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Publication numberUSD405207 S
Publication typeGrant
Application numberUS 29/088,906
Publication dateFeb 2, 1999
Filing dateJun 3, 1998
Publication number088906, 29088906, US D405207 S, US D405207S, US-S-D405207, USD405207 S, USD405207S
InventorsLudwin Mora
Original AssigneeSpaulding Lighting, Inc.
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Canopy luminaire assembly
US D405207 S
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  1. The ornamental design for a canopy luminaire assembly, as shown and described.

FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a canopy luminaire assembly as seen from one side thereof; and,

FIG. 2 is a perspective view of a canopy luminaire assembly as seen from an opposite side thereof.

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