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Publication numberUSRE15655 E
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 17, 1923
Filing dateSep 21, 1917
Publication numberUS RE15655 E, US RE15655E, US-E-RE15655, USRE15655 E, USRE15655E
InventorsEdwin A. Mckoy
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Stump harvester
US RE15655 E
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' vJuly 17,' 1923.

lE. A. McKoY ET AL STUMP HARVESTER Original Filed Sept. 2l., 1917 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 l. In QPF@- L rw N. Ww k1 v lMen/Twas,

la7/j 0J; 0044/ July 17, 1923. n Re'.`15,655

E. A. MCKQY ET AL STUMP HARVESTER original Filed Sept. 21, lem 2 sheets-shut 2* l? l 12@ u L .il J0 2p V w z3 l5 )I gl l T I" 2f Y 1 Imm 3g; E llllll .25 l 'i a 1 terial vas it is throvvn from thecutters, and

Reissued July 17, 1923..

" EDWINALmcxoY annenondn n.r MoonngorNEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA.'


, UNITEDrs-Time PATENT ow original applieati'oaniea `september 21, 1917,` Seli-.11 no. 192,566.. Renewed .my 91919,servinno.` I

` 309,766. OriginalNo. 1,313,708, dated August 19,1919. Application for reissueled May 20, 1921.

Se1'la1No..471,259. i

t Be itknowvn that We, EmviN'A. McKoY and Gnomi; l). MOORE, citizens of the Unitedl States, residing, at vNew Orleans,v in Athe parish of Orleans afndfJState. of Louisiana,

have invented` certainqneiv andA useful4v Im -l provements `in Stump .Harvest/ers; andfwe do hereby .declare thefollowing to be av full, clear.and, exact-description ,of the invention, such `asV will enable 'others skilledin fthe art to which it appertains to m'akeand use thesame 'f v; This invention relates to'jmachines Lfordisf integrating 4and thereby" I.removing standing stumps., .1.

`Machines offthi's general clharactervare dis- 'i s closedgin .priorVPatents Nos.. 1,104,535Hand, 1,164,659, heretofore `granted.2A. `Ll..l\loore,v` .jointly ,with G. D.Moore,'one ofithepres-` ent applicants.v ,In ,these priorstructures, i however, noimeans were providedfor confin-` f ing or directing the Adisintegrated material, such material on thecontrary bemg seatteredvin all directions.

` 2 tine stumps, the disintegrated material `contains i valuablev ingredients y which itfis"y de` the,` .presentv invention is, 4 therefore, to prof,

vide means vin cri-operative1 relation with the cutters, so constructed and arranged as to receive `the disintegrated or commmuted. ma'- I l deliver it into a suitable receptacle. y

A `further and more vspeciic object ,of the inventionl is to4 provide a'housing surrounding theupper-end `*of Va hollow boring. or"

' .t cutting tool, and' positioned lfto receive the l connection; with, such housing, pneumatick or.`

chipsor cuttings from the; interior thereof,

such` housinghaving. an outlet."` through which the cuttings are discharged.

A` tillfqfurther objectis. tofy provide,

` other suitable conveyor means 1 for carrying away l them atfany desired point.` j

Wi Ah these and otherobjects in vieW,'the v inventioncomprises certain novel construc-l yWhen, however',` fas` of` turpenthe chipsl or `cuttings and delivering,

tions, combinations and arrangement of parts' as `Will be hereinafter more fullyldescribed and claimed. j In thevdrawingi provedmechanism mounted upon'k av dirigi- Figure 1 1s va perspectivelviewof theirri` ble, power plant of the type ordinarily known as a caterpillar `tractor;4`v

Fig. 2 1s a perspectivevieW-of`the`invention, disclosing a 'different manner. of con`y `serving the cuttingsy from the boring tool, and

. Fig. 3 isl a View, partlyV inside elevationA f andi'partly rin diametrical section, lof the boring 'or' cuttingtool, and housing therefor. 'f

Like characters of reference designate coi'-A l y responding parts throughoutthe several views.v

upon a `self-propelled vehicle (shown con-L ventionallyuin Fig. 1) havingan engine 31y and traction devices 32, whereby thecutting mechanism is moved from "placefto place..

