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Publication numberUSRE13499 E
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 24, 1912
Publication numberUS RE13499 E, US RE13499E, US-E-RE13499, USRE13499 E, USRE13499E
InventorsPbedebick W. Bbedeb
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US RE13499 E
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Reissud Dec. 24, 1912. 1 3,499.

TIE- .L'

anwwtozq 5 E WBreaen and rmnmcx w. nnsnnn Ann an n. LOYID, or srnmermnn,


To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that we, linnnnnlcx W. Banana and JOHN H, LoYn, citizens of the United States, residing at Springfield, in

- of the preferred embodiment of the inven-' the section 14 bein and more particularly to artificial;

the county of Greene, State of Missouri, have invented certain new and useful Imrovements in Artificial Bait; and we do ereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and" use the same.

This invention relates to fishing tackle, ait,.and has for one of its objects to lmprove the construction and increase the efliclency and utility of devices of this character.

With this and other objects in view, the invention consists in certain novel .features' of construction as hereafter shown and described and then specliically pointed out in the claims, and in the drawings illustrative tion, F re 1 'is a plan viewof the improved evice, tion viewed from above, Fig. 3 is a section on the line 3-3 of Fig. 2, Fig. 4 is a section of the forward body portion on the line 4-4 of Fig. 3.

The improved device is provided with a body formed in two sections 14-15, the bodles mounted end to end upona rod 10, arranged to rotate freely on the rod, w ile the section 15 is held from turning by a counter weight 35 embedded therein, as shown in Fig. 4. The.

outlines of the bod sections resemble the outlines of a small sh, as shown. For the purpose of illustration in this description the. body section 14 will be referred to as the rear body section and the body section 15 will be referred to as the forward body section.

Connected to the rear or smaller end of the rear body section 14 is a spinner member 16 formed of two blades reversely twisted in the usual manner, the hub 17 of the spinner being threaded and fittin thereby rigidly in the body section 14 an hearing at its outer surface against a globular member 11. By this means the friction between the spinner member and the body is reduced to a minimum.

The rear hodv section 14 is nrowidod with the shanks of thehoo Fig. 2 is a'longitudinal sec-- Specification of Beissued Letters latent. Ris'sfied B 424, 1912,

Original ll'o. 972,7, dated October 11, 1910, Serial No. 490,878. Application for reissue Serial Ho. 8 82,240.

a metal core 18, surrounding the rod 10.

mssounr; sam LOYID flied Kovember 24, z

The forward body section 15 is provided with a transverse aperture 19, the latter.

communicating. with the interior of the member 15 which surrounds the core rod, and also preferably lined with metal as shown at 20. Connected to the core'rod 10, are two oppositely extending arms 2122,

the arms extending into the aperture '19 and terminating in twisted eyes 23-24. The twisted -eyes provide means for detachably supportmg two multi le hooks 2526,

loops 2728 adapted to be engaged with having terminal the twisted eyes of the arms from the exterior, so that the hooks 25-26 may be de- .tached, if required, as hereafter explained.

Mounted to swing upon the rod 10 in advance of the body section 15 is another spinner member 29 of the usual form and provlded with a flat central (ink 33 Winch bears against the forward end of the body 15. The rod 10 is provided with a globular bearing 30 in advance of the plate 33 and spinner 29 and likewise provided with a loop 31 for the attachment of the draft line 32. r

Embedded in the rear face of the body 15 is a bearing block 34 through which the rod 10 extends, the block thus serving to prevent wear between the rod and the relatively soft member 15. A counter weight 35 is embedded in the member 15 to mamtain it normally with thetransverse aper- I while the remaining portions are of metal preferably steel, and the :pinner members silver plated, nickel plat or o erwise coated to present a flashing appearance when in operation.

With a device thus," constructed it is obvious that when the bait is drawn through the water the spinner member 16 will be caused to rotate and corre ondingly rotate v the body section 14, while t e spinner memms effect will be l. In an artificial bait, I

upon said 'rearwa ber 29 is also irritated, but in its rotation eifect' the body section 15, asit has no connection -therewithy If u uired the hooks 2526 may 'befdetached an hooks of various sizes connected to the coupliu members 23-24. The body sections of t e two parts may be of any required sizeto adapt the device to the" catching of different species of fish without-material changes'in the construction, and it is not desired therefore to limit the invention to. body portions of any size or appearance;

What is claimedis:

with means at one end for the attachment of a draft line, hooks mounted to swing upon said rod at its other end,'a forward body portion mounted upon said rod and having a recess to receive said stop collar, said forward body portion having a trans- Verse aperture throughwhich said rod' extends, a transverse rodengagmg over said core rod w1th1n said aperture, ooks -mov-. ably connected to said transverse rod and extending laterally fro'm'said forward body portion, a rearward body portionmounted for rotation upon said core rod, aljspinner rd-body portion and ro tative therewith uponfthecorevrod, and-Janother spinner rotative upon said core rod in advance of said forward body portion.

2. In an artificial bait, :a rod "having means at one end -;for the attachment of a draft line, hooksc gnounted' to-swing upon said rod at itsoth'er1end, a forwardbody laterally from portion,

portion mounted upon said rod, said forward body portion" having a transverse aperture through whicli'saidrod extends, a transverse rod engaging over 'saidcore .rod

within said aperture, hooks movahlyconneeted to said transverse rod and extending a core rod having a bearing block intermediate the ends and a rearward body portion mounted for rotation upon said core rod, a spinner having a tubular stud engaging over said core rod and externally threaded and fitting within said rearward body portion and thereby coupling the stud and the spinner thereto, and another spinner rotative upon said core rod in advance of said forward body portion.

3. In an artificial bait, a core rod having means at one end for the attachment of a draft line, hooks mounted to swing upon said rod at its other end, a forward body portion mounted upon said rod, said forward body portion having a transverse aperture through which said rod extends, .a transverse rod engaging over said core rod within said aperture, and with open twist coilsr at its ends, hooks having eyes detachably engaging said coils and extending laterally from said forward portion, a rearward body portion mounted for rotation upon said core rod, and another spinner rotative upon said core 'rod in advance of said forward body portion.

4. A bait comprising a body having substantially the nera'l sha of a fish and in cluding a fi-xe front section and a rotatable rear section, said rearsection being provided with means for emphasizing the rotation thereof to the vision, a hook-connected to the front section and adapted to overlie the inner end of the rear section, 7' anda spinner secured to the outer end of the rear section to effect the rotation of the latter as the bait is drawn through the water.

' In testimony whereof, we-aflix our signatures, in presence .of two witnesses.


' V N. F. TERRY,

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