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Publication numberUSD11477 S
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 28, 1879
Publication numberUS D11477 S, US D11477S, US-S-D11477, USD11477 S, USD11477S
InventorsCharles E. Iiaviland
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Design for hollow, flat, and covered ware
US D11477 S
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Specification foriuingpartot' Design No. 11,477, dated October 28, lil-lill; application filed October Il, lSTll.

" [Term of patent 7 years] To all whom it may wacom.-

Be it known that I, CHARLES EDWARD HAVILAND, a citizen of the United States, residing in Limoges, France, have invented a certain Design for Covered and Hollow llVarc, and such like articles, of which the following is a full, clear, and exaetdeseription and specification, reference heilig had to the photographie illustration aceoinpan 'ing it, and forming parl; thereof, in which- A represents scallops depressed in the surface of the article in substantially parallel or slightly-converging liues,either \ra\'ing,spiral, or straight in their longitudinal direction, but presenting a uniform appearance. B represents an intertwining cord, raised at some points and depressed or threaded beneath the surface atothers, the aiscd portions serving on some articles to forni a. handle or handles.

' It may be either twisted, braided, or plain.

v C represents a. band running along the base of the article, formed on its lower edge with ,cnrves, to provide feet; for the dish to stand upon. 0n the l'eet are raised spots, as shown.

Parts of the surface of the article may be. plain or not, according to the article upon which the scallops or tintes are to be depresseth Golored figures or pictures may be fixed upon the surface also, 1f desired.

The article ma' or ma f not be irovided with a liln at the outer edge, with or without feet.

Vhat l claim as my invention, and desire to Secure by Letters Patent., is-

1. The combination, substantially as hereinbet'ore set forth7 ol' an article et' hollow or sunken ware, ornaniented with uniform dc pressed scallops and au intertwining' cord, subst-antiallv as herein described, with the curvilinear baud forming,Y feet, all arranged to present the general appearance shown in the photographie illustration.

2. The combination, on an article ol' hollow or depressed Ware, ot' spiral or straight; nniforni scallops, with the lntertwining cord, substantially as hereinheiore set. forth.

3. rlhe combination, substantially as hereinbet'oro set forth` of the depressed scallops de scribed, with the curvilinear ieet described, placed upon an article oi' hollow or dat, ware, as set forth.

4. 'lhe combination oi' the scallops described, depressed in the surface ot' hollow, sunken, or flatI ware, with said ware arranged substantially in the manner sel; forth.



Ammer A. LANE, WILLIAM L. Immos.