theY least amount of material, all substantially as eet forth.



N. S. Evnnnrr, J No. P. AOHEY.

Cooperative ClassificationE06C1/20