tegrating mechanism Which-forms the silbn n 170, (T e entire cuttingl mechanism is mounted v The improved stump"harvesting,orv disin-` ject"ma`tter of this application lcomprises a" y boring tool' or cutter head '10, hereinafter vmore fully described,l and carriedmby'fthe lower end of a .verticaly shaft 11, which `in turnisl mounted upon ya frame 12, seciiredtti'` Y the self-propelled vehicle or tractor-' as by means ofupper and lower arms or braces12` and 12". The shaft'll ,is mounted in any ,manner to move vertically, that` is .tosay, longitudinally of its"v axis, relative to the lframe 12and is here shown as operatingv through bearings 13 and 11.1, carried by `'saixl frame.` The, shaft is driven by lmeans `of a bevel gearll splined uponv such 'sliaftfsofasv to permit4 vertical movementofythe'shaft therethrough,r the said gearbeing in'turn driven by a bevel gear16 frorna pulleyA 17.` The pulley17 is driven by "a belt 18 `from a r,is carried `upon the engine pulley 1 9 which shaft 20.' f

Mountedalso upon the frame 12 and kjour 4naled therein, are a pair of verticalsc'revvs' 21,` carrying ,anyoke 22, receivingthefend of the shaft 11 andacting as aQthrust bearv ing, whereby the shaft11.andrutterelO are advanced theyoke 22 is moved downwardly by rotating the screws 2l.

For rotating the screws 21, a pulley 23 is mounted upon Athe enginemshaft and through v'the medium of ebelt-24 drives a pullex7 25, which, in turn, drives a train of gearsvQG,thereby rotating the screws 21, some H of said train of gears 26 beingrigidly carried upon said screws. nary type of reversing mechanism, (not shown) lis `employed for driving the screws in `e'itfher direction to veither raise or lower the cutting tool l0, the control lever for such reversing `mechanism being shown conventionally at Q7.

The "specific construction ofthe cutting too-l 10 forms no partof tli'elpresent inven- Or, as we. yhave "conventionally illustrated,

tion. ltunay, for instance,fbe of the type disclosed in the above 'mentionedpatents toy A. L. and Gr.` D.,Moore, one of whonifis joi'nt inventor of the -presentiinprovements i way'of example, iinfthe drawings, the

to'o'l orcu'tterhea'd may be of the type shown and described in detail vin Patent 11,313,710, granted August 19, 1919, to E. McKo'y, 'the other present joint inventor.

i bt it will be Vvurl tl'er'sto'od "that, the 4present invention is vin 'no wise vlimited 2to 'the'i'u'se .of a :tool ofkthis exact type. As shown in pijgent Fig. '3,1 and y'as illustrated more in detail 'in said patent, 4su'ch a tool or cutter head is in the shape vof a solid of revolu tion, preferably an inif'erted cone. It isfof hollow cn's'truction, or 'formed with ione or more 'interior recesses "10?, 'and s Aprovided with slots orfop'enin'ofs 1Q 'in its 'conical' wall, Vc'fdni,Inunitating with' ,the yinterior thereof, "and in these openings 'are set blades or knives A10b, Vsecured by 'screws 10 in` suchos' itionv that 'the' ciitting edges project slightly 'beyond 't'he working ,face 'or cutting surface 'of the toollafter the ina-nner ol'fj a Vicarp'eritelds plane., Thus it Vwill seen that the interior hollow or recess '10g is ion the linside 'of the conical wall, the outside of whichdrms the v(hitting surface, or, .in other words. such vrecess 'is 'opposite the cutting sur'f'a'ce or 'working` 'face' of lthe cut-ter head. A centering bit 10d, lofi, any

approvedlcnstructiong is arranged `to `forni the "apex'ofthe con'e, and between this bit andthe ,bellow body Aof the main cutter is preferably vforrned an intermediate or auxiliarydcut'ter 10E,separatedlfrom'the 'main .cuttrby an annular groove `l0f.

In .order to 'confine and 'direct the jchips;

or ycuttings Aasth'ey 'are thrownofl' lfrom the' ciittin'g tol,a housing'is provided. As clearly illustrated in Fig.l 3, this housing is indic'at'edlat 29, and preferably takesthe form of a'short cylinder, having its ,upper endclolsed andlower end open-, asfshown,

andfhaving a discharge voutlet "39 :located:

at its periphery. When the conical cutter Any usual and ord'ihead is mounted, being journaled in 'the top wall of Vthe housing at 29, and the hou'sf ing being held against v'rota-tion by Ine'ans of stay rods 30, set into said itopv wall.

