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Publication numberUSD5271 S
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 19, 1871
Publication numberUS D5271 S, US D5271S, US-S-D5271, USD5271 S, USD5271S
InventorsMoses H. Wiley
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Design for oil-cabinets
US D5271 S
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MOSES H. ULEY, ()F BOSTON, MASS.llIlShYlTS, Ah'h'ltlNUli Tt) HIMSELF, JOHN H. I3. ll. l\'(l, AND TlltlBlAS )lililil'llt. ()l SAME lliAtl'l.


Speeitieation termin part of Design No. 5,271, dated Septeniher lt l Tl.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that l, Mosns H. draw, of Hos ton, in the eounty ot' Suttolk and State of Massachusetts, have invented or produeed a new anti useful Design for anUil-Uahinet; and do herehy deelare the saute to be fully deserihed in the following speeitieation and represented in the aeeonlpanying drawing, of whieh Figure 1 denotes a perspeetive view of an oil cabinet eonstrueted in aeeordanee with m de sign. Fig. .3 is a similar view with the eover raised.

My said ('ahinet' is divided horizontally into two compartments, the lower one eonstituting an oil-tank or reservoir, and the upper one an in elosure or sink to reeeive the pump and the \'arious measures or vessels to reeeive the oil as it may he raised hy the pump. In order to have the pump and its handle or elevating'piston ex tend a. suttieieut distant-e ahove the hottoni ot' the sink to raise the desired amount of oil at a. single elevation of the piston, the walls ot the sink require to be of such height, if eonstrueted in the ordinary n1auner-that is, of the same uniform height-as to render it ver ineonvenient. to perform the various manipulations required in pumping, measuring, and filling the cans or other vessels. In order to renied this det'eet, l form the top or eover portion of the eahinet inelining its front so that its extreme front edge is hut a few int-hes ahove the hottoln ot' the sink, whereh v ready aeeess is had to the pump, and the \'arious manipulations in measuring and tilline; the oil-vessels ean he performed with great t'aeility.

In the drawing, A denotes the hotly ot' the eahinet, whit-h isoi' a reetangnlar shape, and divided into two eoinpartlnents hy means of a horizontal partition, ll. The upper part of the superior eonlpartlnent has its walls i'orlned sloping toward its i'ront. is the eover or lid of the ealiinet'. whit-h is hinged thereto so as to he opened or elosed, as may he desirahle. ln ease the eahiuet is ot'eousiderahle length two lids may he used.

Having deserihed lll invention. what I elaitn is The design tut an till t'zlltllltl, eonsisting ol the hod A formed with the int-lined front, the in elined eover t, and the horizontal partition 13. as herein set forth and shown.

MOSES ll. \Ylltl lY.