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Publication numberUSRE14762 E
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 25, 1919
Filing dateJun 2, 1919
Publication numberUS RE14762 E, US RE14762E, US-E-RE14762, USRE14762 E, USRE14762E
InventorsWilson Roy Springer
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Spring-steel band
US RE14762 E
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2 e m w 4, @u 1 Y fam,




missuea Nov 25, 1919.

wILsoN nor SPRINGER, "or osxALoosA, Iowa.


14,762. y original lo. 1,273,719, mated To all wia/in. it may coi/wem: i

Be it known 'that I, WILSON ROY SPRINGER, a citizen of the United States, and a resident oi' Oskaloosa, `in the county of Mahaska and State of Iowa, have invented Certain new and useful Improvements in Spring-Steel Bands, of which the follow-l ing is a specification. v

My invention is animprovement in spring steel bands, andl has for its object to provide a band of the character specified adapted for tying up mail matter, as `forinstance packages of letters and thelike, wherein the band may be used many times, the `hand having interengaging means at. its ends for permitting it to be attached aboutthe package, the attaching means being adjustable for various size packages.

In the drawings: I

Figure 1 is a perspective view of the improved band in use;

Fig. 2 is a section on the line Fig. l;

.Fig 3 is a perspective view of the interengaging ends of the bands detached.

The present embodiment of the invention is shown in connectionwith a package of letters or the like, the band being arranged about the center of the package in the same manner as the string commonly used.

The improved band 2 is of spring steel or other resilient metal, of suitable length and Width. provided with an'anchoring lng 4, while the other end 5 is provided with a series of recesses, any one of which is adapted to vreceive said lug when the ends 3 and 5 are overlapped. Upon the end portion 3 1s a hoop or keeper 7 fastened to the strap and adapted to hold the perforated end portion down upon the lug-bearing end portion, and thereby adapt the fastening to withstand tension on the strap.

An important feature of my invention resides in the relative locations ofthe'lug 4 and keeper 7 upon the end portion 3. By'

One end portion 3 of the band is .y specification of Relssued :Il .ettersv Patent. Reissued NOV,` 245, 1919.

September 10, 191e, Serial No. 281,867, vill-edv Iay 1, 1918. Application for 'reissue led June 2, 1919. Serial No. 301,330.v

ably also located to leave a surface of strap lcontinuing on the opposite side of the keeper from the lug, to `afford a surface to guidev the intruded endv to the loop, and to still more surely sustain the end portion 5 in parallelism 4with the end portion 3 by supband, when passed through the loop 7, to be easily engaged withthe lug 4 at any one of the openings 6. Theopposite end 5 ofv the band has a series 6 of openings, the said openings being rectangular in the present instance, and having one axis transverse to the band. These openings are spaced apart at suitable intervals, and they are adapted -to engage the lug 4 and to receive the said lug 4v so that the end 5 of the band will lie smthly upon the end 3 of the band when the lug 4 and one of the openings 6 are engaged. v

The loop 7 has that side adjacent to the end of the band 2 of greater width, thus alf, lowing more space when the end 5 is to be passed through the loop 7 and eliminating any poibility of the end 5 becoming caught in being passed through the loop `7. i,

In placing the band, it is placed around the package in the usual manner and the end 5 of the-band is passed Vthrough the loop 7 and engaged with the lug 4,-at one of the openings 6.

It will be noticed in Fig. 2 that the apex of the lug 4 being higher `above the plane of the band 2 than the loop 7, enough tension will be caused to vthrow the end 5 oi `clined to allow the opposite end- 5 ofthe the band flat on the end 3 when the lug 4 and one of the openings 6 are engaged.

It Will be noticed by referring to Figs. 1 and 2 that at points in the length of the band there are c-rimps 8, the said crimps being designed vto increase the {ieXibility of the 4band andl tov facilitate tightening the band around the package of letters or the like. i

In practice, the band may be of diierent Widths and thicknesses suitable for the purpose, and it is obvious that they are prac# tically everlasting. There are no projections to snag or mutilate associated bundles and packageaand'theband lies flat y on the package. `It is yimpossible for the band to become loosened in transit, and it is easily adjusted and released, and 'is inexpensive, and in all making a practical ty.-y

device for mail and Alike service.

he improved band can'be sealed toA iu-l sure delivery so .that a letter once taken out of the package cannot be lputbackwithout breaking the seal.v f

I claim: i

L A spring stralznfhavingY a portion y "vided witha lug, and a keeper for holding an overlapped end interlocked with said lug, and a recessed portion adapted to protrude through the lkeeper and receive said lug;

said keeper being spaced perpendicular-ly from thesurface from which the lug projects, whereby it holds"V the,` recessed portion in parallelism with the lug-bearing portion,

and beingspaced' rearward from said lngV Q vto leave the-'lugengaging portion of the Strap freely flexibie for locking and unlock-v atwill.v u

2*. A spring straphaving agportion re;l

cessed to receive 'an anchoring lug, and-having a portion provided with an anchoring lug to interlock with said recessed portion when the portions are overlapped, and with akeeper to hold such interlock; the keeper being spaced from the lug a distance to permit interlock and release of the parts the band near which the lug'is'located, the said floop-'being'vadapted to-receive the end 'of the band having openings therein, where# by one of said openings may be engaged by said lug, rising from the same surface Ywith the Vlug and thereby holding overlapped ends in parallelism and spaced fromV the lugto render freely iiexible thev lug-en- `5. A spring steel bandhaving a series of i holes at one end andy means for detachably securing the opposite end of the steel band to said first end, saidv means comprising a v lug near the secoudend of said'band, and a loop near said secondend forming a receiving space on the same' face of the band as said lug, spaced longitudinally of the band from the lug, andA of substantially the same cross sectional area as the first end of the said band, whereby when the first end of said` band is inserted through said receiving space, one of they openings in said end may bebrought into engagement with said lug.

6. A device of the character' specified comprising a resilient. metal band having at one end a loop and a lug, the `other end of the band being adapted to pass through the loop and having a series of spaced openings orreceiving the lug, said loop being of greatest Width at the end remote from the lug and the lug having that face adjacent to the loop inclined.

. Y Sliied at Oskaloosa, Iowa, this` 29th day 1919. n WILSON ROY SPRINGER.

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