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Publication numberUSRE12513 E
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 24, 1906
Filing dateJun 25, 1906
Publication numberUS RE12513 E, US RE12513E, US-E-RE12513, USRE12513 E, USRE12513E
InventorsGerard C. Scott
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US RE12513 E
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WITNESSES L7 yi /ZZ ru: N ofems PETERS co., wAsHngmoNf n. c,

'Nrrnn srAgrns PouLTRY-Houee.

Specification of Reissued Letters Patent.

Reissued July 24, 1906.

Original No. i782,063, dated February 7,1905. Application for reissue iiled June 25, 1906\ Serial 110.3231493- To all wiz/0m t may concern,.-

Be it known that I, GERARD C. SCOTT, a citizen of the United States, residing at Columbus, in the county of Franklin and State of Ohio, have invented a certain new and useful Improvement in Poultry-Houses, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to the improvement of poultry-houses of that class which are adapted for raising and fattening poultry for the market and the objects of my invention are to provide an improved poultry-house construction of this class which may be easily maintained in a sanitary condition and which is so constructed as to provide a oompact arrangement of poultry-containing compartments adapted to house for fattening purposes a large number of fowls. These objects I accomplish in the manner illustrated in the accompanying drawings, inwhich- Figure 1 is a sectional view through three tiers of compartments, taken on line y y of Fig. 2 and Fig. 2 is a front elevation of the compartment shown in Fig. 1, the lower compartment being for the sake of clearness in illustration broken away to the dotted line :c of Fig. 1.

Similar numerals refer to similar parts throughout both views. f

My improved poultry-containing structure is preferably located within a suitable building, of which 1 represents one of the vertical Walls thereof, and 2 the floor. Supported at a'suitable point within said building and preferably extending throughout the length or greater portion of the length of the building is a comparatively narrow vertical bin or reservoir 3, the upper open end of which may have fed therein in any suitable manner material hereinafter specified. This longitudinallyarranged bin 3 has supported from the opposite faces thereof at intervals, one above the other, housings or inclosures, which extend throughout the length or the greater portion of the len th of the bin. Each of these housings or iongitudinally-arranged inclosures comprises a horizontal floor portion 4, from the under side and outer portion of which depends suitable compartment-frames 5 of the next lower housing structure, which are preferably filled with parallel rods or bars 6, and these frames and rods, in conjunction with suitably-iilled door-frames 7, form the fronts or outer portions of the compartments which are produced by interposing between said outer frame portions and the surfaces of the bin S transverse partition-frames 8, the latter being arranged at desirable intervals one from the other. These partition-frames are preferably filled with wire-netting, as indicated at 9, and extending across the bottoms of said compartments at intervals are parallel wires 10. I also provide a roosting board or bar 11, which extends longitudinally through the lower portions of the compartments of each horizontal row. Extending across the fronts of the compartments and near the lower portion of each of the same is a feed-trough 12, from which the fowls contained in the compartments may obtain their food by the insertion of their headsY between the bars or rods 6. Formed longitudinally in the walls of the vertical and rcentral bin 3 are slotted openings 13, the latter communicating, as shown, with the spaces which are between the under sides of the compartments.

From the construction shown and described it Will be seen that the compartmentforming structures, which are arranged on opposite sides of the bin 3, are so supported from said bin as to result in the separation of the under sides of one tier of compartments from its Hoor, the said floor forming the top of the next lower compartments, with the result that the droppings or refuse matter,4 from PATENT ornon GERARD c. soo'rr, or COLUMBUS, oHo.

the compartments will pass through the openwork floorings of the compartments and onto said iioors or compartment tops or into such material as may be discharged thereon from the central bin 3. This bin is intended to be kept constantly iilled with a supply. of suitable absorbent material, and it is obvious that while a certain amount of such material will by its passa e through the slotted openings 13 acoumu ate upon the floors of the compartments the natural choking of the openings 13 by the accumulation of material about the entrances to the same will prevent `a constant flow from the bin. This absorb- TOO a suitable device, such as a scraper operated manually or otherwise, the combined absorbent and refuse materials may be readily drawn outward and over the outer edges of the compartment-floors, thus permitting of IIO the latter being retained in a comparatively clean or sanitary condition. separated from the next lower ioor.

Having noW fully described my invention, In testimony whereof I aHiX my signature What I claim, and desire t0 secure by Letters l in presence of tWo witnesses.

the neXt under side of each of said floors and 1o 5 Patent1 is The Combination With a bin having outletl GERARD C SCOTT' openings at intervals7 of superposed floors In presence ofsupported from the sides of said bin, com? P. G. MILLER,

partlnent-fornng frameworksupportedfrom W. D. HARRIS.

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