These rods 30 *slide free-ly through brackets 'carried by the frame 12, so vasno't to interfere withl the vertical 'movement of the housing, which, as wlillbe obvious, is raised and lowered with the `vc ut'ter head, always maintaining the saine relation thereto, and forming `'with the interor'recess or recesses of the cutter head, achainbe'r to receive lthe cuttings. n i

As shown at F ig. l a pipe 33 is" 'connected wat)v pipe leads te an 'exhaust fah'h located aty any convenient place upon the vehicle." ,As

rshown lin Fig. l, .the exhaust fan '34 isfdriven by means offa `belt L35 P'r'om "a `lpullejyzfl mountedupon fthe engine shaft. `A Vdischarge pipe `fro'rntln-j: Afan 34 isfalso provided, leading to any Adesired receptacle for receiving thel cuttings, lge'nerical'lylshow'n Vvby the bag-38. Thus-the l`pi'p'es-SS Ia-ntlB, "and the' exhaust fan`34, constitute a pneumatic conveyor for withdrawingthecuttings from the 'housing' and `deliv'e'ri-n''g 'them vfat any suitable'pint. Tof-permit the verticalnioyemeinty 'of fthe housingfQ9,`ate1sc6pi`ng joint is *provided -ih fthe* pipe' 33, "adjacent vthe housing, "as indicated 'fat 4Q.

JIt is not, however, found lfnecessar'y under all conditions `x`to' "convey the cuttings through-ahy :pneumatic-stlich, asfthg ceintrifugal frce''f the cutting l:tool 'itself will throw the cuttings ytfli'rstiugh thefoiitlet 39 of the housing'29, "and the saine inay "becauglit in or 'upon VVVany convenient receptacle, such as the sheettO, as Ashownjin F ig.l 2. y

`vIn"operation, ithejiachine'is driven by :its Self-Contained fpwer and ghi-ded te haha ing lstu'rnp such as Eindicated "at 141. "It, lis

then manipulated until V-the iboring tool "or`y cutter head flO is v'properly jpositioned-f'or centered relative `to the vaxis. of `A suclifstutnp. The cuttingltol ,'10, co1iti'niioufsly4 driven'at high speed hy mha-ne hf the Shah 'ligand then lio'vvemd4V ihm, engagement with fthe' stump, Vand 4'fed constantly down"w'ardly, thus cutting away `fdi's'i'n'te i wood, The disintegrated finatrial p'avs'es thronghji'the openings "or slots i10"""o'f vthe cutter body into the interior hollow or re` cess thereof, whence itv enters the housing itself may. bey employed inmanydiflerent ways, the utilization of such disintegrated material forming the subje applications. y

VVevclaimpi i i 1. In a stump harvester, a diri'gibjle power plant, a boring tool comprising a cutter head ct matter of other having a recess `opposite its cutting surface,

ahousing forming with the recessa chamber to receive the cuttings and meansto dischar ethe cuttings from the housingtoa pre-determined depository. j y

` 2. In a stump harvester, adirigible power plant,- a horizontallv rotatable, vertically movable boringftoo comprising a r cutter head having Aa recess opposite itscutting surface, a. vhousing forming with `the recess a chamber to rece1ve the cuttings and means to discharge the cuttings from the housing toa predetermined. depository.

3, In a stump harvester, a power carrying vehicle, a boring tool` `mountedfupon the 'vehicle 'and comprising la, cutter head having av recess opposite, its cutting face,` a housing forming `with the recess a chamber to receive the cuttings, means` `to vdischarge the cuttings from theA housingvto a pre-determined depository and means ,to actuate the boring tool fromthe power.

` 4f.4 In a stumpharvester, a power carrying vehicle,'a;horiz`ontally rotatable, vertically movable boring tool comprising a cutter headhaving a recess oppositeits cutting surface, ahousing forming Awith the-recess a `chamber to receivevthe cuttings, means to discharge the cuttings from the housingto a pre-determineddepository and means to independently rotate and vertically advance the vboring. tool and housing. v i, n

5. In a stump harvester, av power carrying,

',vehicle, -a boring tool carried Abythe vehicle comprising a cutter'head having agrecess formed' opposite its cutting surface, avhousing forming with the recess a chamber to receive the cuttings, means to discharge the cuttings from the'fhousing to a pre-determined depository, means to rotatejtheboring tool 4from the vehicle, means to movethe boring toolfv'ertcallyby4 power ffrom the vehicle a-nd means `to prevent rotation of the housing but permitting vertical movement of the housing with the boring tool.` y

6. In a stumpharvester, a dirigible power plantVa-boring toolcarried bythe power 7. In fa stump harvester,

plant and comprising adished cutterhead having its cuttingelement upon the exterior, a housing embracing the head and forming with the recess of thehead a chamber to receive the cuttings, means todischarge the cuttings fromthe housing to a pre-determined depository and means tov movetthe boringtool .vertically independently of `its rotating movement. n

adirigible power plant,ga horizontally rotatable, vertically movable boring tool comprising a dished `cutterhead having its cutting element upon the exterior, a `housing embracing the head andv forming with therecess of the head a chamber to Yreceive the cuttings, means to discharge the cuttings from the housing to a pre-determined depository, means todrive the boringtool fromthe power plant, and vindependent means. for accomplishing vertical movement of the-.boring tool.

