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Publication numberUSRE14000 E
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 26, 1915
Filing dateDec 26, 1914
Publication numberUS RE14000 E, US RE14000E, US-E-RE14000, USRE14000 E, USRE14000E
InventorsLouis M. Cole
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Louis m
US RE14000 E
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Reissued oct. 26, .1915.

f 771) en for' az/1.5M Gale UNITED sTATEs.l ZATENT OFFICE.

LOUIS M. COLE, or nosnuestras CALIFORNIA.


Specification of Reissued Letters Iatent. Rejssued 0017, 26, 1915.

@riginal NoI 1,054,8i26, dated March 4, 191.3, Serial KO. 543,055. Application for reissue led December',

1914. Serial No. r8793221.

To all whom Il may concern Be it known that I, LoUIs M. COLE, a citi- 'zen of the United States, residing at Los Angeles, in the county of Los Angeles and State of California, have invented new and useful Improvements in Labels, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to improvements In labeling means forv receptacles, cans `or 'the like.

vide a label upon aV goods inclosing recep- Vxtacle which is adapted to contain advertishaving impressions upon both sides thereof forvindicating certain data.

.' the accompanying drawing forming a part of this specilication, AFigure 1 is a perspective view of a can suitable for containing any line of goods, the said can having l`the improved movable label mounted thereon. Fig.l 2 is a transverse sectional view through thecan taken upon the line 2 -2 of F ig. 1 but showing the can upon an enlarged scale. Fig. 3 is a plan view of the label employed, the` same being attened out as before applying to the can, the Outside of the label being shown. Fig. 4 is a similar plan view showing the inside of the label. y

, The details of the vinvention will now be more particularly described, reference being had to the drawing in which 1 indicates a label which is usually made of paper and is provided On the outside with any desiredconfigurations, artistic designs or wording to Vrepresent the goods which is to be in- 'closed in the can or receptacle to which the i label isf'appiied.

2 indicates a can of ordinary construction having projecting-ledge yflanges '3 at its upper and lower ends-:forliml'ting vthe movement of the label thereon and preventing it tothe made to adhere thereto for fastening lfrom slipping from place. The label is nprovided with a gummed portion on'the'inner t is an object of the invention to pro-- the end of the label together, as indicated at 5 in Fig. 2.

The gummed portion of the label is pret'- erably so arranged that when the ends are fastened together the label will not adhere to the can or receptacle yat any point but will be'loosely mounted thereon as shown in Fig. 2. The said label is also provided witha line or indicating mark 6 upon its outer surface showing where the label is to be out for removing it and the words Cut on this line may be arranged adjacent thereto. The line for cutting the label is preferably located to one side of the lapped ends so -that the cut need only be made through a single thickness ofthe paper or other material of which the label is composed. The inner surface of the label is provided `with various data and printed matter, which it is desired to convey to the purchaser of thel goods, for instance a portion of said label on its inner surface is provided with printed matter indicating that it is a coupon, one or more of .which if saved and pren sented to the company selling the goods will command some kind of a premium. The inner surface of the said label is provided with a line 7 indicating where the same should be cut to sever the coupon therefrom. The remaining portion of the label upon its surface is preferably provided with desirable data such for instance as recipes for preparing the material contained in the can if it be food or for cooking generally or for setting forth any other.,` desirable or useful information. y

The label thusl forms a desirablel addition to the receptacle'not only because of its advertising qualities in setting forth the properties of the goods for "the merchant or distributer, but also because of the information, coupons or the like' which is obtained by removing and preserving the said label.

thereonjs capable of being lremoved for the surface of one end thereof as at 4 which is adapted to lap over the other end lthereof when the label .is applied to thecan so as.

lower edgeswith4v retainingflanges by' fas purposes above set 1 forth.

What I claim ist 7-1. As a new article of manufacture, a 1abel adapted to -be detachably 4fas/tened 'around a-can,provide 'd on its upper and amg ai@ nas of th-'aba together, gaia" label having printed display matter on theouter surfaces anda printed couponl and othe'rnseful printed matter on the inner surface thereof, said label also-being provided with la transversely disposed cutting vline thereon out of registry with said print-v edfv coupon and, otherprinted matter, Whereby when thev labelis cut on, said line it can be removed from the canso'thathe printed matter can be read o n the concealed side of i f thel label v'and .the coupon detached there.-

from in an unmutilated condition. L

2. As a new article vof manufacture, a label adapted to be 'detachably' secured around'. ajcontainer, said label' for' said container having display matter relating to the conktents of the container'cn its outer face, the

. inner face of said label bearing useful print- .l zo

ed matter, fsaid label being pro'yided on its outer facevwith a lme disposed transversely thereto and out 'of registry with said useful printed matter 'indicating lt'vheresaigl label should be' severed to remove the' entire-label from the container Without 1mutilating the matter on itsinner' side.

j 8. Asta newartcle of manufacture, a label adapted tobe detachably secured around a packagehsaid label having display matter relating to the 'contents-of the package on its 4outer face, the inner face' of said labely bearing useful printed matter, said label being provided on the outer face thereof with' aline out of registry with said useful printed matter indicating where the label may be- Ifnutilating the printed matter onlits inner v ace. y ,t y l In Witness that I' claim the foregoing, I

have' hereunto subscribed my-vname this 19th '40 35 severed to .remove the entire label without

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