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Publication numberUSRE14619 E
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 25, 1919
Filing dateNov 21, 1917
Publication numberUS RE14619 E, US RE14619E, US-E-RE14619, USRE14619 E, USRE14619E
InventorsAnnetta Moeller
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Annetta moeller
US RE14619 E
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R aissued M a-15.25, 1919. 14,619.

awman/tot Anne tna Moel [er sat,



14,619. Original No. 1,262,542, dated April e, 1918, Serial To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, ANNETTA MonLLnR, a citizen of the United States, residing at Indianapolis, Marion county, and State of Indiana, have invented and discovered certain-new and useful Improvements in Holders for Personal-Treatment Preparations, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to holders for preparations such as used by manicurists, chiropo-- dists, dentists, etc., who in their practice are using a number of preparations successively, all of which it is desirable to have in convenient form and arrangement for use and so as to be readily protected and kept in sanitary condition and its object is to pro vide an article of this class having means for holding in separate compartments the different antiseptics, powders, pastes, and other preparations, and having a movable cover or covers for said receptacles, and of such construction that the receptacles may be uncovered and covered conveniently; and to provide means for containing and feeding a body of cotton, which means may if desired be utilized as a pivot and retaining member for the cover, and serve to prevent danger of the cover from being displaced and broken.

With these objects in view, my invention is embodied in preferable form in the construction and arrangement'hereinafter de-' scribed and illustrated in the accompanying drawings.

In these drawings, Figure 1 is a perspective view and Fig. 2 a vertical section on dotted line 2-2 in Fig. 1.

Referring to the drawings, 1 indicates the base of the article which is preferably made of a substantially solid body of glass, although such material is not essential to the purpose of my invention, and which is adapted to rest upon the table, chair rest or other suitable support. This body is preferably polygonal in form with a series-of flat vertical faces in order to enable it to be accom-.

modated to the sides of a chair seat and be firmly retained in position. Formed in the upper surface of this solid body are wells or recesses 2, adapted to receive powders, pastes, liquids or other materials employed in the manicuring or other operation and into which the instruments of the user are adapted to be dipped. Mounted on the up- 65 per surface of the body is a rotatable cover from being Specification of Reissued. Letters Patent. Reissued lvlar. 25, 1919,

No. 203,193, filed November 21, 1917. Application for reissue filed January 11, 1919. Serial No. 270,761.

3, which is provided with radially extending closure wings or sections 4:, adapted to register with and cover the wells 2, and with recesses 5, between said sections adapted to permit the wells to be uncovered when it is desired to use the preparations contained therein. Modifications in such formwill readily suggest themselves to the manufacturer to best adapt the device for the different uses.

In the drawings fi've of the wells are shown but a greater or less number may be employed if desired. The recesses 5 and closing sections 4: may correspond in number to the wells so that when the cover when of the form shown is turned to open position all of the wells will be uncovered at the same time, which is a feature of advantage in use for some purposes owing to the fact that it is oftentimes desirable to use all the materials contained in the various receptacles. Other forms may be found desirable for other uses.

As shown the cover is provided with a central opening therethrough, engaginga central post 6 rising from the body and preferably integral therewith, and this post serves as a pivot for the cover and as means .for retaining the same against lateral displacement, whereby the cover is protected dislodged from the body with the consequent danger of breaking the same. This post or boss is hollow and forms a continuation of a central hollow circular bore in the body 1 of the article and in the chamber thus provided there is mounted a body of raw cotton 7, which is adapted to be drawn out through a slot 8 formed in the upper end of the boss or post. This body of cotton is supported and forced upward by means of a spring 9, the lower end of which rests upon inward lugs 10 on the inner edge of the body 1.

In the use of the device when it is desired to apply the materials in the wells, the cover is moved so as to uncover the receptacles and the instruments dipped therein, and during the operation the cotton may be readily pulled out through the opening in the cen tral post. When the operation is completed the cover is moved so as to close the wells, whereby the contents of the same are protected from dust and evaporation. A sanitary holder is thus provided. In the use of the article it is frequently necessary tomove The liability of the accidental dilbdgmenti and injuryto the cover is obviated by tha thgbas pod larly to support the same upon a rest chair.

en gagen'le nt Of the hover With-th'' CHtIaI'i'Ii-E 3 t n taining post which prevents lateral displace;-

r 1 t a beingipoly'gonalun form and havlng flatver mentwthefofai 1: 3 t lrlwi nm hus desqr bed. Ye biomwhat A -O der for mahicl'l iri "b 1 I d .t drd Y u. @If k atwheleby m the rotation Of cl qsfed and a a tral hQH WPQS a lug f iom a a theta if lama.

nd closure seti vqa a le n tiq s. fpr use dtatab g ht t dyed and nl netee n.

t a pl n faces wh rebyttheflb ayb prevehted' ELDER mgsal

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