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Publication numberUS997584 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 11, 1911
Filing dateAug 10, 1910
Priority dateAug 10, 1910
Publication numberUS 997584 A, US 997584A, US-A-997584, US997584 A, US997584A
InventorsAlbert Rosenberg
Original AssigneeAlbert Rosenberg
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US 997584 A
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"invasie v To all whomlitmay concern:

Be. it -kno'w-n that I, ALERrRo-sniennne, a citizen of the United States of America, and resident of Baltimore cit/y, in the State of Maryland, have invented certain new. and

useful Improvements in Eicctors, of whichi the following is a specification.

My invcntion'rcla'tes to improvements in tejeetors or siphons lin which the well known principle of using a jet of water to create a vacuum in order to utilize atmospheric,

pressure to raisewater ditferent from that which operates the jet; and the .objects of my invention are,

and useful Siphon or dacuuin pump; Second to provide a. detachable siphon or vacuum pump; third to provide -an instantaneous starting vacuum pump or si-phon; fourth, to provide an economically operated Siphon or vacuum puinpg'fifth to provide a vacuum )ump or siphon with a starting device cast 'integral with said vacuum pump or Siphon, seventh; to provide, a Siphon or vacuuni pump, with an ollset or enlarged chamber around the starting. device; eighth, to provide an automatieally-operated vacuum pump or siphon with a'tletachable siphonv or ejecfior. I attain these` objects by themeehanisin ,illustrated in the accompanying drawings in-which;- Y

Figure l is a vertical section of my detachable siphon or vacuum punip Fig. 2 is a Side elevation of my Siphon or vacuui'n pump attached to a hose bib and ball cock to oper- ,.U, c #C ate it automatically when the water rises in the wellor ta'nk.

Similar letters 'refer to lsimilar throughout the views.

ll is the coupling i'or dctachably.securparts 4L' ing the Siphon or diainer to any convenientv water .supply pipe and which swivels around the nipple R which is screwed into thel sif `phon S by thc threads l and the VForce of the 1 'water passing through the jet J splashes against the' starting' bridge E to create a vacuum in the chamber F and flows out at.

the outlet Cr and causes a suction at the inlet K carrying' the water, dust or dirt through the suction inlet and out with the operating.;` water-at The starting bridge is preferably cast `integral with the siphon casting'v S and-is simply bat located centrally in the chamber F of the Qiphoii. The chamber F is expandcdto a greater diameter than the Siphon proper to provide a Emc'ron.

i Application med august 1o, 191e. serial No. 576,613;

first to provide a new.`

. Speciiication of Letters Ptent.

.Patented July 1,1, '1911.

greater egress for the water and to avoid sible.

f Instead of water, anyv Huid or p gas may be I used to operate my siphon. A

trap O connected to avsoil pipe N, the sucor tank Q.

air chamber V and supplies the water to matic valve lt connected by the rod ,X to its ball IV.

rlhe, pipe I maybe a flexible piece'of hose or a metal pipe. enough to raise the ball W', it lifts the rod X and the valve R Starting the water to flow up the pipe M tothe Siphon S which sucks the water, inthe'well, up through the pipe l emptying the tank Q thereby causing the ball .lV to fall and cl'o'se'of the water by the valve R. f

" ,Having `described my invention, what I 1. In an ejector, the combination with a suction chamber provided withr-an inlet and an inlet` for the motive fluid, of,a discharge arm at the end of ,the Suction chamber provided with a bar made integral with said discharge arm, substantially as described.

2. l'n an ejector, the `,combination with a suction chamber provided with .an inlet and an inlet for'tlie motive iuid, of a -discharge arm at the end' ofthe suction chamber and means made integral with said discharge fluid, Substantially as described.

of a means for adjustably securing the ejec'- sei'ibcd. f

4. In an ejector, the combination with a suction chamber provided with an inlet and an inlet now/.le surrounded by the suctionv chamber, a discharge arm at the end of the suction chamber provided with a starting device made integralwith the discharge arn'i,l

arm for obstructing the path of the motive device made integral with the discharge arm,

tor to the motive fluid, substantially as deimpeding the flow of .water as much as pos- Fig, 2 represents the detachable Siphon S, connected to a hose bib L,with its outlet in a tion pipeIl reaching to'thevbottom of`a we ll operatethe siphon S by means of theauiolWhen .the water in the l tiink ishigh I l In an ejector, the combination with a l of a means for detachably securing the ejec-v tor to the motive Huid, substantially as described.

5.' In an'ejector, the combination ivith a suction chamber provided with'eninlet and an inletnozzle surrounded by theA suction chamber, a dischiirge arm provided with a bar mede interal with it, ,and a swivel secured to the in scribed.

6. In an ejector,the combination with 'a suction chamber provided with l11n-inlet and inlet nozzle surrounded by the suction chem# ber, a discharge arm provided-.with a.

et nozzle, substentially as de- 15 made integral withsnid discharge'orm, and

stantiallyns described.

` 7. Innn ejector, the combination withn suction chamber 'provided with an inletand an inlet 'nozzle for the motive fluid surrounde swivel nut secured to the inlet nozzle, subed by the suction chamber, Offadischarge.

:u-xn at the end of the suction chmberprovided with :in enlargement 1n -aportion of its length and a -bar extending .Within saidl enlargement across the path of thc motive 'luirhsubstnntially as described. Y

8. An ejector, comprising a sqction chamy ber and aconncction 'for the lmotive fluid, an inlet `to the Suction chamber, and means for obstructingthe path of"tive Huid made integral with the asdescribed. '1-'5 ,9. In an ejector, the combination with a ejeeat'onrsubstantielly suction chamber provided with an inlet, and aninlet nozzle for the motive Huid, of a disber provided with en enlargement in n por 'tionof its lengtlnend aber fixed diametrically across the interior of seid enlargement, substantially as described.

10. In an ejector, the combination with a suction chamber provided with an inlet, and

und made integral with said outlet erin, suhstantially is described.

I1. In an ejector, the con'ibimition Y the suction chamber hex-'ing en inlet and. an

by the suction chamber7 of 'u discharge erin ment with' the nozzle and provided -with' an enlargement communicating *yi/ 1th the snc* tion chamber through n, shortportion--of 'the wi th inlet nozzle for the motive Huid Surrouxnltd discharge arm and e bnr extending dirunetcharge' arm at the end of the suction chainan outlet erm rovided with an enlargement 1n a portion o its length, of o bar diemetri- .I cally across the interior ot said enlargement at the end of' the suction chamber in ulne-

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