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Publication numberUSD12926 S
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 9, 1882
Filing dateMar 1, 1882
Publication numberUS D12926 S, US D12926S, US-S-D12926, USD12926 S, USD12926S
InventorsHenry Onesime Stauffer
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Design for a watch-movement
US D12926 S
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SPECIFICATION forming part of Design No, 12,926, dated May 9, 1882.

Application tiled March 27, 1882. Term of patent 7 years.

To all whom tt may conce-ru: 6. The cock and the three bridges there- Be it known thatLHENRY ONESIME STAUF- fore form the numerals 177637 Through the FER-,of Ponts Martel, in the Republic of 'Swit cock and bridges are inserted screws c, and zerland, have originated and produced a new certain ofthe screws pass through lugs or ears 3o 5' and Improved Design for Watch-Movements, d, which are so formed as to add to the ornaof which the following is a description. mental appearance of the design. The body My improved design consists in a circular portions ot' the bridgesC andD are both curved watch plate having the several bridges and correspondingly to the inner edge ot the bridge the cock made in the form of the numerals E, and all the bridges are of' such outline aS 35 1o 1776,of the contiguration represented inthe to present a highly-ornamental appearance. accompanying drawing, and so arranged on As clearly shown, the cock B and the bridges the said plate that all portions ot' them are C, D, and E are so disposed on the plate A within the circular outline or periphery of the that they are entirely within the circular outsaid plate. line or periphery thereof'. 4o

i5 A designates the watch plate, which is of What I claim, and desire to secure by Letcircular shape. ters Patent, is-

B` designates the cock, and C, D, and E The design consisting of the 'Watch-plate designate respectively they several bridges. A, of circular form, and the cock and bridges The bearing a for the central arbor or spindle made in the form ot' the numerals 1776, of 45 2o ofthe Watch is in the bridge D, and the other the configuration herein represented, and arbridges, C and E, contain bearings b for the ranged within the circumference ot' said plate, other arbors or spindles of the movement. As as herrin described.

clearly seen, the cock B is made in the forni H. ONESIME STAUFFER. of the numeral 1, the bridges C and I) are Witnesses: 25 made in the form of the numeral 7, and the MAURICE BLACK,

bridge E is made in the form of the numeral JUL. PEZOGOOSENT.