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Publication numberUS996811 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 4, 1911
Filing dateAug 9, 1909
Priority dateAug 9, 1909
Publication numberUS 996811 A, US 996811A, US-A-996811, US996811 A, US996811A
InventorsClarence W Tarbet
Original AssigneeClarence W Tarbet
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Attachment for bedsteads.
US 996811 A
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Patented July 4, 1911.





Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented July 4, 1911.

Application filed August 9, 1909. Serial No. 511,931.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, CLARENCE WV. TARBET, citizen of the United States, residing at Chicago, in the county of Cook and State of Illinois, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Attachments for Bedsteads, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to receptacles and has particular reference to drawers designed for containing clothing of any description or other articles that it may be desirable to place therein, a special feature of the drawers being their adaptability to be com-j bined with, or attached to various articles of furniture, which will aflord a suitable.

support therefor, a bed frame being preferred for this purpose.

Various important results are obtained by the improvements which form the subject matter of this application for patent, chief among which are the following :By employing drawers having the especial features disclosed hereinafter, the space beneath the frames of bedsteads of usual form, and which in ordinary cases is not occupied, may be utilized in a practical and satisfactory manner, so that a considerable addition will be made to the available capacity of a room, this feature being of especial advantage in small apartments or flats.

Other objects of this invention are to provide a support for the drawer that will at the same time furnish a closure therefor; to supply attaching devices for the closure or cover by means of which the drawers may be readily secured to bed rails or similar structures and to provide attachments that may be adjustable for beds of different widths, and by shifting the clamps or clips forming a part of the attaching devices the latter may be conveniently adapted for en elevation of one of the drawers shown in Fig. 1; Fig. 3 is a fragmentary plan view showing one end of the cover removed from the bed frame and with an attaching bracket secured thereto; Fig. 4; is a side elevation of a fragment of a cover attached to a bed rail; Fig. 5 is a view similar to Fig. 4: showing the manner of arranging the clip when the rail is placed with the horizontal flange on the underside; Fig. 6 is a view similar to Fig. 5 but with a modified formv of attaching device, and Fig. 7 is a top plan view of the modified form of attaching device.

Referring to the details of the drawing, the numeral 10 indicates the bed rails, which are made of the usual angle-bar form, the said bar being so arranged that the horizontal side or. flange 11 is uppermost in Figs. 1, 2 and 4, while the same flange is shown on the lower side of the rail in Figs. 5 and 6, the latter position requiring a slight change in the manner of assembling the attaching device, hereinafter described, or a modification in its form. Beneath the bed rails 10 and transversely thereto are arranged one or more drawers 12, which may be of any desired length. I prefer, however, to make these receptacles extend entirely across the bed-frame, and to so arrange them on their slideways that they may be drawn out from either end and thus be accessible from both sides of the bed. The construction of these drawers is similar to those in common use, except that the sides 13 are extended above the ends 14. Each side has a longitudinal groove 15 extending its entire length upon the inner surface, the said groove being arranged so that its lower side is flush with the top margin of the end pieces 14. Each drawer is provided with a cover 16 having its margins rabbeted, to form flanges 17 which are adapted to be received in the grooves 15, and have a sliding fit therein.

Each cover is attached underneath the bed rails by means of bracket plates 18, formed of stamped sheet metal or suitable castings. These brackets have ears 19 extending at right angles therefrom and furnished with slots 20 for the insertion of attaching screws 21 which enter the cover 16. To the middle of each bracket 18, is secured an angular clip 22 having a groove 23 which engages the margin of the rail 10, one portion of the clip being secured to the bracket plate 18 by bolts 24. The bracket plates 18 also serve the purpose of cleats to strengthen the cover and prevent warping.

It sometimes occurs that the bed frame is so constructed, that the horizontal portion of the rail is on the under side. Then the rail is thus arranged the clip 22 is reversed, taking the position shown in Fig. 6, underneath the middle ear 19.

In Fig. 6 is shown a modified form of clip, consisting of a flat plate 25 having an integral tongue 26 raised above the general plane of the plate to a sulficient extent to accommodate the edge of the rail, the arrangement of the co-acting parts being shown in Fig. 7.

The manner of assembling and attaching the device is very simple and will be readily understood.

The bracket plates 18, with the clips 22 attached thereto, are loosely secured by the screws 21 to the upper side of the cover, one at each end, and just far enough apart so that they will pass between the rails 10. The slots 20 will permit the said brackets to be adjusted until the grooves 23 of the clips engage the margins of the opposite rail when the screws 21 are tightened, thus holding the cover firmly in position. The drawer may then be slid into place by engaging the grooves 15 by the flanges 17 The drawer thus assembled may be readily slid out or in by means of suitable pulls 27 attached at each end, one of the drawers being shown at a in Fig. l, aartially extended, and as many of these drawers as desired may be arranged side by side upon the same frame, three drawers being shown in Fig. 1 thus assembled.

Since the cover boards 16 are of considerable length compared to their other dimensions and are supported only at their ends they will be liable to sag in the middle and as a result cause the marginal flanges 17 to bind in their slideways; I provide reinforcing members in the form of angle bars 28 7 arranged longitudinally on the upper sur- Gopies of this patent may be obtained for face of said cover boards near the edges and secured by screws 29.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new, is

1. In combination with the side rails of a bedstead, a drawer, a drawer cover slidably engaged by said drawer, and means for detachably connecting said cover with said bedstead rails, said means comprising stifiening bars secured transversely to thecover near its ends, and brackets secured to said bars and adapted to embrace said side rails.

2. A drawer, comprising a receptacle having grooves in the inner faces of two opposite sides, a closure for said receptacle consisting of a cover having its margins adapted to slidably engage said grooves, and means for adjustably attaching said'cover to a suitable support, said attaching means consisting of bracket plates having slotted integral ears and grooved clips removably attached to said bracket-plates.

3. A device for the purpose specified ineluding a drawer having its sides extending above the ends and provided with longitudinal grooves on the inner surfaces, a support for said drawer comprising a cover having its edges adapted to slidably engage the said grooves, bracket plates having integral slotted ears extending at right angles therefrom, and grooved clips adapted to be removably secured to said bracket plates.

4;. A device for the purpose stated, including a drawer having its sides extended above the ends and provided with longitudinal grooves, a support for said drawer comprising a cover having its edges adapted to slidably engage the said grooves, means for strengthening the said cover plate transversely, said means being also adapted to form attachments for securing said cover to a suitable support, and means for reinforcing the margins of said cover.

In testimony whereof I aiiix my signature in the presence of two witnesses.


F. BENJAMIN, M. A. MILORDL live cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of Patents, Washington, D. C.

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