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Publication numberUS99764 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 15, 1870
Publication numberUS 99764 A, US 99764A, US-A-99764, US99764 A, US99764A
InventorsChaeles Doeeing
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Charles doering
US 99764 A
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liniedl tstes pew-t cino.


Letters Patent No. 99,764, dated February 15, 1870.

The Schedule referred t in these Letters Patent and making part of the same.

To all whom 'it 'may concern Be it known that I, CHARLES DOERING, of Charlestown, county of Middlesex, and State of Massachusetts, have in vented certain Im provementsin TobaccoBoxes,

l of which the following is a specification.

Nature and Objects ofthe Intention.

Ilhe lnature of my invention consists in providing within an air-tight tobucco-box a pelforated lining, which constitutes a receptacle for the tobacco, around which vapor or moist air is free to circulate and in also providing the box with one ormore convenient recesses for the reception of some absorbent material, like sponge, kept damp by some Huid, such as water,

' wine, whisky, Sac., for the purpose of emitting vapor,

E and E are perforated plates hinged within the end pieces, and serve to form receptacles for placing wet sponge, 85o.

lhe inner box K, fig. 3, is made of perforated plate,

vand is so much smaller than the outer or tight box that an air-space, L L, fig. 2, extends around it.

To use my invention, thetobacco is placed within the inner box K, which is then slipped into the outside box, as shown in Iig. 1.

Pieces of sponge or some similar material are placed within the small receptacle, at the ends, and wet with some desirable fluid,snch as water, wine, whisky, Ste., the evaporation of which lls the box with vapor, which will be absorbed by the tobacco, and thus keep it moist. l


I claim as my invention- Combining .in a tobacco-box one or more convenient recesses for holdingA sponge or other absorbent, with an air-space, which, together with the absorbent, shall completely envelop the tobacco, the whole being separated from it by perforated partitions, substantially as described.



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Cooperative ClassificationB65D81/266