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Publication numberUSRE16272 E
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 23, 1926
Publication numberUS RE16272 E, US RE16272E, US-E-RE16272, USRE16272 E, USRE16272E
InventorsH. Green
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US RE16272 E
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Feb. 23,1926. Re. 16,272

D. H. GREEN SIGNAL Original Filed Jan. 9. 1923 I INVENTOR. Dar/0 H 6/66/7 A TTORNEY .To all whom it may 'concern:

Reissues l Feb. 23,1926. 1 T D S A TEs PATEu QoFFIcg:-

navrn n. GREEN, or m Francisco,

" smmm.

. ori inal no. 1,51a,2s7, dated Octolaer- 2a, 1024, Serial .Ro. a11,seo, and as... a, 192a. Application mreissue filed February 11, 1925. Serial No. 8,513.

Be it known that 1, DAVID H. GREEN, a citizen of the United States, residing at San Francisco, in the county of San Francisco and State of California, have invented a new and useful Signal, of which the following is a specification. 1

My invention relates to improvements in signals, and in particular, to that typeof signal adapted chiefl for the use of the automobilist, in signig ing his intentions to other drivers and pedestrians as to his direction of travel, or intention to slow down or .stop.

The present, most approved and preferred method, of such signaling, is to extend the arm at various angles in a vertical plane, the angle determining the signal.

Although many mechanical, electrical and other devices are 'on the market that will perform-the equivalent signals, they appear to be unpopular and not favorably accepted by the driving public. From this, I conclude, that the human hand signal will always rank foremost, therefore, I have confined my improvement to operate in conjunction with the human hand, the object being to enhance and emphasize the hand signals given. This, I accomplish, by providing a hand covering or glove, and made in conformance to my invention.

Another object is, the production of such.

a signal adaptable for use by traffic oflicers and others, who give motion and directionsignals.

A further object is to render night signaling more discernible, and consequently more effective, by "incorporating in my invention light-reflecting crystals or brilliants;

The accompanying sheet of drawings forming part of this specification illustrates my invention, and in which .Figure 1 isa front view of it made. for

' a left hand, and, as viewed from behind the signal 'arm. I

' Figure 21s a side view of 1t.

F gure 3 1s a view" of'the invention in use-as it appears to one in the-rear of'the signaling vehicle.

Figure 4 is a plan of one of the brilliants, and Figure 5 is a side. elevation of it, and showing in section, the .holder for the brilliant and the manner of attachin the same to the glove.

'2, and upon .which'is the hand-coveringv or glove denoted in its entirety by 3, and fastened on the hand in the usual way. I

The glove'may he composed of any suitable flexible material used for such purposes, such as soft'leather and made up of alternate strips 4. and 5 of material contrasting in color, such as white and black material respectively, or of other contrasting colors. The glove proper may be a unit of one material, and the black strips 5 may be bands sewed thereon. The alternate strips of material should be included on the tingers so that thestrips will stand out to better advantage when the fingers are moved.

, I prefer to construct the glove thumbless. as shown, to allow full and free hand movement for the steering wheel.

To the backof the glove and arran ed in'any eflective order, I attach, prefera ly by sewing, as seen at 6 in Fig. 5, mounted crystals or 'orilliants 7 These brilliants are usually of glass. having many facets and ruby tinted in structure. At .9, the underside of the brilliant is silvere'cl for light reflecting purposes, and secured in any preferred mountinglO. These brilliants should be mounted to the fingers as well as to the back of the glove, as the fingers of the hand can then be moved to flicker the brilliants, so to speak, and thus make the light more conspicuous than if the brilliants were only applied to the back of the glove.

The brilliants 7 may be of the same design throughout, but of different sizes and in the nature of buttons, the fingers requiring the smaller sizes. I

In operation, a' driver desiring to signal, extends his. arm as heretofore, and the black and white stripes of my invention visibly accentuate the given signals day or night, and the attached brilliants,-positioned and moving at difierent angles, receive lightrays both day and night from various sources on i ing to the numerous facets, reflections of,

varying intensities will always be discernible, and this is especially true at night. The red. glitterings from my signal being the reflections of the light rays from the head lights of an approaching vehicle in the rear.

While I have thus described the preferred form of my invention, I wish to have it colored brilliants for the purpose set forth.

2. A trafiic signal, comprising a glove having cross stripes of contrastm on the entire back thereof, and tie same studded with colored brilliants, said brilliants comprising a plurality of buttons, eachbutton. having a separate mounting, and said mountings being flexibly secured to the material of the glove and in spaced relation to one another.



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