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Publication numberUSRE12924 E
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 2, 1909
Filing dateNov 5, 1908
Publication numberUS RE12924 E, US RE12924E, US-E-RE12924, USRE12924 E, USRE12924E
InventorsHarvey S. Cover
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US RE12924 E
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to bear upon the flesh ofthe wearer about f two flexible and elastic tubular' parts emthe eye, a thin compressible and elestic l bodyin'gr each a lens-holding portion ot' tubular ange connecting the ring and i elastic materiel ede'ited to constrictively cushion and e flexible bridge between the l lens holding portions. l adapted to bear uI on the flesh of the wearer 3. An eye-guard consisting of two lenses, t about the eye, an a thin, compressible awl a. flexible piece embodying two lens holding I elastic tubcconnecting the ring und the portions, each consisting of e ring of elastic cushionand a exible bridge connecting thc material adapted to constrictively hold one l lens, a flat flexible annular cushion ada ted l holding to beer upon the flesh of the wearer about the eye, a. thin compressible and elastic i tubular flange connecting the ring and cushion, and a. flexible bridge between the rings of the lens holding portions.

4. An eye guard consisting of two lenses,

each other.

them yieldingly in proper relation to HARVEY S. COVER,

i Witnesses: JENNm ARNOLD,

hold one lens, a flat exible annuler cushion i twoexible and elastic tubular parts end

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