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Publication numberUSRE15214 E
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 25, 1921
Filing dateDec 3, 1918
Publication numberUS RE15214 E, US RE15214E, US-E-RE15214, USRE15214 E, USRE15214E
InventorsEalfh Whipple
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Automatic steering and control mechanism fob tractors
US RE15214 E
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APPLICATION FILED AUG-3h 192l- Reissued 00. 25, 1921.



Aurorm'rrc STEERING AND CONTROL MEoHANrsn: non 'rRAorons.

Specification of Reissued Letters Patent. Reissued Oct. 25, 1921.

Original No. 1,296,027, dated March 4, 1919, Serial No. 265,146, filed December s, 1918. Application 10: reissue filed August 31, 1921. Serial No. 497,381.

T 0' all whom it may concern Be it known that I, RALPH 'WHIPPLE, a citizen of the United States, residin at Detroit, in the county of Wayne and tate of Michigan, have invented certain new and useful Improvementsin Automatic Steering and Control Mechanism for Tractors, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to tractors and more specifically to automatic steering and control mechanism for agricultural tractors particularly adapted for plowing, harrowmg and the like where after the first furrow is dug the tractor is adapted to automatically move in lines parallel thereto.

One of the objects of the present invention is to provide a simple and practical mechanism of the above general character which may be inexpensively manufactured and installed. A further object is to provide a mechanism of the above general character adapted to be applied to automobile tractors and so designed as to automatically stop the tractor should the same for any reason leave its redetermined course.

ther objects will be in part obvious from the annexed drawings and in part indicated in connection therewith by the following analysis of this invention.

This invention accordingly consists in the features of construction, combination of parts and in the unique relations of the members and in the relative proportioning and disposition thereof, all as more completely outlined herein.

To enable others skilled in the art so fully to comprehend the underlying features thereof that they may embody the same by the numerous modifications in structure and relation contemplated by this invention, drawings depicting a preferred form have been annexed as a part of this disclosure, and in such drawings, like characters of reference denote corresponding partsthroughout all the views, in which Figure 1 is an elevational view with certain parts shown diagrammatically with the invention applied thereto;

Fig. 2 is a plan view;

Fi 3 and 4 are detail views.

Re erring now to the drawing in detail, 5 denotes a frame of substantially Y-shaped construction having at its head end 6 a single post 7 carrying a wheel 8 at its lower 9* 999 e P i i t a el is furrow: T e r ar ends'lO'ofthe frame are supported near opposite ends of an axle 11 "pro'vided with a large tractor wheel 12which may travel in a previously formed'furrow while at theopposite side is a smaller wheel 15 adaptedto travel on the normal ground level. The frame carries'a plow ll'o'r other soil engaging implement of any desired type and this, of course, may be mov'ed up and downor its relative anglechanged-in any desired manner. These parts are all of moref or less standard construction and detailed description thereof is believedto be unnecessary;

At the forward part offthe fraine 6 is mounted an engine 15 provided with a power delivering device such as a fly wheel 16 connected in any suitable manner with the rear axle '11 for driving the tractor wheels. 'Co'ntrollin lever 1 and spark'lever 18, are mounted on a suitable segment 20 in front of the drivers seat 21' convenient for operation. Adjacent the engine 15 is a stud or, other suitable fixed member 22 to which oneend of a spiral spring 23 surrounding th'epost 7 is adapted to be secured. The opposite.,,end,.of this spring is secured to a lug or post 24 upon the member 7 and is adapted to turn ther with. This spring is so tensioned as to normally hold the wheel 8 at right angles to the line of travel but by reason of a pilot roller 25 carried on a bent arm 26 detachably secured to the member 7 by bolt 27 and which roller is adapted to travel against the wall of the furrow whereby the wheel 8 is kept in a line substantially parallel to the line of movement.

The member 7 is provided with a rearwardly extending lug 28 to which is connected a flexible member such as spring 80, the opposite end of which spring is secured at 31 to the end of a bell crank lever pivoted mechanism, consisting of a gas at 32 on the frame of the machine. The opposite end 33 of this bell crank lever is secured by means of a ring 34 and branch lines 35 to the spark and gas controls, as shown in Fig. 4. It will thus be seen that the wheel 8 will be permitted to have a certain amount of lateral movement to follow the normal.

a pull t be up n the eeseeeti s to actuate the bell crank lever and to depress its rear end 33 to draw down the spark and. gas control levers to stop -position, thereby instantly and automatically shutting ofl the en 'ine. r i v y reason of this construction the tractor is substantially automatic in its operation and after the initial furrow has been made andthe' tractor started, it will con-j tinue to plow automatically in lines parallel to theinitial furrow unless byaccidentthe tractor leaves its predetermined course under which circumstances the engine {is immediately shut oif, as above described. [.An'y usual form of'ma ual y opera ed stee ing de vice Ina be appliedtothe post 7 toguide the implement when no't .plowing, snch device being not illustrated of the present invention.

The invention is of simple and practical construction and reliable and eflicient in use and operation and is believed to accomplish among others all' of the objects and advantages herein set forth,

I realize that considerable variation is possible in the details ofc'onstruc-tionand aras forming no part 'rangement of partswithout departing from the spirit of my invention, and I therefore do not intend tolimit myself to the "specific form shown and described.

I claim: p '1'. In combination with a tractor provided with a source of power and control means therefor, steering mechanism, a pilot device connected with said steering mechanism and adapted to travel in a furrow and to be held frrnniturning by contact with the wall theretherefor,

(31%, means for holding said pilot device against the furrow wall, and connectlons .-between.;'.the steering mechanism and the power control adapted to be actuated by the steering mechanism when t-he'same is turned by said holding means as the pilot device turns from contact with the furrow-wall.

. 2, Incombinationwith a, tractor provided with a source of. 'power and control means steering mechanism comprising a Wheel-equippedpost, a pilot device connect- 8d .WltllSt1ld post and adapted to travel in a'furrowand against the wall thereof, means tending to normally turn said Steering mechanism nd pilot device to a'position at right angles to the tractor frame, and connections between the steering mechanism and the power control adapted to be actuatedby :the steeringmechanism when the same is turned by said turning, means when the pilot device turns from contact with the furrowwall.

3; In combination witha tractor provided with a source ofpower and control means therefor, steering mechanism comprising a wheel-equippecl post, a pilot .device removably connected with said post and consisting ofa roller adapted to travel in a furrow and against the wall thereof, a spring normally tending to turn said steering mechanism and pilot device to a position at right angles to the tractor frame, and connections between the steering mechanisn 'and the power control adapted to be actuated by said steerin'g mechanism when the pilot device turns from contact with the furrow wall.

' In testimony whereofl affix in Si nature. RALPH W 1P LE.

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