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Publication numberUSD15593 S
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 2, 1884
Publication numberUS D15593 S, US D15593S, US-S-D15593, USD15593 S, USD15593S
InventorsRufus Barrus Stickxey
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Design for a bottle
US D15593 S
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Patented Dec.2.1884.




SPECIFICATION forming part of Design No. 15,593. dated December 2,1884.

Application filed August [4, 1884. Term of patent H \cars.

To all whom it may concern: each being, continued in a spiral about the Be it known that I, Rune-s BARRL'S S'rtcitsaid body from its bottom to its top. The dc NEY, a citizen of the United States 01 Amersign is not eonlined to such a number of the ica. residing at SOlllOlVlllC, in the county of beads, as any other suitable number may he Middlescx, ot' the Commonwealth of Massa employed in carrying it out.

chusctts, have invented and produced a new The leading features of the design are the and original Design for a Bottle, of which the pyramidal form and the spiral heading of the following is a specification, reference being 1 body oft-he bottle.

had tothe accompanying, drawings, of \vhich I claim Figure 1 is a front elevation, Fig. 2 a l0n- 1. In a design for a bottle, as represented gitudinal section and Fig. 3 a bottom view, and hereiubefore described, the body A, p ol'a bottle containing such design. ramidal in form and having the spiral head- The nature ofsuch design is defined in the ing, as set forth. claims hereinafter presented. 2. The design for a bottle as represented The body A of the bottle is the frustum of y and hcreinbefore described, consisting of the a polygonal pyramid, the bottom or base bebody pyramidal and spirally beaded from its ing polygonal, and by preference hexagonal. base to the neck, and of the neck cylindrical From this base the sides are spirally beaded from its bottom upward, and flanged or beaded from the bottom to the neck 13, which may be at top, substantially as set forth. substantially cylindrical to its upper part, Y and there be suitably flanged or beaded, as RUFUS BARR'US STICKI D represented at a. The body has on its exter- Witnesses: nal surface three spiral beads, b c d, arranged R. H. EDDY, like the threads of a three-threaded screw, S. N. PIPER.

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