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Publication numberUSRE12458 E
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 20, 1906
Filing dateSep 8, 1906
Publication numberUS RE12458 E, US RE12458E, US-E-RE12458, USRE12458 E, USRE12458E
InventorsRobert Amos Baggett
Original AssigneeMellob box Opener Company
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US RE12458 E
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"Wllmses r j ifm/anw? @rg-mw@- .Rohm/Q; 8599811@ am y Amaya..

UNITED s'riirns PATENT ernten.


Specification of Reissued Letters Patent. Reissued Feb. 220, 1906.

Original No. 738,753, dated September 15, 1903. Application for reissue Sled September 8 1905i Serial No. 2??.689. i

To (all whont t may concern:

Be it known that I, Bonner Amos BAG- on'r'r, a citizen of the United States, residing at Belton, Bell county, Texas, have invented a certain new and useful improvement in Conibination-Tools, ol which the following is a full, clear, and exact description, such as will enable others skilled in the artto which it appertains to make and use the same, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, forming part of this specification, in which- Figure 1 is a perspective view of the irnproved implement. Fig. 2 is a view illustrating the manner of using the implement in drawing large nails. manner of employing the implement in draw ing small nails or tacks, and Figs. 4 and 5 illustrate the manner of employing the implement as a wire-stretcher. I

This invention relates to implements ada t- 1 ed for opening barrels, boxes, and simi ar closures and which may also be employed for stretching wires and driving or removing staples in constructing or repairingwre fences and for other pnrposes,and has for its object to simplify and improve devices ot' this charactor and increase the efficiency and usefuL ness without increasing the weight or eX- ense.

The invention consists in certain novel few.

tures of construction, as hereinafter shown and described, and specified in the claim.

' The improved implement consists of a stock or handled() of an approved length or size, terminating ,in a ch1seloint 11 in longitndinal. alinenent with the andle and preferably 'formed with a Vshaped cleft 12 to en able this portion of the implement to he employed for pulling tacks and small nails and also to' "starty the staples securing the Wires of fences and for other similar purposes.

' Extending from one side of the handle 1() is a baclWardly-curved portion i3, whose rear end terminates in a claw ortion 14, provided with a rearwardly-opening cleft 15, saidvlaw portion being adapted to be used as a nail-puller and wire-stretcher. as shown in l `igs.v2, 4, and 5.

Extending `from the handle 1() on the opposite side from the nail-claw member 13 is e hammer face or lug 16 of anyitp roved size.

With this implement many dii erent kinds el work may be performed. ,For instance,

Fig. 3 represents the L'sub the chisel end 11 may be driven between a box-cover and the body of the 'box and the back side of the claw 13 utilized as a fulcrum to assist the operator in pryin .oii the cover. The chisel-point, with its c eit 12, will he found very convenient in wremoi'fing the barrel-linings or "bclimedioo' s in o )ening bar reis and removing the nai s there rorn. The chisel-point 11,witl1 its cleft '12, will also be found very convenient in drawing small nails or tacks, the hammer-face serving as a fulcruin when the implement is thus employed, as shown in Fig, 3. l

The claw member Iii will be found very elV 4 ficient in drawing larger nails, and when thus employed the chisel-pointf`11 serves as a ul Crum to greatly increase the i draft and `prevent the bending of the nails, as illustrated in Sie 2- When employed as abarbed\vi1e stretcher, the chisel-point`will be placed against the. side of the post (indica-ted at 17 in Fig. 4) and with the cleft 14 in the rear oi' the nearest barb 18 on the Wire 19. Then using the implement as a lever the wire may be stretched to any desired degree and secured by staples in the usual manner, the peculiar shape ot' the claw member 13 affording abet tfr grip for the nail or Wire than the ordinary c aw.

When empioyedto stretch Wire not having barbs,`the wire can be wound around ,the

hammenface one or more turns after passing through the cleft 14, as shown in Fig. 5, to revent slipping. Thus the implement can e employed for a varietvr of purposes and all manufactured ver7 cheaply and of ampie strength to resist a l strains to which it Wili'bo noted. l

rl lic implement will be found very conven ient for grocers and similar merchants and also for farmers, fenedbulderaand all inochanics who are called upon to perform rough repair work. y

'Having thus described the invention, what is'elaimed as new, and desired to be secured by Letters Patent, is--u A tool comprising a stock having e Wedges'imped end extending in longitudinal alineme'nt therewith, a claw member composed of a flattened erin extending leterally from one of the' flattened faces of said Wedge-shaped stock-terminal and spa-eed from the end thereof, seid arm being curved rearwardl et a point intermediate of its ends With t e ee end thereof extended in a plane arallel With the plane ooupied by the stocl, said Claw member and .Wed having V-shaped ge shaped stock teljminal elefte therein opening in opposite directions; substantially as described.' In testimony whereof I hereunto affix my g S t ignatu're, in the presence ofv two witnesses his 4th dey of Se tember, 1905.


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