8. In a" stumphar-vester, a power carry- Y ing vehicle, afboring tool mounted upon `the vehicle comprisingv adishedcutter head having its cutting element upon the exterior, a housing embracing the head and forming with Vthe head a chamber yto receive the cuttings, meansA to discharge the cuttings from the housing `to a pre-determined depository and means to actuate the `boring tool from `the power. i

9;. In a stump harvester, a power carrying vehicle, a horizontally rotatable,.vertically movablel boring tool comprising. a dished cutter'head vhaving its cutting element upon the exterior, a housing embracing the head and forming'with the recess of the head a chamberto receive thev cuttings, means `to dischargethe cuttings from the housing to a lpre-determined depositoryl and means to independentlyrotate and advance the boring tool from the vehicle,` means to-vmvove the boring tool jse'rticallyL by lpowerfrom the vehicle, `,and 'means to prevent rotation ofl the housing while `permitting vertical'move-A ment'of the housing withthe boring tool. 11. In la stump harvester, a dirigible power plant, a' boring tooly carried by thejpower plant rcomprising a discoid cutterv head havving a cutting element upon one face and a v recess opposeduthereto, a housingembracing the `head and forming with the recess a chamber `to receive the` cuttings, means to discharge the cuttingsjfromfthe housing to a predetermined depository, means to rotate 115 `mined depository, means tov rotate theboring power.

the lboring tool v"from the 'power plant and means to move the bori-ngtool .vertically-inf-` dopendently of its rotating movement.

12. In as'tump harvester., a dirigible -power plant, 'a horizontally rotatable, vertically movable boring tool comprising a fdiscod cutter 'head having a cutting element Vupon one face and a .recess opposed thereto, a

vmeans to drive. the boring 'tool -from `the power plant and independent means for-accomplishing' vertical movement ofthe boring tool. v

13. In a stump harvester, ya powercar'ry- `ing vehicle, a `boring `tool mounted upon the vehicle and comprising a discoid ycutter `headhaving a cutting element upon one face and recess opposed thereto, means to actua-te the boring tool from the power, a. housing embracing 'the cutter head and forming with the recess 'a chamber to receive the cuttings, meansto discharge the cuttings' from the housing to a pre-determined depository and means to -actuate the boring ytool from the 14. In a stu-'mp harvester, a power' carry'- ing vehicle, a 'boring vtool driven from the power and comprisinga cutter head having a recess opposite its cutting surface, a housing forming with the recess avchamber'to receive the cuttings, means to drivetheboring tool from 'the power, a pipe forming communication from the'housing to anV eX- haust mechanism, and means Vto discharge the cuttings from the exhaustmechanism.

15. In a. stump harvester, a power carrying vehicle, a cutting tool `carried by Vand driven from the power comprising a cutter head having a recess opposite its'cutting surface, a housing `forming withthe recessra chamber to receive Vthe cuttings, an exhaust mechanism, a conduit leading from 'the'cu'tting tool to the exhaust mechanism and provided vvith means forcompensa'ting for the movement of the cutting tool, means 'tofdrive the exhaust mechanism and means to discharge the cuttingsfrom the exhaust mech- 16. In astump harvester, the combination vwith a rotary cutter head, and means for 'supporting,rotating and feeding the same progressively into and through the stump, of a non-rotary housing accompanying the cutter head in its progressive movement "through the stump, land, serving to confine and direct the cuttings.

17. In a stump harvester, the combination With'a rotary cutter 'head and.y means rfor supporting, rotating and feeding thefsame into 'the stump, or" a housing adjacent the cutterhea'd and serving to confine 'the cuttinge, andmc'ans for `:holding said housing `ate the Vcuttings fromfthe interior ofthehead pository. n '19. In alstump` harvestenthe combi-nation with a hollow cutter head, having an open end, of a shaft on which said head lis rigidly mounted, means 'for 'rotating-and advancing yand v'direct them to'apredetermined` desaid `shaft and cutter tow-ard the stu-mp, `and a non-rotary housing movable vwith the cutter headas it advances,said housing enveloping 'the openV end ofsaid cutterhead and positioned to receive cuttings `from the interior thereof, said shaft passing through a wall of said housing.`

i 20. In astump harvester, the combination 'with a rotary cutter head,"iraendimeans Afor i supporting androtating Vt-he same about a y vertical laxis, said cutter headha'ving a working face at its lower end and 'an opening eX- tending from said working faceto the lupper end thereof, of` a non-rotary housing overlying and coextensive with the upper yend of saidy cutter head, said housing having a lower open end adapted tol receive the y:cut-

