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Publication numberUSD16792 S
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 13, 1886
Publication numberUS D16792 S, US D16792S, US-S-D16792, USD16792 S, USD16792S
InventorsWilliam J. Kbbp
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Design fora heating-stove
US D16792 S
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6. 00 oo l om. 1 Vv 1 u .d d 6 t n vvu 0D... T s G N I T A E H Z. 9 .lu 6 1 0. N

.f4 imm williamvlfuffr UNITED STATES 'PATENT OFFICE..



"JPECIFICATION forming part of Design No, 16.792. dated July 13. 1886.

Application tiled A pril24.1880, Serial No. 110,012. 'lnrm of patent T your.

To all whom t may concern:

-Be it known that we, W1 LLIAM J. Knnr and CHARLES WIPFLER, of Detroit, in the county of Wayne and State of Michigan, have invent- 5 ed new und useful Improvements in Stove Designs; and we do hereby declare that the following is o. full, clear, and exact description thereof, reference being had to the accompanying drawing, which forms c. part of this specification.

This invention relates lo a certain new and original design for stoves, of which the following is a specification, reference being had to the accompanying drawing, forming part thereof.

The photograph is a perspective view of our newly-desigued stove.

A is the ashpit sec-tion of` the stove. Its sides in; rising from the bottom assume an outward inclino upon a graceful curve, and, after forming a dened division-line at the npper edge, merge into a roundiugtop, which forms the buse of the fire-pot.

Upon the sides vand top the ash-pit section is provided with suitable ornamentation, and upon the rounding corners, under which the legs B are secured, this ornamentation simulates the presence of legs, so as to make the corners appear ns forming the upper portions of the legs.

0n top of the ash pit sect-ion, at the two front corners, we construct draft-openings, which we provide with the medallionshaped covers U. The tire-pot. vsection Erises with a graceful outline above the ash-pit section, and upon the outwardly-bulging central portion thereof it supports the usualI footq rail,r G. Its characteristic ornamentation is u corona of flames, H, around its'upper portion.' A pleasing breakin the ontlineis produced by providingit with the enlargement I, which projects between the two fro nt-corners in the general form of-e hood.

K is th'ecoiubustion-chamber of the stove.

Its general outline is cylindrical, and its exposed portions are subdivided into large panels highly ornamented, A conspicuous and pleasing ornament is produced by medal- 1ionshaped covers L, placed over openings in 5ol some or altof the panels.

M. is a dome-shaped top, the upper portion forming a cover, as usual, and supporting an urn, statue, or other design usan ornamental finish.

N is n. large circulating smoke-fine nt the rear side of the stove. It forms a prouiinent and striking feature of the stove, owing to its size and peculiar shape and form.

In 'plan it occupies a segmental space in the' rear of the stove.' Its base rests or apparently rests upon that portion ot' the ash-pit chamber in rear of the frepotsectiou, and, extending upwardly and outwardly in a graceful outline and fully detached from the body of the stove,

assumes in cross-seotion a4 segmental annular.

forni with rounding corners,nntil`with agraceiul turn it'joins onto the upper part of the.

stove. The exposed sides of the circulating smoke-line are also hi hl y orn amented inkeeping with the rest of t Ve ornamentation.

It will be seen that the leading motive of the ornamentation of the stove isa decorative'ap' plicatiou ofthe form of the flame more or less merged and combinedwith the scroll, the {irepot section showing the dame as the single ornamented with a spread-amo,ornament,and

having its corners formed to simulate portions of the legs substantially as shown.

2. In a design fora stove, the draft-doors upon the ash-pit chamber ornamented with a spreadilame ornamentation, as shown.

3. In a 'design for n stove', a fire-pot section ornameuted with' a flame-shaped corona, substantially as shown and described.

4. In a design for `a stove, a iire-pot section with an outwardly-bulging central ort-ion, having the hood-shaped projection 1 n front, and ornamented with a spread-llame ornamentation, as shown and described.

' 5.. In a design for a stove, the repot sec# `tion E, ash-pit section A, and the rounding top. of the base of the stove ornamented with a spread-flame ornament, all ss shown and described.

ltopot' the stove in 6. In n. design for o. stove, the meduiiioni shaped covers L, forming Ornamental center pieeo, of the lmnci ornamentation of the combustion-chamber,:und surrounded by nsprendflame ornament, substantially ns shown und described. i

7. In n design for a. stove, n circulating Hmokeflue, N,of segmental annular crosssection, partly detached from the stove, and cxtcnding between the ash-pit section and thc tbercar tiiereonnd having spzead-ameornamcnt, substnntini] y as shown and described.

8. In e design for n stove, the combustion chamber provided with a. spreadfiame orne,- mont combined with the scroil, as shown and described.

9. In a design for a stove, the combustion chamber ornamented with asprend-fieme Ornament combined with the scroll, snbstantieiiy zo as shown and described.

10. In a. design for estuve, the configuration and ornementation oi' the ash-pit section, rcpot section, and combustion-chamber, allhaving a spread-Home ornementation, substanz 5 tially as shown and described.

11. In a design for estuve, the configuration and ornamentation of the ash-pit section, repot section, combustion chamber, top, and circniatingtiue N, all having n spread ilnme 3o ornamentation, substantially as shown and described.