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Publication numberUSH2049 H1
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 1, 2002
Filing dateJan 6, 2000
Priority dateAug 24, 1998
Publication numberUS H2049 H1, US H2049H1, US-H1-H2049, USH2049 H1, USH2049H1
InventorsShamachary Sathish, Mark J Ruddell, Robert L Crane
Original AssigneeUs Air Force
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Differential property sensitive acoustic lens
US H2049 H1
A differential property sensitive acoustic lens for non-destructive materials evaluation is described which in a preferred embodiment comprises first and second substantially semicylindrical shaped portions of fused silica disposed in closely spaced relationship along an axial plane, a substantially spherical depression defined in one end of each semicylindrical portion and a flat defined on each semicylindrical portion at the other end, a piezoelectric transducer attached to the flat of each semicylindrical portion, and a paraffin coated aluminum film of preselected thickness disposed between and in laminar contact with the semicylindrical portions for preventing acoustic and electrical cross talk between the transducers and between the semicylindrical portions.
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International ClassificationG01N29/24, G10K11/30
Cooperative ClassificationG01N29/2462, G01N2291/0423, G01N29/2437, G01N29/0681, G01N29/2456, G10K11/30
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