ting's delivered upwardly through said open- I i' 21. In -a'stump harvester', the combination with a cutter head, and means Ifor supporting and `rotating the same about Vva vertical axis, said cutterhead having'an open :upper end, Aof lmeans vfor :feeding the; cutter head along such axis toward and into the stump to be yharvested,and anon-rotatable housing, 'movable with said. cutter head and shaped 4to :follow the `same into the stump,

sa'ic'lhousingbein'g disposed above`v the upi peropenvend offthe cutterA head and substantially enclosing the same fory receiving and'directing the cuttings. y o

22. In a stump harvester, the 'combination with va cutter .head having an open upper end, of means for supporting andfrotatingsaid cutter head about aivertical axis, means i forxfeeding saidiscutter head downwardly toward andA into a-` stump, and a rhousing travelingwithsaid cutter head in its down- ,vvar'd'v movement through the stump, said housing having a lower'open endfenveloping the-open end of saidcutterl head and positioned to receive thev cuttings therefrom.l

23. "In ya"stump"harvester, the "combination with a` rotary Acutterhead, of meansffor supporting,l Vrotating and feeding the ,same toward Athe stumpA to "be harvested,of non- ,rotary means ytraveling with Athe cutter head V29 poring, rotating and feedingv theA same to'- cutter head;

24. In a stump wardk the stump to befharvested,` of nonfor vconfining and directing the cuttings, the

and directing means lin adirection trans- Adiameter Of saidcutterhead.`

25. In a stump harvester, the combination with a rotaryv cutter head, of means for supward `thefstump tO be harvested," of a nonlrotary housing' traveling with the cutter hea-dior confining and directing the l, cut'- tingsg'the largest Outside dimension of said of 'said cutterjhead being no greater than the effective diameter of saidv cutter head.

26. In astump harvester, thecombination witha rotary cutter head, of means ffor suprotary cylindrical housing mounted co-axitherewith,for confining and directing the cuttings, the external diameter of said .housing being no greater than the effective diamf eter ofsaid cutter head.

, 27.- In a stump harvester, the combination face vin the-shape yof a solid of revolution land, having an interiorrecess, the cutter head being provided-*With an opening extending through its workingface and com-l municating with said recess, of a rcylindrical housing ofsubstantially the same external il for confining and directing the cuttings, the` lar est loutside dimension Of said confining y ang directing meansin a direction trans# verse to the pathof travel of said cutter l b head heingno greater than the largest dif mension of the-effectivev cuttingv area ofthe Y, harvester, the combination with a rotarycutter head, of means for supiA porting, rotating and feeding thesame to,`

" largest outside dimension of said confining -f `verse toA thepath ogfftravelv of said cutter L `head being no greater than the e'ective j housing in a direction transverseto the axis'v porting, rotating and feeding the same toward the stump to be harvested, `of a 'nonfY `ally with the cutter head, and traveling with a cutter headformed'with a working lof `means for feeding the cutter headand Lem shaft toward the stump to be harvested, and y anon-rotatable housing movable with said cutter head and mounted immediately above =the saine, said shaft passing through the `top wall of the housing,said housingv hav-A ing a'lower open end and forming with said `rotary means traveling with the cutter head upwardly openingrecess a chamber to receive the cuttings. .i u 29.',In a stump harvester, the combination with a -hollow'cutter head, Of means for supporting, rotating, and moving the same tolou ward the stump to be harvested, said cutter head `having knives arranged tO deliver in-v lWardly` into the hollow of the head, and a housing movable .with said cutter head, and positioned to receive cuttings from Athe interiorthereof.

30. In a stump harvester, the combination 'i with a cutter head having an interiorrecess, of means "including a shaft for supporting, rotating f and feeding the same toward the stump to be harvested, a non-rotatable housing journaling the shaft, but maintaining a i d i fixed position longitudinally thereof, said `housing being movable with the cutter head,

and Aforming with said recess a chamber to receive vthe cuttings,` and pneumatic means y for removing the cuttings fromsaidhousing.

'31, `In a stump harvester, the combination with a hollow cutter head having an opening extending through its working face to admitvthe cuttings, of means for supporting land rotating said cutter head, a non-rotatable housing the edge Of which engages said hollow ycutter head with a relatively close fit,l a conduit extending from said housing, 'andmeans for Ycausing a current of airto How in through ,saidr opening, and thence through said hollow vcutter head, housing and conduit, whereby the cuttings are conveyed away.

In testimonywhereof we aiix our signa`l tures.


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